Emperors of Rome

Emperors of Rome

The Roman Empire An odd collection of folks who got stabbed 3714 times. Days of Our Roman Lives The First Triumvirate

Pompey Crassus Teflon-coated Filthy-rich Waffler Arsonist

Caesar Popular General Julius Caesar First Triumvirate

Crossing the Rubicon Dictator Ides of March The Second Triumvirate Lepidus

Marcus Antonius Octavian Master of the Caesars right Son of Horse

hand Caesar Julio-Claudian Emperors of Rome Battle of Actium 28 BC to 14 AD Princeps

CAESAR AUGUSTUS All roads lead to Praetorian Guard Pax Romana I found Rome a city of brick

Julio-Claudian Emperors of Rome TIBERIUS Claudius Nero 14 AD to 37 AD Built the treasury Ugly paranoid Capri

Sejanus Smothered Julio-Claudian Emperors of Rome

GAIUS Caligula Seriously Perverted Short Reign

Julio-Claudian Emperors

CLAUDIUS Uncle Deformities Etruscan History Messalina

Cuckold Agrippina & her son Julio-Claudian Emperors NERO Revenge on Seneca Revenge on

Agrippina Opera Singer Seriously Depraved Fiddler The Flavian Emperors Titus Flavius

VESPASIANus From the East Government Restructuring A Builder The Flavian Amphitheater

The Flavian Emperors TITUS Celebrity Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

Pompeii The Flavian Emperors DOMITIAN Another Paranoiac

The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 NERVA A kindly old gentleman Instituted Welfare Solidified the process of Succession

The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 TRAJAN An Iberian! A Traveler Secured the boundaries

The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 HADRIAN Trajans Ward Kept Rome secure Built a Wall across Britain

The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 ANTONINUS PIUS Great Peace and Prosperity Ignored the outer

areas The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 MARCUS AURELIUS A Stoic Philosopher Border Wars

3 Major Errors that shaped the future The 5 GOOD Emperors + 1 COMMODUS Think Nero

The Byzantines (after Byzantium) DIOCLETIAN The Conqueror Autocrat

The Tetrarchy Last Persecutor Abdicated CONSTANTINE

More Civil Wars The Christian Edict of Milan Council of Nicaea Constantinople

THEODOSIUS Artistic An end to the Olympics East-West Split Romulus

Augustulus JUSTINIAN Last Latin Belisarius Codex Vetus

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