Grade 8 Parents Information Evening

Grade 8 Parents Information Evening

Grade 8 Parents Information Evening Mathematics February 2017 1 Topics Covered The Curriculum (slide 3) Work Schedules & CASS (SBA) Schedules (slide 4) Homework No (slide 5) homework (slide 6)

Assessment The (slides 7 -13) Setting System, Set Changes and Grade 8 Sets (slides 14 16) Mathematics Common Concerns, Homework Strategy & Reminders (slides 18 20) Mathematics Bishops and Mathematical Literacy (slide 17) and Computers (slides 21 22) intranet and email (slide 23 - 29) 2

The Mathematics Curriculum Five key areas Numbers Algebra Geometry Measurement Probability & Statistics (Data Handling)

Goals to provide stimulation at appropriate levels to challenge boys to understand & appreciate their strengths to encourage boys to recognize and overcome their weaknesses to empower boys with skills essential for academic success 3 Work and CASS Schedules Boys are expected to plan ahead and meet deadlines

Under exceptional circumstance deadlines can be negotiated A detailed breakdown of all work to be covered each term appears on the Bishops Intranet and can be accessed by the boys from home. The 2017 dates for all SBA tasks are available on the intranet tests cannot be written after the assigned date boys may, if circumstances permit, request to write early 4 Homework Work is covered at a fast pace the curriculum is both full and challenging

homework plays an essential role in empowering the boys to become more self-sufficient helping boys to consolidate concepts covered in class Homework tasks the completion of work done in class preparation for CASS tasks such as common tests completion of tutorials or assignments revision for exams 5 No homework does not mean no work. In the absence of formal homework boys are encouraged to practice and consolidate on their own. The Bishops intranet provides easy access to: past tutorials with detailed solutions

common tests with solutions past exam papers with solutions additional worksheets 6 Cognitive levels (across all grades) Knowledge Routine Procedures Complex

Problem 20% 35% Procedures Solving 30% 5% 7 Portfolios and Portfolio Review CASS work is kept in each boys Portfolio. Portfolios are kept in the teachers classroom.

Portfolio Review takes place early in Term 2. Portfolio Review marks are drawn from the Rolling Averages at a particular time. 8 Rolling Averages on My Bishops Life Marks are updated on an ongoing basis Weightings change constantly

Parents can track marks 9 Rolling averages continued Common Tests (40 50 Marks) 15 marks very similar to questions in tutorial 25 35 marks based on classwork Tutorials (20 Marks) 2 marks for punctuality 3 marks for effort and level of completion

15 marks extracted from the CT 10 Rolling averages continued Investigations usually on unseen work relevant to classwork completed in class under test conditions Graph Assignment

Worked on both in class and at home Marks are awarded for independence, punctuality & level of completion validation test 11 June Report Mark June Exam All common tests All tutorials

All investigations All assignments 12 November Report Mark Guideline November Exam (2 Papers) 60% June Exam (1 Paper) 16%

Common Tests (14) 8% Tutorials (9) All investigations (2) 4% Assignment 4% 4 lowest test marks are dropped if a boy has written all the

8% tests If a boy is absent for four or more tests, no tests are dropped. 13 The Setting System There are 7 Maths sets in each Grade. Sets 1 & 2 are AP Sets and do Core Maths and Advanced Program Maths Set 7 ultimately becomes a Mathematical Literacy class in Grade 10 Boys who start in lower sets can work their way up into higher sets

Boys in higher sets will be dropped to lower sets if they under-perform Grade 8 setting will be done by the 22nd February and will be based on: The Setting Test written on 30th January The Common Test on Numbers written 7th February. A Pattern Investigation scheduled for 16th February. 14 Set Changes Individual set changes are made if a boy is misplaced in his set. Set changes are made across all sets at the end of the first term

after the June exams after the November exams Very few changes, if any, are made after June in Grade 11. Requests from parents or boys for a particular teacher or set are not considered. Changes are generally based on academic performance. Trust us to know what is best for each boy. Changes are not made after each test.

Weaker sets are smaller so that boys can be given more support. 15 Grade 8 Sets Sets 1 2 have the same teacher from Grades 8 12. Sets 3 7 have the same teacher for Grades 8 9. 2017 Grade 8 Maths teachers Set 1 Mr Vamvadelis Set 2 Mr Jacobs Set 3 Mrs Gammon Set

4 Mr Gibbon Set 5 Mrs Bradley Set 6 Mr Knight Set 7 Mrs McPetrie 16 Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy In Grades 10 - 12 all boys take Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

Mathematics is essential for boys wanting to study Medicine Engineering Commerce Sciences Mathematics is not required by boys wanting to study Fine Art Law Music, Art, Advertising and a multitude of other careers 17

Common Concerns Some boys struggle with Mathematics Homework can be frustrating it may be too difficult some boys dont know where to start it may take too long poor organizational skills result in neglected homework Common Tests and Exams may feel inaccessible results may be poor and lead to low self-esteem 18 Helpful Strategy to minimize frustration Set a digital timer for 5 minutes No matter how challenging or frustrating the question: persevere for 5 minutes look over notes

look for a similar example Give the problem a full go Stop after 5 minutes leave all the attempted working on the page never erase the only effort as it provides proof of engagement the teacher can build on the effort if they can see it 19 Advice Try to stay positive and encouraging no matter what! Challenge your son to take responsibility for his own progress. A good work ethic in class is essential.

Homework must be properly attempted on a daily basis. Encourage your son to attend Maths Support as often as possible arrange a catch up session during an Open Period if he has fallen behind form a study and/or homework group with friends take full advantage of all the resources on the Bishops Intranet 20 Maths and Computers Maths is mostly done with pen and paper. understanding is enhanced by computer based teaching and learning Excel is a very powerful mathematical program Grade 9s spend a few weeks mastering the basics and learning how to use formulae

perform basic calculations draw graphs Grade 11s and 12s use Excel to understand Regression analysis Recursive sequences 21 Maths and Computers continued Geogebra is a powerful and versatile program which we use to explore the properties of graphs (Grades 9 12)

the properties of quadrilaterals (Grade 9) circle geometry theorems (Grades 11 & 12) Grade 9s have access to computer worksheets to enhance their learning factors worksheets using Excel a factor test transformations using Excel Quadrilateral investigations

a quadrilateral properties theory test 22 Bishops Intranet and email The intranet is a very important resource and boys should access it frequently to prepare for common tests by working through CTs from previous years checking their solutions to tutorials before handing in their work consolidating their understanding by working through past tutorials prepare for exams by working through past papers and checking their answers

look for additional worksheets and notes on sections they are struggling with Communication between teachers and boys is often via email and boys need to check their emails regularly respond appropriately and timeously 23 Bishops Intranet 24 Bishops Intranet 25

Bishops Intranet 26 2016 CASS ASSIGNMENT S Bishops Intranet 27 2017 CASS ASSIGNMENT S Bishops Intranet 28 Bishops IntranetPAST PAPERS 29

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