Friendly Letters

Friendly Letters

FRIENDLY LETTERS Considerate Communications and outreach ROVAC Spring Conference April 15-17, 2019 Contents Party Chairperson Public notice(s) Lottery Notice Town Clerks Notifications Public notice (s) Appointments - Permanent Absentee Verification Follow-up AB Information #1  Letters to Sellers & buyers ~ Friendly canvass Welcome letters & pamphlet Other Considerate Communications Missed deadlines Petition signers Inventory for Poll set-up/Breakdown Potential Poll Workers

Rejections and recruitment Incomplete online follow-ups Duplicates: ROV Requests for removals Voters Requests for removals Supervised Balloting Notices Special AR appointment Party Chairperson Notifications of Tabulator testing Unofficial checkers( rights & responsibilities) Ballot position lottery (municipal elections) Public Notice Let it be known that on _______________20__ Testing of the all machines used to count ballots for the _____________ election will take place in the _____________ room located at _____________________ at __o`clock. Members of public are welcome to attend.

Party Chairperson Registrars of Voters LETTERHEAD Date NAME Dear ______________, This letter is to inform you that, as _________ Town Committee Chairperson, you and any candidate for an office appearing on the ______________ballot may attend or designate others to be present when the tabulators are being prepared, tested and sealed by the Registrars of Voters on _____________. The preparation of the tabulators will take place at ____, in the ________________ room located at ________________________________. All persons present for the testing and sealing of the tabulators must sign a pre-election statement that indicates that the tabulators were test-voted and found to be working properly. This statement will be filed with the Town Clerk. Your party is also entitled to have unofficial checkers serving in the polling room on Election Day, in two or more shifts, between 6 am and 8 pm. These unofficial checkers must be enrolled members of the party and shall be designees of the town chairperson, who shall submit their names in writing to us at least 48 hours prior to the opening of the polls. Each group of unofficial checkers will be provided with a copy of the active voter list. The unofficial checkers will be seated near the official checkers but may not ask the voters or official checkers to repeat information. In addition, no election official may perform the function of an unofficial checker and a candidate may not serve as an unofficial checker or as a runner. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call ______________________________________. Sincerely Democratic Registrar Republican Registrar

Posting Notice of Lottery A lottery will be held on _____________20____ at ______ in the ___________Town Hall in the __________________room to determine the placement of candidates on the November___ 20___ ballot. Note: Send to Party Chairperson, and Candidates. Post in a visible area Town Clerk Notifications Pre-election testing & lottery for public posting (must do) Permanent Absentee renewal letter (must do) List of confirmed renewals (must do) Poll workers info sent to polls (must do) Appointments of Temporary ARs for Supervised balloting and schedule of dates A list by day or event of Special registration hours that may take place Permanent Absentee Verification

(must do) REGISTRARS OF VOTERS _______________________contact information________________________ January 20__ Name Address Town, CT. zip Important! This Concerns Your Permanent Absentee Ballot Status We, the Registrars of Voters, are conducting an annual review as required by 9-140e to determine if you continue to reside at the residence address indicated above for purposes of your permanent absentee ballot status. The address listed above is the address you provided on your permanent absentee ballot application. Please check the statement that applies to you, sign in the space provided below and return this form in the envelope provided. ( ) Remove me from the permanent absentee ballot list. ( ) My residence is at the address shown above. ( ) I have moved. My NEW address is: ______________________________________________ Note: If this new address is in another town, you must register to vote in that other town in order to be entitled to vote in the next election and to renew your permanent absentee ballot status, you must supply a note from your doctor to your new town with your new application. If this new residence address is still within town, we will change your address on the official voter list pursuant to section 9-35. Signature of: ___________________________________________ NAME______________________________________________DOB____________________________office use only Voter ID #_________________________________

Important: We must receive this form from you within thirty (30) days, completed and signed so you may remain on the list of permanent absentee ballot voters. Pursuant with 9-140e failure to return this will result in your removal from the list of permanent absentee ballot voters. Please cooperate by returning this form within thirty (30) days. Thank you for your help. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office at XXX-XXX-XXX . Very truly yours, ROVs Follow-up to Town Clerk usually interoffice email REGISTRARS OF VOTERS February X, 20XX Name XXXXXXX Town Clerk Pursuant with 9-140e the following people have returned their paperwork confirming their Permanent Absentee Ballot Status. Name Address DOB 1 2 3 4 5 Etc The following person(s) did not return their confirmation letter and have lost their Permanent Absentee Status

Name AddressDOB ROVs Additional AB info goes out from the Town Clerk Sample #2 AB T/C letter TOWN OF WINDHAM TOWN CLERK Barbara McKinney Deputy Town Clerk 3013 Patricia P. Spruance Correna Bibeau Town Clerk/Treasurer Assistant Town Clerk Phone: (860) 465-3015 Phone: (860) 465-3014 Phone: (860) 465-

September 13, 2018 Jane Doe Absentee Ballot Road Willimantic, CT 06226 Dear Jane, In 2013, Public Act 12-57 An Act Concerning Permanent Absentee Ballot Status for the Permanently Disabled passed legislation and became law. Per our recent conversation, I have enclosed an Application for Absentee Ballot (ED-3) and a copy of Public Act 12-57. If you are interested in being placed on the Permanent Absentee Ballot list, please bring in or send a doctors note explaining your permanent disability with the completed application to my attention. The Absentee Ballots for the upcoming November 7, 2018 Election will be sent during the first week of October. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, __________________________________ Patricia P. Spruance CMC Windham Town Clerk Additional Absentee Ballot Information If a registered voter is unable to vote in person on Election Day, s/he may apply to the Town Clerk for an absentee ballot for any of the following reasons:

Absence from the Town during all hours of voting. Illness Physical Disability Active service in the Armed Forces Duties as an election official at a different polling location Religious tenets To apply for an Absentee Ballot, return a completed Absentee Ballot Application to the Town Clerks office. The Town Clerks Office will then send you a ballot. The voted ballot must be received back in the office by Election Day in order for your vote to count. Special Asst. Registrar appointment LETTER HEAD Letter head specific or town symbol Date_______________ _____________________ Town Clerk, your town

Re: Temporary Assistant Registrar of Voters This letter is to notify you that I hereby appoint the following people: ___________, as Assistant Registrar of Voters, for the purpose of supervising absentee ballot procedures. They will at all times be paired with opposite party counterparts during this process. This appointment will remain in effect until such time as all applications and ballots have been collected for the election to be held on ____day the of _______________ 20___. See attached schedule of when and where absentee balloting procedure will take place. Respectfully submitted, Registrar of Voters Your name, your party Your name, your party, Letters to sellers and buyers Friendly canvass letters Letter to Sellers WHY? UPDATES!!!!! Accuracy of CVRS information These letters are sent to anyone who has moved. If the move is within town, a new card is sent requesting updated address info along with name and or party

changes. If the seller has moved out of town or state they are asked to sign, date and return* the letter approving they be removal from our registry. *May include a self addressed stamped envelope These are sent using information from Property transfer lists provided monthly by the T/Cs office Sellers Letter LETTERHEAD ROVs Names and Contact info Name Date Street Address Town/State, Zip Dear ____________Resident: Our records indicate that you are a registered voter in the town of ____________CT and we have been notified that you have sold a house in town. If you have moved: Within Town Please complete the enclosed Voter Registration Card and return it to our office so we may update our records. Within Connecticut Please use the Voter Registration Card and register in your new town.* Out of State Please indicate that you no longer reside in CT by signing this letter and returning it in the enclosed envelope. If there are other members of your household that

are registered voters and have moved out of state, please have them print their names, enter their dates of birth and also sign this letter. Please use the back if necessary. * You can find information about registering online by going to Thank you for helping to keep our records accurate Printed name(s)____________________________________ Printed name__________________________________ Signature(s): _______________________________________ Signature ____________________________________ Date of Birth: ______________________________________ Date of Birth _________________________________ Date Signed : ______________________________________ Date Signed __________________________________ office use only Voter ID#____________________________________ office use only Voter ID#_________________________ If information is received on someone who has Moved out LETTERHEAD ROVs Contact Information Date Name Street Address Town/State/Zip Dear

The Registrars of Voters in __________, CT, are working to update and maintain an accurate voter registry file. We believe you may no longer live in town. At this time, we cannot remove your name from our list without your signature confirming that you are no longer a resident. Please complete the form below, sign it and return it in the enclosed postage paid envelope. If there are others within your household that were also registered voters please have them sign as well. Use the back if needed. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thank you in advance for helping us to maintain an accurate voter registry list. Sincerely, ROVs [ ] I no longer live in _______. Please remove my name from the Voter List. I currently live at: ________________________________ST _ Zip_______ { } I do still live in __________. Please leave my name on the Voter List. I currently live at:___________________________________________ { } I am temporarily absent from____________but intend to return. My temporary address is _______________________ and I can be reached if needed at: (optional) phone ___________________email ___________________ PRINTED NAME ___________________________ Signature: _________________________________________ D.O.B._____________ Date:__________ office use only VOTER ID ___________________________ Requests for removals LETTERHEAD Dear You are receiving this letter from our office because we believe the voter listed below has moved or has passed away. We would appreciate any assistance you can provide. By doing so, you will be helping us in keeping our voter lists accurate and up-to-date. Please fill out the form below and mail it back to our office at the above address. We appreciate and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sincerely, ROVs _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voter name_______________________________________________________________Date of Birth_____________________ Address in our system_______________________________________________________________________________________ ______Yes, the voter has moved. Their current address is___________________________________________________________ ______Yes, the voter has passed away. Date of Death____________________ Relationship to the above voter ____________________________________________________________________ Printed name _________________________________________________ Your Signature_____________________________________________________ Date____________________________ We would very much appreciate a phone number should any questions arise________________________ For Internal Use: Voter ID#______________________ _Date recd _________________________ ROV initials___________ Letters to Buyers These are sent to anyone who hasnt yet changed using DMV(those not appearing on Tumbleweed) Just a general welcome to town, to register or change existing CVRS info Enclose a new voter registration card with a request for return Includes info regarding registering online with links to town website and/or state online registration If a Welcome pamphlet is available in your town include it for new residents

These are sent using information from Property transfer lists provided monthly by the Town Clerks office New Buyers &/or In Town Moves LETTERHEAD ROVs names & Contact info Name Address Town Zip Welcome to _________, We have been notified by the Town Clerk, that a warranty deed has been recorded into the Towns records. This may mean that you are new to _________ or have changed your address within the Town. In either event we want to give you an opportunity to either register to vote or to update your voter registration information. We are enclosing a mail-in voter registration card for your use. If you are eligible to register to vote, please fill out the enclosed card completely and return it to our office at the above address. You may also register to vote online by visiting and following the prompts. 1. input your valid CT drivers license number and completely fill out the form OR 2. without a drivers license -Completely fill in the information online, print it out, sign the application and mail or deliver it to our office . If we can be of any assistance please contact us.

Sincerely, Registrars of Voters New Buyers sample#2 Letterhead ROVs Contact info Name Address WELCOME TO _your town inserted here__ The Town of ______________ Assessor's Office has informed us that you are the new owners of the property at ________________________________. In order to help you with some of the things you do when you move into town, we are enclosing __ self addressed Voter registration cards. Please fill them out as a new voter to town, sign, date and return them to the Registrars of Voters. If you have been a voter in another town or state, please provide that information in box 10 on the card so that we can notify them. You may also register to vote online by visiting and following the prompts. 1. input your valid CT drivers license number and completely fill out the form OR 2. without a drivers license ~completely fill out the on line form, sign the application and mail or deliver it to our office Other Information you may find helpful: 1. The towns website is________________________ 2. ____________has a cable channel, _____, where you can see Town Council Meetings and which lists events and 3. ___________has a monthly e-blast entitled ______________ that you can subscribe to through our website. 4. If after youre settled in, you would like to become active on a Board or Commission, registered voters can access under Government and apply on line or at the Town Clerks Office.

5. Each spring, fall and winter, a newsletter is sent to all households and is full of information on many subjects and departments. 6. The Town Clerks office has a map of _____________ that is available to you at no charge. Again, Welcome to ________________ ROVs other information. a list on the Towns website has news from all town Pamphlet This can be as inclusive as you feel necessary and hand out as you see fit (town wide celebrations etc.)but at the very least should contain; 1. Contact info: name(s) of ROVs, phone, email, physical address 2. Office Hours ~ who to contact when office is closed 3. Polling place location(s) especially if you use a different location for referenda votes 4. 5. Voterlookup 6. Optional ~ other town services with contact information i.e. Human services, Library, etc 7. Town of Willington provided the following example SECRETARY OF STATE The Hon. Denise Merrill (D)

FIRE DEPARTMENTS State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Suite 104 Hartford, Connecticut 06106 860. 509.6200 Fax 860.509.6209 [email protected] TOWN OF WILLINGTON 2018 MUNICIPAL GUIDE ATTORNEY GENERAL The Hon. George C Jepsen (D) 55 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06141-0120 860. 808.5318 Fax 860. 808.5387 [email protected] Willington Fire Dept, Inc. #1 426 River Road

860.429.0288 (non-emergency) TREASURER The Hon. Denise Nappier (D) 55 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106 860.702.3000 COMPTROLLER The Hon. Kevin Lembo (D) 55 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106 860. 702.3300 [email protected] Willington Hill Fire Dept, 24 Old Farms Road 860.429.2993 (non-emergency) STATE SENATOR [email protected]

The Hon. Tony Guglielmo (R) [email protected] STATE REPRESENTATIVE 53RD ASSEMBLY DISTRICT The Hon. Sam Belsito (R) Legislative Office Building, Room 4200 Hartford, CT 06106-1591 860. 240-8700 [email protected] JUDGE OF PROBATE Christine Psathas (D) [email protected] Suzanne G. Chapman (R) 35TH SENATE DISTRICT

Legislative Office Building, Room 3400 Hartford, CT 06106-1591 860.240.0574 Fax 860.240.8306 WILLINGTON ELECTION ADMINISTRATORS All voting for Primaries, Elections & Referenda takes place at the Town Office Building 40 Old Farms Road ELECTIONS DEPARTMENT 40 Old Farms Road Willington, CT 06279 860.487.3120 Tuesday 10 AM 12 PM Friday 10 AM 12 PM Or by appointment The Hon. Barbara Gardner Riordan

21 Tolland Green Tolland, CT 06084 860.871.3640 [email protected] Find us on the Town webpage under Town Departments/Elections Department at TOWN OFFICE BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 40 Old Farms Road Philip Phil Stevens (eff. 7/1/18) Monday 12:30 pm 7:30 pm Tuesday Friday 9:00 am 2:00 pm 860.487.3130

[email protected] PRESIDENT The Hon. Donald J. Trump (R) BOARD OF EDUCATION The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500 BOARD OF SELECTMEN FIRST SELECTMAN Erika Wiecenski, Chair (D) [email protected] 860.487.3100 Aliza Makuch (D) [email protected] 860.487.3100 Contact all Board members at [email protected]

860.487.3130 Michelle Doucette Cunningham, Chair (D) [email protected] HUMAN SERVICES John Blessington (R) Jennie Arpin, Director [email protected] 860.487.3100 860.487.3118 [email protected] TOWN CLERK Amy Lam [email protected] 860.487.3121 ASSESSOR Richard Kryzak

[email protected] 860.487.3122 COLLECTOR OF REVENUE Lisa Madden 860.487.3111 [email protected] FINANCE OFFICE Donna Latincsics, Business Manager 860.487.3139 [email protected] LAND USE OFFICE PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS INLAND WETLANDS WATERCOURSES COMMISSION CONSERVATION COMMISSION Susan Yorgensen, PZ/Wetlands Agent 860.487.3123 [email protected] BUILDING OFFICIAL

Jim Rupert 860.487.3123 [email protected] PARKS AND RECREATION Maureen Parsell, Director 860.487.3108 [email protected] PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT Derek Dimmock, Director 49 Hancock Road 860.684.9313 [email protected] Winter Hours Monday -Friday 7:00 am -3:30 pm Summer Hours Monday -Thursday 6:00 am 4:30 pm TRANSFER STATION 49 Hancock Road 860.684.3626

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 8:30 am 3:45 pm [email protected] VICE PRESIDENT The Hon. Michael R. Pence (R) The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500 [email protected] US SENATORS The Hon. Richard Blumenthal (D) 90 State House Square 10th Floor Hartford, CT 06103 860.258.6940 Fax 860. 258.6958 The Hon. Christopher Murphy (D) 1 Constitution Plaza 7th Floor Hartford, CT 06103

860. 549.8463 Fax 860. 549.8478 U.S. REPRESENTATIVE 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT The Hon. Joseph D Courtney (D) 55 Main Street Suite 250 Norwich, CT 06360 860. 886.0139 Fax 860. 886.2974 ANIMAL CONTROL Tina Binheimer, ACO Dog Pound Located at 53 Hancock Road 860.428.4422 [email protected] Hours by appointment only WILLINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 7 Ruby Road 860.429.3854

Monday, Wednesday 11:00 am 5:00 pm Tuesday, Thursday 11:00 am 8:00 pm Friday, Saturday 9:00 am 3:00 pm STATE OF CONNECTICUT GOVERNOR The Hon. Dannel P Malloy (D) State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106 860. 566.4840 [email protected] LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR The Hon. Nancy Wyman (D) State Capitol - Room 304 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106 860. 524.7384 Fax 860.524.7304 [email protected]

Other considerate communications Missed deadlines Petition signers Poll set-up inventory lists Potential & ACTUAL poll workers Incompletes Duplicates Removals Supervised Balloting Communique Missed deadline for party change Highlight PRIVILEGE date on change letter and include the following Notice ~

Because there is a 3 month waiting period to attain new party privileges. You will be unable to vote in the up coming primary on ________ in either your past or now present party. The next election in which you are eligible to vote is highlighted on the enclosed letter. Petition Signers sample #1 LETTERHEAD Date Name Address TOWN, CT xxxxxx Dear It came to our attention that you signed a petition for _________________________________________ so that his/her _______________name could appear on the November ballot for the position of _________________________________________________________________________________________________. We noticed that the information you provided on the petition does not match all the information we have on file for you. Would you please fill out the enclosed registration card and return it to our office at your earliest convenience. It will save you a lot of time, confusion and/or frustration at the polls on Election Day. You may also make changes to your registration online by visiting and following the prompts. 1. input your valid CT drivers license number and completely fill out the form OR 2 Completely fill out the online form. Print it out, sign the application and mail or deliver it to our office If you have any questions please feel free to contact us __________________.

We thank you for your time and consideration in helping us to maintain an accurate registry . Registrars of Voters Petition Signers sample #2 Letterhead Dear You recently signed a petition in ________________CT, with an address of___________________. Your name does not appear on our voter registry list. Enclosed is a registration card which when completed can be returned by mail or delivered to our office. You may also register to vote online by visiting and following the prompts. 1. input your valid CT drivers license number and completely fill out the form OR 2 without a drivers license ~ Completely fill out the online form, print it out, sign the application and mail or deliver it to our office. We hope to receive your registration in time for the __________________ Election. The deadline for that election is_____________________. If you have questions please feel free contact us. Sincerely, ROVs Department of Public Works or other Election set-up personal (forms on/in EMS) Pre-Election Equipment needs for the following Locations, for Primaries and General Elections (August & November and every 4 years in April) Which must be in place the night prior to the Date of the Election

Each Polling Location - 2 ballot boxes and 2 battery back ups , 2 VOTE HERE signs, 2 75 Foot Markers and 1 IVS machine ( *IVS machines are located at the REGISTRARS office) Additionally West Stafford Fire House ________Privacy booths set up ~ Plus 1 handicap assessable booth ________ Tables* and ______Chairs* (*permanently kept here) Stafford Public Library ________Privacy booths set up ~ Plus 1 handicap assessable booth ________ Tables* and ______Chairs *(*permanently kept here) Senior Center ________Privacy booths set up ~ Plus 1 handicap assessable booth ________ Tables* and ______Chairs *(*permanently kept here) For Referendum: only 1 location (usually in May or June at the Library) ___ Privacy booths set up ___ Ballot Box POST ELECTION ~ Anything brought to the polls must be picked-up and returned to the Old Town Hall *Black IVS machines are returned to ROV office SCENESHOT OF EMS DASHBOARD Potential Poll Workers

Dear____________ Thank you for your interest in working at the polls. Here is some information which you need to be aware of; The next vote/election will be held on___________ at ___________________ from ________ to ___________. State statues require that all poll workers attend poll worker training so that they understand the importance of their role and their responsibilities on election day. There will be two training sessions available and will take place on _______________ and on ______________ at ______________ from the hours of _________________. You must attend one of these training sessions to be considered and to receive your assignment instructions, and fill out payroll documents. Please confirm your continued interest by contacting us here at the Registrar of Voters office. Thank you again for your interest in helping to maintain the highest standards of voters rights. Sincerely yours, ROV________________ Contact email Phone PS Please provide the best way to contact you. Email? Cell phone? Home phone? Other? LETTER TO POLLWORKERS Letterhead Date Name & Address Dear______________ We will be holding the pre-election poll workers meeting on _____________________ beginning at__________ at _______________________.

Your attendance at this meeting is required and mandated by state law. If you do not attend this meeting or call the registrars, your position at the polls will be filled with another worker. If you absolutely cannot attend you must contact______________ at ____________ or ______________ at _________. Your assignment for the election to be held on _______________, 20____ is to be a/an _____________________________ at ________________________ You should be at your assigned polling place by 5:15 AM and are to remain until the Moderator has dismissed you. No poll worker should leave until the polling place is totally cleaned. You will be provided with fill in whatever you provide, meals, drinks etc. If you are working out of your district please go to the Town Clerks office at the Town Hall to obtain an absentee ballot and cast your vote. Do not lose your right to vote. We thank you for your time and appreciate your help for this election/referendum/primary and look forward to seeing you at the preelection meeting on_____________________. Sincerely, ROVs Rejection and recruitment LETTERHEAD Contact name and other info Date Name Address Name, Thank you for taking the time to submit your voter registration application. We are returning your application siting CGS Sec 9-12 (b), you must be 18 years old on or before the next election. We look forward to processing your new registration card, when you apply again closer to your

18th birthday. Even though you may not vote at this time perhaps you would be interested in working at the polls on election day. If you have any questions feel free to contact us with your name and your preferred contact information e.g. phone, email etc. Thank you for your interest in voting. ROVs REJECTION (Different mailing addresses) LETTERHEAD Date Name Address Dear_________________ Even though you have a _________________mailing address your residence is located in the Town of ______________________. For that reason we have forwarded your registration card to that town. Please call either Registrars Office if you have any questions. Thank you for registering to vote. Sincerely, Registrars names (rejection) town information Phone:_______________ (forward) Town information Phone:___________________

Address:________________________ Address:___________________ Email:__________________________ Email:_______________________ Online Incomplete LETTERHEAD~ ROVs~ Name and Contact info Date Name Address Dear RE: New or Changes to your Online Voter Registration It appears that you started the process of either trying to register to vote or make changes to your voter registration using the states Online Registration System. In order for you to complete the online registration process, it is necessary for you to do one of the following ; 1. go back to the online system(, input your valid CT drivers license number and completely fill out the form 2. go back to the online system( follow the directions for registering without a drivers license , print out the form, sign the application and mail or deliver it to our office OR 3. You may fill out the enclosed registration card and mail or deliver it to our office. If you have any questions please stop in or contact our office. ROVs Incomplete

LETTERHEAD Date: Name Address Your Town, CT zip Dear________________, We recently received your enclosed voter registration application. Your application cannot be processed due to missing information. We have highlighted those areas which are needed to complete the process. Please take a moment to provide that information and return your registration application in the self-addressed stamped envelope. We have also included a blank card in case you wish to start over. Thank you for your interest in voting. We look forward to receiving your completed application soon. ROVs DVM Incomplete LETTERHEAD Date Name & Address Dear__________________ We received your enclosed application from the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles as an unfinished

voter registration. Enclosed is a new voter registration card, if you choose to, fill it out or you can sign the form from the DVM and return either or both to the Registrars Office to become a voter in ______________________ If you need assistance or have questions, please call us at __________. We are a parttime office but will return your call as soon as possible. Sincerely, ROVs Duplicates Sample #1 Date Registrars of Votes~ Town of______________ Re: Name, DOB, Voter ID of Duplicate Voter Enclosed is a printout of the above voters election history from Dates of history or your towns name. We would appreciate you re-registering this voter so that our list will be more accurate. When you go into activities, the name will appear in both towns, please select the voter listed in our town with the above referenced older Voter ID number. Doing so will automatically import the voters history to your town. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you believe we have contacted you in error. We are in the office_______________________ and can also be reached by email or by phone at_______________________. Sincerely yours, ROVs

Duplicates Sample #2 Letterhead Date Registrars of Voters Town of__________ Street, Town, State, Zip RE: Duplicate Voter Name_______________~ Voter ID # XXXXXXXXXX Dear Registrars, DOB XX/XX/XXX PLEASE NOTE: The voter listed above has an off status in our town. Currently, they are listed as active in your town. PLEASE re-register them and pull them from our town using the older Voter ID # referenced above. If you have any questions, you may contact us at__________________________. ROVs Pre-registered/Duplicates LETTERHEAD Date: Name

Address Town, CT Zip Dear, We received your online voter registration application. We wanted to let you know that you are already an active voter in __________________ having registered on________. Enclosed is a copy of your original notice of acceptance from us. There is no need to re-register unless you are making changes such as: your name, address or party affiliation or are making corrections such as including a suffix such as Sr., Jr., etc. We look forward to seeing you at the polls on _______________, or if you will not be in town on that date, dont forget to apply for an absentee ballot. You can start that process by contacting the Town Clerks office at ________________, online at _____________________or at and clicking voter information. If you have any questions feel free to contact us ___________________________ Warm regards, ROVs Voters REQUESTS FOR REMOVAL copies available in Town Clerks office To the REGISTRARS of VOTERS of ______________CT I ____________________________ wish to have my name removed from your voter registry list because; 1_______I no longer reside in town. 2.______ I will be moving. Effective date________________

3.______ I no longer wish to be a registered voter. My Date of Birth is_____________________. My TOWN NAME address was/is______________________________. My forwarding address is (optional)_______________________________________________________ PRINTED NAME__________________________________________________ SIGNATURE__________________________________Date_____________20____ office use: Voter ID#________________ Date recd ____________ ROV initials__________ Sample removal request sample #1 LETTERHEAD AND CONTACT INFORMATION Name Address State Dear Voter, We have been notified by your current state of residence that you have registered to vote in that state and may have recently voted in a state other than CT in 2018. IF YOU HAVE MOVED BACK TO TOWN, please go online at and register at your new address within _______________. We will adjust your voting residential record and advise you of your new polling location. IF YOU HAVE MOVED OUT OF STATE, please sign and return this letter so we may remove your name from ________________s voting list. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any further questions, please call this Office at the above telephone numbers. Cordially yours, Registrar of Voters Registrar of Voters

I/We have moved out of ______________________Please remove my name(s) from your voting list. ____________________ Printed Name Signature Birth date _____ ____________________ _______________________________ Printed Name Signature Birth date ADD AS MANY SIGNATURES AS YOU NEED _______________ Optional removal sample #2 (university specific) Letterhead Date Name Address etc Dear______________ We are updating our files for _________________________ University and would appreciate

your help. Your voter registration was put into the system on ____________ after the November election because it was received after the ______________ deadline for that election and you did not appear at the polls nor at the EDR location. Enclosed is: 1) your letter of acceptance, indicating your polling location for the next election, and 2) a blank removal form to indicate if you wish to remain a voter in the town of ___________________. If you do nothing we will leave everything as is. Were looking forward to receiving your response. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. ROVs University HANDOUT VOTING: Register in your HOME TOWN using your home address and vote in your hometown. OR Request an absentee ballot from your HOME TOWN: APPLICATIONS will be available in any Town Clerks Office or online at You may send an application to the Town Clerks Office in your HOME TOWN before the ballots are available to insure a ballot will be sent to you within your timeline. The Town Clerk in YOUR HOME TOWN will send you a ballot to the address you requested on your application. Fill out the ballot and send it back to the Town Clerk in your HOME TOWN. Please note you will need to plan to allow for mail time

____________ Registrars Office Phone:________________________ Email:_______________________________________ Register in _________ using ____________Street, ___________ CT and put your dorm in the mailing address if on campus. Use your street address if you live off campus. If registered in Windham/Willimantic using a campus address-- VOTE AT THE V.F.W. -- across from Burger King and Walgreens (park and enter from Valley Streetacross from 165 Valley Street apartments) Registering in any CT town - send or bring a registration card to a Registrars Office or Town Clerks Office in Connecticut. Registration cards are available at the public library, University library, Registrars Office, Town Clerks Office, registration drives on campus, or call a Registrars Office and have a card sent to you. OR go online to and follow the directions. ONLINE, MAIL-IN, AND IN-PERSON registration must be received or postmarked by ________________________ . Online registrations will be received until 11:59 pm. Cards HAND-DELIVERED by a person other than the voter must also be in by this date by the close of business. Absentee Ballot Procedures ABSENTEE BALLOT PROCEDURES 1. Applications for absentee ballots, a list of registered voters and blank voter registration cards will be delivered. 2. Have an employee as a contact person and also allow an employee to accompany the registrars when residents vote if deemed necessary 3. Three dates must be set with the registrars and liaison: drop off applications, pick up completed applications and

registration cards, and to vote. Ask for permission to display posters with voting date. 4. Extra blank applications (which must be accounted for) will be left for new people (from our town or out-of-town) to complete should they wish to vote. New clients must also fill out a registration card. Out-of-town applications (and registration cards, if necessary) will be sent to the respective town and their ballot will be sent back to our Town Clerk to be included in supervised voting 5. The person assisting the voter must sign the application and include their home address. REGISTRARS CONTACT INFORMATION Office phone Email: Special AR appointment LETTER HEAD Letter head specific or town symbol Date_______________ _____________________ Town Clerk, your town Re: Temporary Assistant Registrar of Voters This letter is to notify you that I hereby appoint the following people: ___________, as Assistant Registrar of Voters, for the purpose of supervising absentee ballot procedures. They will at all times be paired with opposite party counterparts during this process. This appointment will remain in effect until such time as all applications and ballots have been collected and returned to the Town Clerk for the election to be held on ____day the of _______________ 20___.

See attached schedule of when and where absentee balloting procedure will take place. Respectfully submitted, Your name, your party, Registrar of Voters Sue Armstrong & Bunny Lescoe Thank all those towns & people who contributed samples.

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