End of the War - Psych with Connelly

End of the War - Psych with Connelly

THE END OF THE WAR GERMANY Yalta Conference, February 1945 (in USSR) Discuss the fate of Germany The Big Three FDR, Churchill and Stalin Compromises Temporary division of Germany in to 4

pieces, each occupied by a different Allied GERMANY The Battle of Berlin: last battle of WWII in Europe Hitler commits suicide and orders his body burned Last address blames Jews for starting the war and his generals for losing it

President Roosevelt dies from a stroke on April 12, 1945 Vice-President Harry S. Truman becomes the GERMANY Nuremberg War Trials 24 Nazi war leaders on trial for crimes against humanity 12 sentenced to death, others to prison 200 more in lesser trials

Responsible for your actions even in war, following orders doesnt exempt you JAPAN Had a huge army, even after the pacific campaign, and would fight for every inch of land June 6th 1945, The Japanese Supreme War Council states: With a faith born of

eternal loyalty as our inspiration, we shall thanks to the advantages of our terrain and the unity of our nation, prosecute the war to the bitter end in order to JAPAN To avoid a ground invasion that might cost a million American lives Truman called up the Manhattan Project

Didnt even know about it as Vice President 600,000 people involved but few knew the purpose Test July 16th, 1945 in Los Alamos New Mexico Cost $1,889,604,000 (1945) JAPAN Japan refuses to surrender US warns of prompt and utter destruction Use of atomic weapons August 6th, 1945 Hiroshima, military center

Plane the Enola Gay drops Little Boy at 8:15 am August 9th, 1945 Nagasaki, industrial complex Fat Man THE ATOMIC BOMBS Stages to the explosions Flash of white light and heat At the center estimate 7,000 Wind 980 mph at center

190 mph 1 mile away Radiation Gamma and X rays cause radiation sickness/poisoning 1/16th of a mile away : within hours of a mile away : within day If you entered the city within 100 hours of the explosion THE ATOMIC BOMBS Hiroshima

140,000 dead by the end of the year 200,000 total Nagasaki 70,000 dead by the end of the year Reasons for dropping the bomb Political the Soviet Union is emerging as a super power, a display of our nuclear weapons technology would reestablish the US in world affairs Economic billions of American tax dollars were spent on the Manhattan

Project Military hundreds of thousands of American soldiers would be lost in a ground invasion of Japan Changes in the way wars are fought Advanced technology JAPAN August 15th the Emperor makes a radio broadcast announcing surrender to the Allies September 2nd, 1945 Victory over Japan. VJ Day Occupied by US forces under

Douglas MacArthur 1,100 on trial for war crimes, 7 sentenced to death 7 year occupation Introduced free market principles led to economic recovery New constitution more democratic, called the

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