FMT Transfer Role - Energy Online Learning

FMT Transfer Role - Energy Online Learning

Welcome Welco me! To the ETS Transfer Roles Online Training Course The FMT system utilizes Roles to determine ownership and levels of responsibility within the FMT system. The Well Licensee/Unit Operator is automatically defaulted to the role of PE Administrator, Payor for non-corporate owned Titles and Lessee when a new production entity is added to the system. These roles may be transferred to another party upon their concurrence at any time throughout the life for the effective range of the Production Entity (PE) and associated titles. An email notification will be sent to the assigned or transferred role holder at the time of creation or transfer, instructing the Transferee to log in and perform concurrence through the Work In Progress screen.

Page 1 of 23 Revisions Date August 31, 2012 Revisions Type Conversion Page Number All Page 2 of 23 Introduction In this module, you as the role holder, will learn how to

transfer to another party the role of: Lessee Payor Production Entity Administrator Page 3 of 23 Default Administrator Rules The Unit Operator or the Well Licensee will be defaulted to the role of PE Administrator for all new Production Entities. An email notification is sent by the system to the FMT PE Coordinator. If there is no assigned Coordinator then the emails will be sent to the Administrator. TIP: All roles must be assigned. A role cannot be left blank. TIP: You will not be allowed to remove yourself from the role of lessee if there are no other lessees listed in that role. TIP: If you transfer your role to another transferee, and that transferee does not accept the role, you will remain responsible for that role. TIP: Assigned PE Administrator must have an ETS Account. Page 4 of 23

Default Payor Rules For newly associated titles:, if a new FMT PE is linked to a Title where another FMT PE exists, the Payor will be carried forward from that FMT PE. For already active Freehold Titles, the Payor assigned remains assigned. For corporate owned titles, that corporate entity's BA ID is assigned as Payor. For Titles with more than one Corporate client as owner, the company with the greater percentage of ownership will be the defaulted Payor. If there is more than one Corporate Owner and all have equal percentage of ownership, the FMT system will chose the payor. If there are two Owners on a title, one corporate and one non-corporate then the corporate owner will be the Payor. The PE Administrator will be the default Payor for all non-corporate-owned titles that do not already have a Payor assigned. An Assigned Payor must have an ETS Account. An e-mail notification will be sent by the system to the assigned title Payor. Page 5 of 23 Default lessee Rules The PE Administrator will be set as the default lessee for the following situations:

Newly associated title to an existing PE Newly associated PE to an existing title with more than one (different) existing PE Administrator An existing lessee for another PE associated to the Title, will be assigned as lessee to the new PE as well, if the PE Administrator from the existing PE(s) matches the PE Administrator for the newly associated PE. Note: An assigned lessee must have an ETS Account. An email notification will be sent by the system to the newly designated lessee(s). Page 6 of 23 Transfer a Role The Transfer Role function is used to initiate a transfer of the PE Administrator, Lessee and Payor roles from one party to another. To initiate the role transfer, click on the Role Transfer tree node, and click Search to find the FMT PE. (see Query FMT section for details). The query results are displayed on the Search Results screen.

TIP: A user will not be allowed to transfer the role of another client. TIP: Use the Group by PE in order to perform the PE Admin and lessee transfers. Use the Group by title when performing the payor transfers. An email notification will be sent at night to the newly assigned role holder. Emails are not sent when the assigned role is the same for an existing association to that PE or Title. Emails for more than one role assigned to the same BA will be combined in one email. An Effective Date selection is required for all transfers. Page 7 of 23 Search Results by PE More Information (Pages 9 to 12)

The Search Results screen is used to select the roles being transferred for specific titles or PEs. You should not select any returned records that you do not want to transfer. You may transfer roles by using the ALL selection at the top of the results page, or, you can individually select one or more individual roles for transfer. The SAVE button will save your selections and begin your transfer process. The SUBMIT button sends the transfer request to the transferee. TIP: The PE Admin will only be transferable if results are grouped by PE on search results screen. TIP: You may use the ALL select option, and then deselect individual roles you want to exclude from the transfer. You may also use the COPY TRANSFER option for transferring the same data to more than one

Transferee i.e. with different effective date ranges. Page 8 of 23 Add Transferee More Information (Pages 14 to 21) Once your selection has been saved, the selected PEs will be displayed on the 'Transfer Role Request' screen. You must add the Transferee and effective date in the Transferee Tab. All other fields are optional. A PE can be deleted by clicking on the check box and selecting the Remove Selection button. Saving the Transfer Request assigns a Request number to the transfer and creates a link to the document.

Page 13 of 23 Transfer Role Concurrence The status changes to Concurrence when all required fields are entered and screens have been validated. Information on the Transfer Role document cannot change once the request status is changed to concurrence. At concurrence, the Transferee receives an email notification. Concurrence is required from the transferee in order to complete the transfer of any role to another party. You must always sign on to ETS to locate and concur to the request number supplied in the notifying e-mail. For training on the Concurrence process, refer to the WORK IN PROGRESS module. TIP: Saving your file in a text format using Notepad will create the proper file format. A Completed status indicates that the role transfer has been

successfully accepted. A Rejected status or any other status indicates that the role transfer has not been completed, and the role remains with the transferor. Page 22 of 23 Conclusion Congratul ations! Please proceed to the subsequent courses detailing other You have completed the ETS Transfer

Roles functionality of the Freehold Mineral Tax application. Online Training Course If you have any comments or questions on this training course, please forward them to the following email address: [email protected] Page 23 of 23

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