Educator Evaluation Self-Reflection and Evidence Webinar ...

Educator Evaluation Self-Reflection and Evidence Webinar ...

Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure October 28, 2015 Charleston, WV Building 6, Room 304 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East Charleston, WV 25305 304.558.7010

WVBE Policy 5202 Updates Effective Oct. 13, 2015 Dr. Monica Beane Executive Director Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure Alternative Certification W.Va. Code 18A-3-1

WVBE Policy 5901 approved September 2015 Alternative Certification Educator Preparation Program Review Board (ACEPPRB) Program Partnership Proposal Approval Review in Spring 2016 Implementation for Fall 2016 126-136-5. Categories of Licenses

Language was added to clarify who may be eligible for a Temporary Teaching Certificate Removed the citizenship requirement for the Temporary Career and Technical Education Certificate The definition of Alternative Teaching Certificate was changed to reflect legislation passed during the 2015 session

126-136-10. Licenses for Professional Educators Test scores shall remain valid for twelve months after completion of an approved program for licensure 126-136-11. Permits Issued to Professional Educators

Removed the minimum GPA requirement for the Career and Technical Education Permit RESA and OIEP Directors are now authorized to sign Career and Technical Education Applications Permanent Authorization for Middle Childhood Endorsement was removed 126-136-21. Additional Endorsement(s) for Existing License

When using the Form 8C to add an additional endorsement, applicants must also meet all requirements for the specializations or other content proficiency required specifically, the following areas: Mild/Moderate Impaired Multi-Categorical Specific Learning Disabilities American Sign Language (ASL) is now allowable via the

Content Exam option. Autism is NOT allowed to be added via Form 8C 126-136-11. Permits Issued to Professional Educators Temporary Driver Education Teacher authorization (as per policy 2422.2) was added Professional employees are no longer given preference for coaching positions.

EEL Forms and Procedural Updates Robert Hagerman Assistant Director Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure EEL Form Updates Incomplete Forms Official seal-bearing Transcripts

Form 8C A new list of the endorsements that are eligible to be taken via the PRAXIS Test is available under INFO at the Form 8C box under Please make sure that a copy of the PRAXIS Score Report is submitted with the application. Applicants receive the information before our office.

eTranscripts must display on the transcript the name of either the county contact individual or the name of an EEL contact individual as being the official eTranscript link Receiver. eTranscripts reflecting the educators name as being the Receiver are not considered as being an official transcript.

EEL Procedural Updates A new interactive list of staff contacts was recently sent that indicates the person that is the primary contact for the various forms. Please email the primary contact for the particular form that is in question. EEL Online System Through WOW

The Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure now accepts applications and requested documents via the WVEIS WOW portal. All documents and applications are considered to have been officially received on the date of the upload. Once applications and/or documents have been uploaded, please do not mail, nor email those specific documents to our office.

EEL Online System Through WOW Before an application is uploaded via the WOW portal, a payment must be made online. Please do not upload an application until you have verification of payment for the application. This is the same concept as previously utilized; in that you did not mail the application until you had documentation of payment. Contact your WVEIS county contact to request access.

Payments We are experiencing a high amount of errors in processing fees that applicants are paying. Please review with the applicants the exact fees before they submit the payment on-line, as fees are nonrefundable. Waiver Process

As a result of new accountability measures and ensure educator quality, the waiver request guidelines will be strictly enforced Waiver form and letter required Waiver request form must be submitted by County Superintendent/equivalent or Community Program Director and must include the correct licensure application and processing fee(s) Waiver must meet at minimum one of the eligible criteria Waivers (if approved) will result in the issuance of the certificate requested and will expire on June 30 of the academic year for which

the waiver was requested Only one waiver may be submitted for the life of the certificate Only the following certificates are eligible for a waiver request: Professional Certificates or equivalent, First Class Full Time Permit, Out of Field Authorization, Community Program Authorization,

Substitute Permit, Alternative Teaching Certificate, Career and Technical Certificates Only for the following extenuating circumstances: Unavailability of Coursework (currently listed in WVBE Policy 5202) Illness/Death (currently listed in WVBE Policy 5202) Hardship (currently listed in WVBE Policy 5202)

Documented, and verified by IHE, inability to register/enroll in coursework/program as a result of time of year, semester already in progress, or other qualifying circumstance Unacceptable Criteria for Waiver Requests: Unable to meet required GPA as defined in WVBE Policy 5202 Not having passing scores on Praxis exams or

inability to take exams Lack of understanding of renewal requirements (i.e. number of hours needed, dates for eligible coursework, technology requirement) Tips to Expedite Processing Scottie Ford Coordinator Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure

Tuition Reimbursement Applications for tuition reimbursement are processed from July 1 through June 15, or until the Out of Funds status occurs, each fiscal year. Coursework must be completed during the same fiscal year in which the Form 36 application is received by the Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure.

Teacher-in-Residence (TIR) Program Teacher-in-Residence Programs are partnerships between Educator Preparation Providers (EPP) and County School Systems. They feature intensively supervised and mentored prospective teachers during their final program year.

EPPs and county partners may place TIRs if: EPP has a WVBE-approved TIR program with placement county; Candidate has met all eligibility requirements; Placement is in an area of critical shortage & is in the TIRs content specialization; and the TIR permit has been issued.

3.0 GPA or higher Passing scores on ALL required Praxis assessments before application for a TIR placement TIR serves as the Student Teaching (all programmatic levels must be addressed) Use Form 3 to apply for Teacher-inResidence Permit Required with application

Form 7 and Fingerprinting (CANNOT use background results from a clinical experience permit) $35 non-refundable Processing Fee Placement dates and county of placement Content specialization & grade levels Signatures from both the county superintendent and authorized IHE official. Specific school placement preferred but not required

Clinical Experience Permit Form 24 The clinical experience permit is required for all individuals participating in a clinical experience as administrators, teachers, support personnel, etc. Substitute teachers participating in a clinical experience must hold the clinical experience permit. If the applicant is attending an out-of-state institution of higher education, Form 23 must also be submitted for approval

Exemptions: Individuals who hold a current or expired WV professional certificate (Professional Teaching Certificate, Administrative Certificate or Student Support Certificate), a First Class Full-Time Permit, Teacher in Residence Permit or Alternative Teaching Certificate. If completing experience in more than one county must a submit Form 24A for each additional county of placement There will always be a primary and secondary county for the clinical experience permit. The primary county

agreement will be identified by using form 24 and the secondary county will be on form 24A. Individuals who previously held an approved clinical experience permit and wish to extend the permit must use form 24A. Form 24A requires no fee. Embassy of Spain Program 10 teachers currently serving in WV

Certified teachers in Spain with a minimum of three years experience Three year program Certification Candidates Contact Debora Nicholson [email protected] for more information Career & Technical Education

ECCATS Jodi Oliveto-Moore Coordinator Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure [email protected] Career and Technical Education Initial Career and Technical Certificate Requirements

Applicant must hold either a valid WV Professional Teaching Certificate or have completed an Approved CTE Preparation Program with an overall cumulative 2.5 GPA (Was previously 3.0 GPA) All renewals still require a 3.0 GPA. Policy no longer requires one year of teaching experience within the Career and Technical Education endorsement area Initial First Class Full-Time Career and Technical Education Permit Policy no longer has GPA requirement

Initial Substitute Career and Technical Education Permit Policy no longer has GPA requirement Forms updated: Form V7 Temporary and CTE Certificate Form V9 First Class/Full-Time CTE Permit Substitute CTE Permit Form V10 Wage Earning Experience Verification Form V15 Adult License Endorsed for Adult Basic Ed.

Form V17 Permanent Adult Part-Time Permit Latest version of application forms: http :// ECCAT Eligible for Full Retirement Benefits (Effective March 9, 2015) Applicant must still submit supporting documentation when applying: State and Federal background check

Proof of successful completion of the State Competency Exam Copy of their high school diploma Original signature on the Form 41 authorizing the option to retire Career & Technical Adult Education Webinar Review of New Forms and Eligibility Criteria

Robert Mellace and Jodi Oliveto-Moore Thursday, November 5, 2015 2:00pm 3:30pm Platform: Skype PowerPoint will be posted at: http:// West Virginia Educator Evaluation System

Trent Danowski Manager, Educator Development Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure [email protected] Educator Effectiveness Updates October 15, 2015 WVBE issues a waiver of Policy 5310: Waiver delays use of the summative assessment

results in connection with the 15% component of evaluations for the 2015-2016 year. Waiver cancels roster verification for the 2015-2016 school year. All Educators complete two (2) goals for the 2015-2016 school year. This presentation will be posted on our website. West Virginia Department of Education

Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensure

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