Headline - Sport New Zealand

Headline - Sport New Zealand

Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteer Programme Public Forum June/July 2010 2 Thanks 3

Today RWC background Keeping it real (our expectations of you) The good stuff (benefits) The Journey youll take Next steps 4

Some Background A bit about the Rugby World Cup 2011 Previous Winners 1987 New Zealand (in New Zealand) 1991 Australia (in UK) 1995 South Africa (in South Africa) 1999 Australia (in UK) 2003 England (in Australia) 2007 South Africa (in France)

6 RNZ 2011 Key Strategic Goals Goal One:Delivering an operational excellent Tournament Goal Two:Achieving capacity crowds and achieving the RNZ 2011 budgeted financial result or better Goal Three: Inspiring a nationwide Rugby World Cup

festival Goal Four: Creating enduring benefits Numbers Game

443 63 105 5000+ 20,000

1.6m 60-80k 48 13 +10 4b 8 9

Keeping it real Things you need to know before you register! Minimum Requirements At least 17 Minimum number of days/shifts Speak and understand English Excellent understanding of New Zealand and its culture

Agree to terms and conditions Willing to undergo Police check (if required for the role) Commit to Volunteer Agreement 11

Core Values We need you at all times, to be: Committed Passionate Motivated Proud and positive Hard working Committed Team Member

12 Being there Responsible for your travel to the host city Responsible for your own accommodation A once in a lifetime experience 13 Hard Work

6-8 hour shifts Standing around Some very repetitive jobs/days Cold, wet and dark (or sunny and hot!)

Assist non-English speakers Must remain positive, upbeat and welcoming at all times 14 Setting the Scene 15 The Realism

Very few roles inside the stadium No free tickets Unlikely to see any games while Volunteering Unlikely to meet any rugby stars 16

17 The Good stuff Whats in it for you? Your journey from registration to celebration For You! Networking Pride 3rd largest sporting event

Host the world Training Uniform Recognition

Friends Memories 19 Volunteer Journey 2010 June 2011 July

Volunteer Launch Public forums & registrations October/ November In person Interviews

January May July August Tournament Time Offers Start

Training commences September/ October Rosters distributed Venue Based Training

commences Wrap parties Uniform & Accreditation distribution begins Volunteer Emails 20

Right person for the role. Technical skills/experience Operational requirements Customer service and volunteering

Leadership Passion Manaakitanga 21 Walk up interview format We meet you and you meet us! Informal

20 minutes Confirm availability, skills and experience Operational questions and technical questions Regional 22 Training Three phases beginning May 2011

1. Orientation/Generic (online) 2. Job Specific (classroom) 3. Venue specific (venue) Leadership training and Train the trainer 23 Work Areas

Accommodation Accreditation Catering Ceremonies

City Operations Media Operations Sports Presentation

Ticketing Tourist Information Transport VIP Programme Workforce 24 25 Roles

RWC 2011 Festival Hosts Tourist Information Host

Transport Hub Hosts Coach Load Zone Officer VIP Hosts VIP Administrators Workforce Squad Ceremonies Support

Spectator Services Squad Drivers Fleet Centre Operations Hotel Hosts Airport Welcome Hosts Media Assistants

Attendance Recorders Catering Standards Monitor Only select 3 roles when you register 26 Registration Register online Help available at Libraries and i-SITES

Own email address We will communicate with you electronically Email / cell phone Login to update registration details any time 27 28

29 30 Registration steps Its easy! 1. Complete personal details 2. Select 3 areas of interest 3. Provide uniform sizes 4. Submit Receive confirmation email

31 Next steps For more information go to: www.rugbyworldcup.com/volunteer To register go to... 33 34

Thanks for coming Volunteer for other events at www.volunteernet.org.nz Please register if you are serious about being part of the RWC 2011 workforce we need you! 35 36

TM Rugby World Cup Limited 2008.

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