Greg Valentino - Seneca Valley School District

Greg Valentino - Seneca Valley School District

The Man whos arms exploded GREG VALENTINO Crime Greg was arrested on suspicion of selling Anabolic steroids to bodybuilders in New York on April 17, 2001. After he was first arrested he wasnt granted bail. Often speculated that he ratted out others to shave time off his sentence and avoid jail. He was charged and punished with five years probation, on the charge of distribution and possession of anabolic steroids Evidence Pretty easy to tell

Your text here Interview with GV: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The drug and sex trade. There ain't a pro bodybuilder on this planet that isn't going to convince me he never sold roids. There's no money in the sport. Anytime a guy can get s***, people flock to him. When I was selling roids, I had pros calling me up all the time. I'll tell you who I used to deal with. [Gregg names several top male and female pros who, for obvious reasons, can't be named here]. TB: Holy s***. GV: Yeah man. And you know what? These guys would hound me for s***. And they all wanted it for next to nothing. Nobody ever wanted to pay for anything. Pro bodybuilders are the worst to deal with because they think, since they're pro, they don't have to pay for s*** . I'd say to 'em, **** you, you makin' coins, you should pay more! Quotes But who is it that the professional bodybuilders call a freak? Who is the freak's freak? Answer: Greg Valentino

Greg is not a liked man. In fact, he's quite possibly the most despised man in bodybuilding. Mention his name on an internet forum and this is what you'll hear: "Why would he destroy his body with Synthol like that?" "Does he think he looks good?" "Who does he think he's fooling?" "He's a laughingstock." "An idiot." "An embarrassment to the sport." "He gives bodybuilding a bad name. You can only get so much for Synthol. I've got 27-inch arms, what, you think I have seven inches of oil in there? That would be ridiculous; they wouldn't even look like arms anymore. Listen, I had 21-inch arms before I ever took a steroid in my life. Yes I did. On April 17, 2001. To be honest with you, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was on a downward spiral. I had lost touch with reality. To give you an idea, I had a gym which I lost because I didn't pay attention to it because of all the money I was bringing in from the roids. I had a wife and family that I lost. The bust was the turning point in my life that gave me a second chance. Books

Books written by him 1.Death, Drugs, and Muscle, by Gregg Valentino and Nathan Jendrick, February 2010, ECW Press. 2.Essentials of Bodybuilding, by Gregg Valentino and Nathan Jendrick, February 2012, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Gregg Valentino has been a columnist for two leading fitness magazines: Muscle Development Magazine and MuscleSport Magazine. In the course of his career, he has written more than 500 articles published by these and other fitness magazines. Books he was featured in 1.Dunks, Doubles, Doping by Nathan Jendrick, April 2006, Lyons Press. 2.Extreme Muscle Enhancement by Dr. Carlon M. Colker, MD, FACN, September 2008, Prosource Publications, 3rd Edition. 3.Natural Bodybuilding For Men and Women by Peter Neff, August 1985, Avon Books. 4.Ripleys Believe It or Not! Dare to Look! by Ripleys Believe It of Not, September 2013, Ripley Publishing. 5.Bigger Faster Stronger by Greg Shepard, March 2009, Human Kinetics, 2nd edition. Movies And TV

1.Bigger Stronger Faster (Himself) 2008

2.Off Season (Dave) 2012 3.The Meat Puppet (Tony Randazzo) 2012 4.Gravedigger (Tony The Animal Selvaggio) 2013 5.Psycho-Path: Mania (Executive Producer) 2011 6.Musclebound USA (Unreleased film by WWE Jimmy Noonan) TV Appearances 1.Ripleys Believe It or Not! (TV Series ) 2004 2.The Man Whose Arms Exploded (TV Movie documentary) 2005 3.Worlds Greatest Body Shockers (TV Movie documentary) 2012 4.ESPN E-60 2009 5.Doping in Sports 2010 6.Jay Leno Tonight Show October 10, 2003 (with Lance Armstrong) 7.Carson Daly Last Call April 23, 2003 8.The Tyra Banks Show 2006 9.The Barry Nolan Show 2009 10.Fox Business News, Happy Hour 2008 11.The Trisha Show 2012 12.Comedy Centrals The Daily Show Jon Stewart multiple shows from 2001 through 2008 13.Comedy Centrals comedian Lewis Black 2001 14.ABCs TV show Cupid with Simon Cowell 2003 15.ESPN American Muscle Magazine contest coverage 1990 16.MSG Muscle Sport USA contest coverage 1990 17.Maury Povich (show that never aired) 2006 18.Inside Edition with Deborah Norville 2007 19.CNN Newsroom: Brooke Anderson aired January 20, 2008 20.German TV show RTL 2007 21.Late Night with Johnny P. TV Show May 2014 22.Huffington Post Live three times from 2009 to 2013 23.Adult Swim network (Comedy Channel), Hot Package 2013 season

Sociological theory To understand why Greg participated in deviant behavior you must understand a few background issues. I believe to analyze Greg you must undertake the sociological and psychological approaches of deviance. Greg is a short man at 55 and often felt small, so he decided to start bodybuilding. Like many other bodybuilders he developed body dysmorphia and started to take steroids. Greg intensely devoted himself to getting bigger and practiced unsafe steroid use leading me to believe he had damaged his brain before 25 leading to large psychological issues. These issues were only highlighted after the death of his mother and suicide of his girlfriend. After a little while on steroids he developed a habit of other drugs and a psychological habit seeing results to the extreme, to fund this habit he resorted to selling steroids to other bodybuilders. As he kept selling steroids he was labeled (Labeling Theory) by other bodybuilders and society as a freak and was ostracized. With this label people often approached him looking for steroids so it wasnt hard for him to find clients especially as he owned multiple gyms. As, time went on he had to keep selling to fund himself and to build his image in the bodybuilding community and he started to embrace this image and believe it. Eventually selling these drugs overtook other parts of his life and Greg was neglecting his businesses as selling steroids was more profitable. At the time of his arrest even Greg believes that he would of died if he wasnt caught.

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