Goals and Principles of the Constitution

Goals and Principles of the Constitution

Goals and Principles of the Constitution The Ideas Behind We the People Parts of Constitution Preamble = opening statement We the people 7 Articles:

Article 1: Legislative Branch Article 2: Executive Branch

Article 3: Judicial Branch Article 4: Relations between the States Article 5: Amending process Article 6: Constitution is Supreme Law of Land Article 7: Ratification process Parts of Constitution Continues Amendments 1st 10 amendments = Bill of Rights

27 in total 6 Goals of Preamble #1 Form a more perfect union States should work together as a unified nation #2 Establish Justice Uniform system needed to settle legal disputes and apply the law fairly

#3 Insure Domestic Tranquility Keep peace and order at home 6 Goals of Preamble #4 Provide for the Common Defense Protect citizens against foreign attack. #5 Promote the General Welfare

National government can protect and promote the well being of the citizens Example National Institutes of Health #6 Secure the Blessing of Liberty Maintain freedom for future generations Principles of Government Popular Sovereignty

Government gets its authority from the people = social contract People have the right to change or abolish their government Principles of Government Limited Government Government only has the powers listed in the Constitution

Even the President must obey the law Principles of Government Separation of Powers Government is divided into 3 branches Executive (headed by President) carries out the laws Legislative (Congress) makes the laws Judicial (courts) explains and interprets the laws

Principles of Government Checks and Balances Safeguard against the abuse of power by any one branch Each branch has the power to limit the actions of the other two Example: President can Veto a Congressional Bill Example: Congress can impeach the President Example: Supreme Court can rule a law

unconstitutional Principles of Government Federalism Division of power between federal (national) government and the states. Example: Fed. Government can declare war and State Governments can establish schools

Principles of Government Republicanism Republican form of government = citizens elect representatives to act on their behalf in government. However, once in office, representatives vote according to their own judgment, but must listen to the opinions of the people they represent

Principles of Government Individual Rights Bill of Rights established the protection of individual rights such as freedom of speech, religion, right to a trial by jury, etc.

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