Four Times to Use a Comma - Kentucky Wesleyan College Intranet

Four Times to Use a Comma - Kentucky Wesleyan College Intranet

Four Times to Use a Comma Introductory Elements Rule One: Always place a comma after introductory words, phrases, or clauses Examples After the concert, we all went out to eat.

(introductory phrase) Finally, I learned how to edit my papers more carefully. (introductory word) Because I was late for practice, the coach made me run laps. (introductory clause)

Practice Caroline please call your father. Running down the road the dog ran into the path of my car. Even though I studied for the test I failed it. Compound Sentences Rule Two: Always place a

comma between two independent clauses separated by a coordinating conjunction: and, or, but, nor, so, for, yet. Examples I always enjoy playing tennis, and I especially enjoy playing in the cool weather of fall.

I enjoy college life, but I do miss high school sometimes. Practice The politician delivered a powerful address but his words did not move the audience enough to change their minds. Professors usually take time in class to go over reading assignments so students should be prepared for class by reading all

assigned readings. Kentucky Wesleyan takes pride in its academic programs yet its athletic teams draw attention, too. Non-restrictive Elements Rule Three: Use commas to set off non-restrictive elements in a sentence. (This includes transitional

expressions and words) Examples My best friend, the friend I have had since first grade, now lives in Alabama. (nonrestrictive appositive) Freshmen, who can sometimes get lost the first week, may benefit

from a campus map. (non-restrictive relative clause) We played a good game, despite our injuries, all four quarters. (nonrestrictive phrase) Some professors, however, actually enjoy getting to know

students. (nonrestrictive word) Practice Children who dont eat their vegetables must take vitamins. My sister Beth lives in Ohio.

Beth my oldest sister lives in Ohio. Students who cheat on tests should fail. Items in a Series Rule Four: Use commas to separate items in a series. (This includes numbers,

geographic locations, words, titles, dates, and numbers). Examples She lives at 1203 Royal Drive, Owensboro, Kentucky, and has six dogs. For breakfast, we ate bacon, eggs, and toast. Evelyn Hiatt, PhD., chairs the Biology

department. Examples August 27, 1988, will always mean a lot to me because my family traveled to Disney World on that date. I attended class, ate lunch, and then spent the afternoon studying.

Practice The events on the morning of Tuesday September 11 2001 shocked the people of New York. Clarence Smith MD sees over 2000 patients a year.

My aunt lives in Columbus Ohio and enjoys quilting reading and cooking. My least favorite movies are romances comedies and horror stories.

And now you know Goo d luck

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