Everyday Leadership - STF

Everyday Leadership - STF

Work Based Learning Pathways: Foundation Apprenticeships 13th June 2016 Strategic Context Strategic Context An exciting new work based learning opportunity being offered to pupils in S4S6

Develop Knowledge Skills & Competence through a learning experience delivered in the workplace and in school/college Delivery partnerships between education and employers shaped and supported by SDS

Scotlands Youth Employment Strategy Work relevant learning 3-18 Schools Talent development of all young people Colleges Equality Valued and valuable choice

d picture Click icon to ad DYW d picture Click icon to ad Investing in the Young Workforce Employers MAs Access to WBL

for all young people Foundation Apprenticeships: The Context Developing Scotlands Young Workforce Career Education Standard (3-18) Curriculum for Excellence Building the Curriculum 4 Recommendation 1:

Entitlement 10: Entitlement 4: Pathways should start in the senior phase which lead to the delivery of industry recognised vocational qualifications alongside academic qualifications I have access to a broad range of pathways through my Senior Phase including learning opportunities

leading to work-related qualifications Opportunities for developing skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work Entitlement 6: Opportunities to move into positive and sustained destinations beyond school Foundation Apprenticeships What are we aiming to achieve in Scotland ?

A world-class skills infrastructure for work-based learning, which contributes to economic growth by increasing the productivity of individuals through skills development. Features : Employer led aligns to skills needs of employers Coherent and integrated with clear progression routes mapped out Focussed on economic growth Delivered in an enriched learning environment, enhanced by the work-based element Aligned to pathways that create more opportunities to succeed and avoid limiting choice and future opportunities Culture change : recognition that higher education and vocational education are not divergent, but complementary Foundation Apprenticeships

An exciting new work based learning opportunity being offered to pupils in the senior phase. Develop Knowledge Skills & Competence through a learning experience delivered in the workplace, school and college

Ensure work readiness of young people by delivering the foundation requirements of an MA Delivery partnerships between education and employers shaped and supported by SDS Range of Progression Routes Multiple Progression Routes... ...as part of apprenticeship family

Progress and Plans The Benefits Get Ready by developing the knowledge, skills and experience youll need for a successful career Get Set with an industry-recognised qualification, experience and contacts with potential employers Go into employment, a fast-track Modern Apprenticeship or college or university Get New Ideas by working with young people that are great with technology, enthusiastic, flexible, and more responsive to change Get New Skills by ensuring the training young people get equips them with up-to-date knowledge of practices in your industry Secure Future Talent by developing the skills your industry needs and shaping the

next generation of employees Help your child Get Ahead by: Gaining practical work experience, national and industry recognised qualifications Getting real experience on real projects and valuable job skills in growth sectors Opening doors to employment, accelerated entry onto a Modern Apprenticeship or further learning at college or university What People Are Saying.. Foundation Apprenticeships place the young people in a very strong position to make the most of the employment opportunities which are being created in their local area and beyond. Roddy Henry, Depute Principal, Inverness College UHI I hope that in the future, some of the brightest and best social service workers will be able to

say they started their career with a Foundation Apprenticeship. Anna Fowlie, CEO, Scottish Social Services Council I honestly couldnt have asked for a better opportunity the experience Im getting at such a young age will be very advantageous when I apply for jobs in the future. Monisha, Foundation Apprentice, Financial Services I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is considering a career in civil engineering as it is a unique opportunity to further your knowledge. Emma, Foundation Apprentice, Construction Im pleased that parents and young people in our school have got behind Foundation

Apprenticeships so strongly and can see the benefits. I think its quite groundbreaking. Alan Pithie, Headmaster, Auchmuty High School Future plans next frameworks and scaling ambitions Foundation Apprenticeships Development & Delivery Update FA Product Specification Foundation Apprenticeship Frameworks available for August 2016: Engineering - Construction ( Civil Engineering ) Social Services & Healthcare - Children and Young People

IT (2 pathways Hardware / System Support and Software Development) Financial Services - Business Skills The Product Specification and Framework Documents are available on the SDS corporate website. Certification / Tariff Employer Declaration Developed for 2016 /18 cohorts Future FA Framework Development Some Key Priorities Key Milestones in next 6 months Jun - Sept

Regional planning for 2017-19 delivery School engagement and promotion College / School senior phase curriculum planning Community of Practice events to share and incorporate learning Employer promotion and engagement National and regional marketing and events

Oct - Dec First pathfinder cohorts complete / graduate Promotion and recruitment across regions August cohorts / starts confirmed Final and interim evaluations completed and reports New FA frameworks developed Demand statements produced to support regional planning

Scaling Up ...Some Challenges Capacity: for delivery partners, resource issues, CPD, available facilities and work placements for pupils Communication: consistent messages for different audiences, use different channels to promote the benefits, change perceptions Operational Issues: timetabling, logistics and travel, rurality and accessibility, employer engagement / placements at scale Embedding Learning: evaluation and learning from pathfinder delivery captured and used to inform future delivery models apprenticeships.scot/foundation

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