Getting Started with Teams -

Getting Started with Teams -

Getting Started with Teams: Tips to be successful with Microsoft Teams SharePoint Saturday DC June 10, 1027

Susan Hanley [email protected] Collaboration is taking over the workplace The time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50

percent or more over the last two At many companies, more than 3/4 of an employees day is spent communicating with colleagues.

Most work is Put team-based together the right team small,

3 What makes a group of people a team? Held together by a task or tasks When the task is accomplished, the team disperses Commitment and contributions to the task is the main source of trust and cohesion

Its not versus its a When you create a Team, you get Chat and Experience: provided by Teams

Membership: provided by Office 365 Groups which also gets you: Files + Team Site: provided by SharePoint Calendar + Email: Provided by Outlook Plan: Provided by Planner Groups provide the membership

service for the work styles of each team Chatbased Workspac e Mail & Calendar Voice, Video

& Meetings Sites & Content Management Office 365 Groups Enterprise Communities &

Social SharePoint provides the files service for all the family members SharePoint is the Files Experience Oprah of Office 365! Microsoft Teams provides a chatbased workspace in Office 365 Chat for

todays teams A hub for teamwork Customizable for each team Security teams trust

Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365

Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs everyday Get the enterpriselevel security and compliance features you expect from Office 365

Extensible platform Build apps with a rich set of capabilities to enable these higher-performing teams Teams plays nicely with others More than 150 integrations available and more coming soon VSTS

Why Teams? Puts information at the fingertips of users in a single

EXPERIENCE Built for collaboration Minimizes context switching Helps focus on what is important to the work But it doesnt have to be for EVERYTHING: experience is optimized for bite-size tasks power users/power activities may need the full UI of the

connected app Teams works for different roles Sales Marketing Get quick answers from PMs and Sales Operations Share key customer wins

Get lead notifications Share competitor news Coordinate campaigns and event tasks Share content drafts for feedback Get reports from analytics tools Engineering

Customer Support Enable continuous discussion across a distributed team Discuss tasks and requirements, gather inputs in the open Integrate with developer tools Store documentation and files

Exchange knowledge between shifts Provide visibility into escalations Speed up issue resolution with subject matter experts Search for solutions across conversations Demo: Lets make a

Team Useful features unique to Teams Chat in context: Select the chat icon at the top right-

hand corner of your tab. It's an easy way to talk about what's in front of you and keep everyone up to date. Chat + email: Each channel has an email address. Click the more icon next to the channel name and select "Get email address". Teams Wiki: OneNote-ish text editor to draft, edit and chat all in one place. Communicate with a teammate about a page with an @mention them in a

section. Connectors: Friends with a lot of benefits Bots: T-bot is for help about Teams. Who-bot (coming) Chat conversations in Teams Threaded,

persistent chat Open group or private 1:1 conversations Easily switch

between teams Show personality with emojis, stickers, and GIFs Mobile voice and video calling on Android Email integration Schoolhouse Rock for Teams

2 4 6 1 5 3 7

What makes a team successful? Team norms that emphasize: Conversational turn-taking High social sensitivity skills at intuiting how others feel based on tone of voice, expressions, and other nonverbal cues Shared belief that the team

is safe for interpersonal risktaking So how does this affect Teams? Because successful Teams (just as successful teams) need NORMS too!! Teams can be like snowflakes

and each team can use Teams Every team creates their norms But what happens if every snowflake makes different choices?

Source: Plan a little, but not too much Look before you leap A rose by any other name

... think about naming conventions for Groups and Does that mean you need a gatekeeper? Create a new Team for each project Hands off Shared Documents!

Documents (Shared %20Documents) each channel gets a Folder (dont rename the folder!!) Metadata (required or not) is not visible in the Teams files experience

Dont mess with the default containers roll your own if you need customization s Provide coaching to help folks get

started Three Things You Can Do Right Create a Team so you can see what it feels Now like BTW, you just got yourself a Group Add documents and go find them in SharePoint so you can do your own Schoolhouse Rock

Demo for your colleagues gather real use cases to help develop guidance that works for your organization About me [email protected] m susanhanl ey Information Architecture User Adoption

Governance Metrics Knowledge Management Intranets & Collaboration Solutions 40 Learn more about Microsoft Teams Success with Teams: everything you need and

more! Great help article about all Apps and Connectors good for all users: vices-and-plugins-in-Microsoft-Teams-cc1fba57-9 900-4634-8306-2360a40c665b?ui=en-US&rs=e n-US&ad=US&fromAR=1 Microsoft Teams Help:

Learn more about successful Cross, R., Rebele, R. and Grant A. (2016). Collaborative teams Overload: Harvard Business Review. Deloitte University Press. (2017). 2017 Global Human Capital Trends. ends/2017/organization-of-the-future.html

Haas, M & Mortenson M. (2016). The Secrets of Great Teamwork. Harvard Business Review. Duhigg, C. (2016). What Google Learned from its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. The New York Times Magazine. earned-from-its-quest-to-build-the-perfect-team.html Schoolhouse Rock for Teams 1. I create a Team. Lets assume its a brand new team.

2. I get a Team experience for the new inside my personal Teams app. If I have other teams, the new one shows up along with the others. Just from a conversation perspective Im golden. Chat away. Organize my conversations in Channels. 3. I also get an Outlook-based Office 365 Group for my team AND a modern SharePoint site because thats what Groups give me. 4. Teams can organize their conversations in Channels. Every team starts with a General channel but you can add more. 5. Channel files live in Folders in the Groups team site. But be careful: you can also have files that dont live in the Channel. And, if you re-name the channel in the Team, it wont

affect the name of the Folder in SharePoint (but you wont lose your documents, so theres that.). But be careful you may not be able to send email to your Team if you rename a channel after the email address for the channel has been created. 6. Teams will only show you group files that live in channels by default. But, you can add a connection to the entire document library with the SharePoint tab. If you select the next to General and then click Open in SharePoint, the link takes you to the Documents library in SharePoint (not the site home) but since you are now in the site, you can click Home and go to the home page. 7. And, you can add a connection to the entire Site with the Website tab.

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