Susan Dickson Dickson The The City City of of Edinburgh Edinburgh Senior Senior Countryside Countryside Ranger Ranger &

& Jenny Jenny Watters Watters The The City City of of Edinburgh Edinburgh Forest Forest Education Education Development

Development Officer Officer & & Participating Participating members members Edinburghs Forest School Pilot Project 2006-2008

Appointment of FEDO Feasibility Study 2 Demonstration Schools/year Strengthening of FEI Edinburgh & Lothians cluster Supported Forest School Leader accredited training package Sustainable! Forest School Leader

Training06/07 Colinton Dells Forest School Leader Training 07/08 Craigmillar Castle Park Hawkhill Woods FEI Edinburgh & Lothians Kit & Resources The Green Team, Ian Twaddle youth worker

and Liberton High School students at The Pentland Hills Regional Park 2007 Timeline Summer 08 Autumn 08 July Pilot funding

ends June Oct. Delivery assessment Pilot review

Sept. Coursework hand in Winter 08 Spring 09 Edinburghs Forest School Project 2008-2011 Three year strategy: working document

2008/09 Demonstration projects Stevenson College St. Francis & Niddriemill primary joint project Visual Impairment Scotland & The Royal Blind School Supporting local FEI cluster groups

More Forest School training Further progression opportunities Ideas sharing & networking events Kit & Resources - Keep sharing good news stories Stevenson College Entry to Employment Course

Sept. Dec. 2008 NIDDRIEMILL PRIMARY & ST. FRANCIS PRIMARY Four Classes 8 Week programmes Kindly funded & supported by: Forest School Leader Training April 2009

Hermitage of Braid Forest School Leader Training Sept. 09 Hermitage of Braid Edinburgh & Lothians Future Developments? Continuing to support Edinburghs FS project 2008-11 Ros Marshall Funding bid for

Nursery Sector project As membership expands the group may need to increase kit & resources Greater local networking opportunities Further regular workshop programme Bringing back knowledge, experience and ideas then sharing them!

WORKSHOP AM PM 1.Woodsnappers People Trees and Digital Photography Leaders: Scott Jones & Alain Kain Susan Dickson E&L

Aline Hill E & L Fenton Iddins (Edin / Fife) Jane Kay ML Andrew Caldwell (Edin.) 2.Teacher Training Removing the barriers to the outdoor classroom Leader: Kate Walters

Sally York ML Heather Hackett EL Aline Hill E&L Karen Knamiller E&L Jim Smalls WL 3.Exploring woodland diversity with creative activity Leader: Jane Wilkinson

Audra Buist E&L Louise Caldwell E&L Alison Clark EL Diane Forbes E&L Jane Garven E&L Heather Hacket EL Lindy Furby E&L Ros Marshall & Liberton nursery

youngsters The woodlands make me happy Three year old Forest School participant Source: Ros Marshall Liberton Nursery Teacher Questions? Susan Dickson [email protected]

Jenny Watters [email protected] Telephone 0131 4477145 Edinburgh & Lothians FEI c/o The City of Edinburgh Council, Countryside Ranger Service, Parks & Greenspace, Services for Communities

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