Group Final Project

Group Final Project

Group Final Project MPH 548 Rachel Nygard, Kerline Nazaire, Katherine Melton, Shiren Nzegge-Ekane Introduction and Welcome! Bethany Christian Services (BCS) is a nonprofit organization (501c3) which aims to provide various assistance and support programs to the refugees coming into the United States One hundred and fifty employees work together to conduct the

necessary assistance of the refugees This is a place where lives are transformed because of staff like you who are passionate and dedicated to our target population. A place where employees are acknowledged, valued, and respected. Outline of New Hire Orientation 8:00 Introduction to CEO Bill Nye 8:30 Tour of the building (restrooms, offices, copy machine, break room)

9:00 Get to know the organization 9:45 Break 10:00 Job description and objectives 11:00 Compensation 11:15 Benefits 12-1 Lunch 1:00 Training and development 2:00 Policies and procedures

3:30 Next steps 4:00 Question and answer Get to Know The Organization Position location: Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids, MI Target Population: ~350 resettling refugees and 800 refugees through all Refugee Adult and Family Programs. Bethany Christian Services (501c3) provides employment services for refugees who have been settled for less than 5 years.

Additional services: Preventative health, childcare microenterprise, Health Center for Survivors of Torture, and additional curriculum as developed my AmeriCorps employees and interns. Get to Know The Organization The mission of Bethany Christian Services is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services. In the hope that we will bring glory to God in everything we do, we focus on three core values:

Integrity - Make decisions that are consistent with Biblical principles. Impact - Go above and beyond. Innovation - Be dedicated to improvement (Bethany Christian Services, 2015) Organizational Structure CEO: Bill Nye Senior VP of Family Services: Roger Starda

VP of Human Resources, Lindsey Jones Senior VP of Operations: Molly Corta Family Coordinators Refugee Resettlement Coordinator Supervisor, Dan Smith

Volunteers Refugee Educators Facility Information Building Name: Bethany Christian Services There are two bathrooms on each floor Nearby parking in front and to the right hand side of the building! Our facility is protected by 24 surveillance camera You will need your badge to enter and exit the building. You will be given a badge at the start of orientation.

Organizational Culture Compassion/ ethics Diversity Innovative Organizational Culture Peopleoriented

Inclusion Teamoriented Job Description The mission of the Refugee Health Educator role will be to provide long-term health education services and promote access to care for refugees and their families. This position will report to the Refugee Resettlement Supervisor. The position is an 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, position with occasional nights and weekends as needed.

Job Description If conducting evening or weekend programming, flex time is offered. If you have worked over the 40 hours/week and have a scheduled appointment for that same week, use of paid time off is not required. Advance notice of not less than a week prior to the appointment, if non-emergent, is needed in order to ensure that staffing is taken care of. Further information will be provided in the policy and procedures section. Position: Exempt Status Paid monthly

Benefits Military leave of absence Segal AmeriCorps Education Award after successful completion of term of service

Health (25% from employee), dental, and vision insurance will be provided by the employer Paid time off (PTO) (personal, vacation, sick) and paid leave on national holidays Retirement Long-term disability Life insurance Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Employee Wellness: Free gym membership, programming, and classes Paid Time Off (PTO)

Full-time employees are eligible for paid time off. Starting at the beginning of your employment you will start accruing vacation time on a bi-weekly basis. Vacation time must be approved in advance by your supervisor. You also have 14 sick/personal days per year. If you are going to be ill you are required to notify your supervisor as soon as possible. If you miss more than 3 consecutive days you will be required to bring a doctors note before returning to work. Position Training Participate in a thorough on-boarding provided at the local level by the

direct supervisor. Participate in a one-on-one introductory webinar with CWS corporate center in the first month. Participate in quarterly one-on-one check-ins with the CWS corporate center and at least bi-weekly with direct supervisor. Participate in weekly staff meetings to share resources, challenges, and best practices with other CWS AmeriCorps members. (Bethany Christian Services-Americorp, 2016). Professional Development Opportunities Each employee will be allotted $500 each fiscal year (January 1stDecember 31st) for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in order to

stay licensed. If you are not licensed, would like to be licensed, and the license is relevant to your work at BCS or your professional goals, the $500 allotment can be utilized to pay for the licensure. BCS will be offering in-service opportunities once a month for professional growth. These are offered on-site on the first Wednesday of each month. Professional Development Opportunities Online free webinars have been developed and are available at any time through your HR portal. Annual professional development retreat (occurs the last week of each

May) Policies and Procedures You will complete an online HIPAA training (security and privacy of personal information) upon hiring. The enrollment link for this training can be found on our company human resources page. Utilization of your employee ID and password will be necessary to access the link. You will be required to complete annual training as assigned to you by the training department.

Policies and Procedures Time off Policies and Procedures: Vacation leave and personal time requests for non-emergent appointments will need to be submitted to your direct supervisor no less than two weeks in advance. Personal time requests and sick days can be utilized at anytime but ask that you provide as much notice as possible so that staffing can be arranged. Please communicate these requests directly with your supervisor. Safety Procedures The facility does monthly fire drills and safety or

disaster drills. We will be taking a tour to show you the safest place to go in case of a tornado and what to do in case of a fire. We will also discuss other safety procedures including bomb threats and health emergencies. We will have an annual Shots Fired: Active Shooter training conducted annually by our local police department Reporting Incidents Report any critical incidents, discrimination, or illegal activities to your direct supervisor.

You will also be required to fill out an incident report found on your HR Portal under the Policies and Procedures tab. As a mandatory reporter you are required to report any suspected child or dependent adult abuse within 24 hours. Initial reports will be made to your direct supervisor Reporter will be fully protected Human Resource Trends in Healthcare Security and Privacy

Our HR department will need to provide further protection for the organization and employees from negative outcomes resulted from new and existing technology such as identity theft (Fried & Fottler, 2011) Globalization Since our refugees are from different parts of the world, it is possible that they can carry a new strain of disease. New health care professionals Because of advances in technology, we are constantly educating and retraining our existing professionals and hiring new positions in

order to fill identified gaps. Performance Management Purpose and Responsibilities Performance management is a systematic (ongoing process) review or assessment of a persons performance ( Fried & Fottler, 2011) Set performance goals with employees Monitor employee progress toward their identified goals Design strategies with employees to make and maintain improvement Provide ongoing feedback and coaching

(Fried & Fottler, 2011) Performance Management Appraisal Template Conclusion What questions do you have for us? Questions or concerns at a later time? Please contact your direct supervisor. Their business card and contact information can be found in your new hire welcome packet. Congratulations on your new position and we look forward to having you as a member of our team!

References Bethany Christian Services. (2015). About us. Retrieved from Bethany Christian Services-Americorp. (2016). Job details. Retrieved from spx?__ID=*F23C2C7B47D56B17 . References Fried, B., &, Fottler D. (Eds.). (2011). Fundamentals of human resources in healthcare. Chicago, IL: American

College of Healthcare Executives U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2016). Office of Refugee Resettlement. Web-Books. (2016). Measuring Organizational Culture. Retrieved from Web-Books: eLibrary/NC/B0/B58/051MB58.html

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