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FASHION FACS Exploration Fashion Capitols

Milan, Italy London, England

Paris, France New York, New York Tokyo, Japan Milan, Italy Italian fashions have a reputation for casual elegance

and luxury. Many Italian couturiers, such as Valentino, are based in Rome. However, Milan is seen as the fashion capitol of Italy because many well-known designers are based there and it is the venue for the Italian designer collections, which take place at an exhibition center called the Diera di Milano or the Milan

Fair. Among the best known and the most exclusive names in Italian fashion design are Gianfrance Ferre, known for his boldly cut brightly colored clothes, and Giorgio Armani, known for his subtle mannish styles for both men and women.

London, England The British fashion scene is known for unorthodox clothes, with a young market and popular appeal. Recently, London has attracted a lot of international attention with its

designer collections, which are held at a hall called Olympia. Vivienne Westwood is one of the pioneers of the street style; the name of daring youthful looks which London is known for. Following Westwood and turning out fresh ideas consistently are designers such as John

Galliano, Richmond Cornejo and a design group called the English Eccentrics. Other well, known names include Zandra Rhodes, Katherine Hamnett (known for slogan t-shirts) and Bruse Oldfield who designs glamorous evening wear.

Paris, France French fashion is chic and stylish. Paris is the home of famous couture houses such as Dior and Chanel. The houses stage exclusive fashion shows in their own salons. Many other famous French designers show their work at the designer collections, which

are held twice a year and command international attention. One of the best-known French designers and a pioneer of ready to wear is Yves Saint Laurent. He has consistently turned out stylish, quality garments over the many years. Thierry Mugler is well known for his figure hugging styles and Karl Lagerfield although a German designer, has a French

approach. One of the innovators of French fashion is Jean Paul Cauliter. He designs unusual witty clothes, which stand apart from the main thrust of French style. (He is the designer for Madonna, enough said.) Parisian style is sophisticated, skillfully cut, and accessories are understated and smart.

New York, New York American fashion design is dominated by a clean-cut casual style reflecting the sporty, health conscious life styles of many Americans. The fashion industry in New York is based

around Seventh Avenue. A designer who helped to set the trend in America for sport-influenced daywear throughout the 1940s and 50s was Clair McCardell. Many of her styles have been revived in the 1980s. More recent influences on the American look have been Calvin Klein, with

classic coats and separates and jeans. Ralph Lauren designs casually elegant clothes in natural fabrics and Donna Karan works with practical, sophisticated womens wear. Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese look is loose and apparently unstructured. This is often the result of complicated cutting techniques. Colors are often subtle, and somber. Fabrics are rich in texture. Many of the famous names in Japanese fashion now in Europe or the USA, but the Tokyo designer collections

are still a major international fashion event. Famous names in Japanese fashion include Kenzo, known for layered looks and highly original knitwear. Miake, considered a master of draping and cutting, and Rei Kawakubo who developed a completely new way of cutting. His work has been compared with the

bias innovation in the 1930s. First Impressions Fashion Personalities

Which one are you? Classic Timeless, always in style and in good

taste. Sophisticated and modest Classic Blazers, vests

Cardigan sweaters Straight and pleated skirts Turtleneck sweaters Men suits Shirts that are button

down or plain collars Penny loafers, pumps, wing tips Delicate Fragile, soft, dainty

Feminine, modest, demure Sometimes a little girlish Delicate Small cap sleeves

Tiny lace trims and ribbons Peter pan collars Small buttons and bows Calico prints Gingham checked

Pastel colors Small floral prints Eyelet fabric Dramatic and Trendy Flashy

Dramatic Trendy They make a statement, and stand out in a crowd Dramatic and Trendy

Neons, black, white Sequins, velvet, satin, leathers, furs, beads, feathers, etc. Dramatic lines Off-the-shoulder,

mini skirts, bare backs, tube tops, etc. Sporty and Natural The simplest

lines and the least amount of structure. Sporty and Natural Cotton and woven

fabrics Fleece and spandex Front pockets Ribbing around cuffs, hems, neck, and sleeves

Pull-over styles Elastic waistlines Town and Country Comfortable It is tailored and has

more detail. Has heavier fabrics and top stitching. Town and Country Pockets, snaps, yokes,

colors Cuffs on sleeves and pants Bandanna, leather belts Cowboy hats Denim jeans

Romantic Very dressy Exaggerated or fussy Very elegant Often extremely

formal Romantic Lace, satin, taffeta, silk, brocade, etc.

High heels Ruffles Tuxedos Black suits Cravats Cummerbunds

Fashion Personalities Quiz Town and Country

Classic Delicate Romantic

Sporty and Natural Dramatic and Trendy Fashion What does it

mean? Clothing choices can show: Specific ethnic group or cultural traditions How you feel about yourself and the world Individual personality

Your values Clothing is only a CLUE You cant always guess why people are dressed as they are

Dress Code: Set of rules that outlines how people should dress Appropriate Clothing Choices For: Weddings and Proms- tuxedos,

suits, ties, dresses, gowns Funerals- black and neutral colors Multicultural Events- Luaus, Pow Wow, quinceanera

Religious Ceremony- Bar Mitzvah Personal Factors to consider when buying clothes: Personal taste

Self-expression Life style Comfort Budget Peer Pressure:

Many people try to conform to the norms They dress to show membership in a certain group

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