Dual Credit Survey - Missouri Department of Higher Education

Dual Credit Survey - Missouri Department of Higher Education

2011 Dual Credit Survey Summary Report Missouri Department of Higher Education December 2011 Contents

Background on Early College Programs Why a Dual Credit Survey? DC Survey Findings 2008 Comparison Future Directions Update on DC Work Group Background on Early College: Workforce

Some College 12% Associates Degree 17% High School Graduate 28% Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010 p. 14 http://www9.georgetown.edu/grad/gppi/hpi/ cew/pdfs/FullReport.pdf Bachelors Degree

23% Graduate Degree 10% Less Than High School 10% The Value of Dual Credit Enriches and extends high school curriculum Offers challenging materials Cost-effective Promotes collaboration

Purpose of the DC Survey Measuring compliance to Dual Credit Policy Looking at areas of DC policy that may need to be revised or clarified Checking for current policy gaps Revisiting guidelines for Best Practice

To provide a list to DESE of dual credit programs in compliance with dual credit policy DC Survey Electronic survey distributed to 52 public and independent institutions 56 questions addressing the following topics: Student eligibility Program structure and administration

Faculty qualifications Assessment of student performance Transferability of Credit DC Survey Findings 33 institutions offering dual credit submitted a survey and all were in general compliance with major policy indicators Several institutions did not meet each of the sub-units of the indicators, most visibly in the areas of discipline-specific training, pedagogy and faculty mentoring None of the levels were significant enough to

cause concern with the quality of programs As it was in 2008 Access to qualified instructors continues to be a significant obstacle, particularly in rural communities. Due to online resources and formats, professional development and mentoring has improved. However, there is still a lot of work to do. Future Directions and Policy Recommendations

Address recurring concerns Improve Depth of Compliance NACEP accreditation Review policy in context of early college programs Increased accountability from out-of-state institutions Develop instrument for annual reporting

Update on the Dual Credit Data Collection Work Group Purpose and Timeframe Group Membership Areas of Concern Data

Discussion Efficient Use of Time and Resources Measures of Quality Programs Student Eligibility Program Structure and Administration Faculty Qualifications and Support Others? Discussion How might remote locations with few to no qualified instructors participate in dual credit programs?

How can schools with less resources use collaboration and technology to offer dual credit programs? Do you have any questions?

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