Drama & the Elements

Drama & the Elements

Technical Elements Staging: deliberate choices about where the actors stand & how they move on stage Sound effects an audience hears during a performance to communicate character, context, or environment

Lighting Lighting: placement, intensity, & color of lights to communicate environment, mood, or feeling Technical Elements Costumes: clothing & accessories worn

by actors to portray character & period Props Props: any article, except for costume or scenery, used as part of a dramatic productionany moveable object Makeup Makeup:

costumes, wigs, & body paint used to transform an actor into a character Scenery theatrical equipment, such as curtains, flats, backdrops, or platforms, used in a dramatic production to communicate environment

Jobs in Theatre Crew-committee of technicians who work behind the scenes creating the scenery, costumes, props and so on. Stage crew-the group of technicans responsible for building the scenery. During a production, this crew is in

charge of any scene changes. Jobs (Cont.) Prop crew-the crew in charge of stage properties (props). Costume crew-the committee in charge of costuming the show.

Make-up crew-the crew in charge of designing and applying make-up for each character. Jobs (Cont.) Sound crew-the group responsible for planning and preparing all sound effects needed for a production.

Light crew-the technicians responsible for planning, preparing, and running the stage lights for a production. Publicity crew-the committee responsible for organizing and implementing all advertising for a production.

Jobs (Cont.) House crew-committee in charge of printing tickets and programs and managing the box office and house during the performances. Masking-any material such as curtains or scenery used to block an audiences view of the backstage

area. Scenery-curtains, backdrops, or any structures constructed to transform an empty stage into a background for a play. Jobs (Cont.) Set pieces-large portable pieces of the stage

setting. Stage manager-the person in charge of supervising backstage. Playwright-one who writes plays.

Screenwriter-a writer who writes television or movie scripts. Jobs (Cont.) Director-person in charge of the artistic production of a play.

Producer-person responsible for the entire production, including obtaining financial backing, paying the bills, and hiring the director and creative staff. Jobs (Cont.) Set designer-this persons job is to visually set up the stage in a way that gives life to the playwrights words.

Community theatre-a group of people who uses local talent of all ages to produce plays. Jobs (Cont.) Theatre teacher -an educator who specializes in theatre arts or drama.

Set designer-hired to design the sets for a production. Property master-a person who would help create the sets and find the perfect props for a production.

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