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Agenda: Model Quizlet Go to the lab and sign up memorize the words and practice. DIRECTIONS

watch as I model the website ver como me modelar el sitio web We will need to learn all of these words by February Tendremos que aprender todas estas palabras en febrero JANUARY 7TH Target: I can put new words and phrases into

sentences. Agenda: Go to the lab to study and practice first 10 terms. Write 10 sentences using your new terms.

Write 10 questions using your terms. HOW TO WRITE A SENTENCE. Review Nouns Review Verbs HOW TO ASK A QUESTION.

Do you Can You/I Why When

How What JANUARY 9TH Short Reading and speaking Review with nouns and verbs worksheet. Work on Vocabulary worksheets. To practice for the quiz!

Quiz over 1st ten vocabulary terms on Tuesday! Cuestionario sobre primera diez trminos de vocabulario el martes! Know all of the vocabulary on Quizlet by February. Conoce todo del vocabulario en Quizlet en febrero.

Connatre tous le vocabulaire sur Quizlet par Fvrier. JANUARY 13 Target: I can identify new vocabulary words. 10 Term Quiz I can use regular verb tenses. Introduce verb tenses. Practice sheet


bake bakes balance balances ban bans bang bangs bat bats bathe bathes battle battles

beam beams PAST Each regular verb has a past form that adds ed to the word.

bakebaked balance balanced ban banned bang banged

bat batted bathe bathed battle battled beam beamed FUTURE

Will Will

Will Will Will Will Will Will bake balance

ban bang bat bathe battle beam JANUARY 15 Target: I can identify different regular verb tenses.

Agenda: Get words

Write them in the spaces and translate Write them on cards using different verb tenses Place on the wall where they go Complete the sentences Introduce PowerPoint and create verb-tense PowerPoint for your words. VERBS You will get 8-10 new vocabulary words to

practice. Usted recibir 8-10 nuevas palabras de vocabulario para practicar. Vous obtiendrez 8-10 nouveaux mots de vocabulaire la pratique. Write them on the sheet and look for the translations. Escribir en la hoja y mirar por las traducciones.

crivez-les sur la feuille et chercher les traductions. VERBS Choose one of the vocabulary terms to write on the notecards. Elija uno de los trminos de vocabulario para escribir en las fichas. Choisissez l'un des termes de vocabulaire pour crire sur les cartes de correspondance.

VERBS Complete sentences using different verb tenses. Completar frases utilizando diferentes tiempos verbales. Phrases compltes en utilisant diffrents temps de verbes. 2/13/15 Target: I can use different verb tenses.

Agenda: Turn in stories Verb tense lesson Practice with new verbs

SOME VERBS USE REGULAR FORM: Past= Walked Present = Walk or Walks or Walking Future= Will walk TELL ME THE VERB TENSES. We walked yesterday. ______________ She is walking today. ______________

She will walk tomorrow. _____________ I like to walk. ___________________ SOME ARE IRREGULAR AND USE DIFFERENT FORMS: Drive Past= Drove Present= Drive or Drives or Driving Future= Will drive

TELL ME THE VERB TENSES. She will drive tomorrow. ______________ She likes to drive the car. _____________ She drove the car to the store. __________ She is driving the car. _____________ VERBS Read and say the new verbs with me.

Complete the activity. Unscramble the sentences Write 5 sentences using the new verbs. Quiz over new verbs on Thursday. CATCH Past Present

Future CRY Past Present Future

DANCE Past Present Future DRAW

Past Present Future DRIVE Past

Present Future FIGHT Past Present

Future FLY Past Present Future

JUMP Past Present Future KICK Past

Present Future KISS Past Present

Future LAUGH Past Present Future

SCREAM Past Present Future SING

Past Present Future TALK Past

Present Future THINK Past Present

Future THROW Past Present Future

WALK Past Present Future 2/24/15 Target: I can use verb different verb tenses.

Agenda: Bell Ringer Create Accounts on Quizlet and add this weeks words. Study words for test next Monday FOR YOUR PRESENTATION Create a new page on powerpoint for every word. Add a picture and translation.

Use the word in a sentence. Crear una nueva pgina en powerpoint para cada palabra. Aadir una imagen y la traduccin. Crer une nouvelle page sur powerpoint pour chaque mot. Ajouter une photo et de la traduction. BACK

Translation: espalda My back does not hurt. (Present Verb) We will Print the slides to study the words. Save the PowerPoint to you OneDrive. 2/26/15 Target: I can use regular and irregular verb tenses.

Agenda: Bell Ringer Reading activty Quizlet practice 3/2/15 Target: I can identify parts of an essay.

Agenda: Quiz Notes about parts of an essay Read and annotate

Write pre-writing HOOK This is usually the first sentence of the essay. It is meant to get the readers attention. Esta suele ser la primera frase del ensayo. Tiene el propsito de llamar la atencin del lector. Usually a question. Por lo general, una pregunta.

MAIN POINT The most important point. Can usually be said in one sentence. El punto ms importante. Por lo general se puede decir en una frase. BODY OF THE ESSAY Tell me about the person and invention.

What did they invent? When did they invent it? Where did they invent it? Why did they invent it?

CONCLUSION Why is it important to life today? 3/4/15 Target: I can create and present about an inventor.

Agenda: Give back quizzes and go over answers New Grammar

Read and highlight next reading Create the display and look over model Go to computer lab to finish Print everything 3/10/15 I can use new adjectives in writing.

Agenda: Presentations Adjective vocabulary Book work Write about yourself

DESCRIBE YOURSELF Complete the description of yourself in a paragraph. Example: I am average height. I am average weight. I have brown hair. I am pretty. I am friendly and kind. I am generous.

3/16/15 Target: I can identify main ideas in a text. Agenda:

Review adjectives on page 5-7 answer the questions Topic and main idea notes Guided practice page 10 Solitary practice Finish video 3/18/15 Target: I can identify the main idea Agenda:

Review main idea, topic, and adjectives Look at pictures together and identify them using adjectives Read magazine together and identify main idea Read magazine on your own and practice Documentary: main idea ADJECTIVE ADJETIVO

Adjectives describe a noun

Outgoing Talkative Personality Fashionable Messy Average Serious shy

generous kind friendly smart funny helpful nice quiet

height weight TOPIC The subject of the story. Usually a noun: person, place, or thing. El sujeto de la historia. Por lo general, un sustantivo: persona, lugar o cosa.

Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell Soccer Football Basketball

MAIN IDEA The most important point in the story. El punto ms importante en la historia Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. 3/23/15 Target: I can use verb in the form of to be.

Agenda: Main idea practice (snow day) Verb form (to be) 12-15 Finish video

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