DLRL Hadoop Cluster Upgrade - Virginia Tech

DLRL Hadoop Cluster Upgrade - Virginia Tech

CCLearner: A Deep Learning-Based Clone Detection Approach Liuqing Li, He Feng, Wenjie Zhuang, Na Meng and Barbara Ryder {liuqing, fenghe, kaito, nm8247}@vt.edu, [email protected] Department of Computer Science Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, VA, USA September 22, 2017 Code Clone Developers copy and paste code to improve programming productivity

Clone detections tools are 15needed19% to help bug fixes or program changes 25% 2 Related Work Textbased Treebased Token

based Code Clone Detectio n Metri csbased Graph based 3

Research Question How can we automatically characterize the similarity between clones? How can we leverage the characteristics to detect clones? 4 Methodology Code Clone Detection Problem Classification Problem 5

Approach Clone Pairs Non-Clone Pairs Training Source code Feature Extractio n

Method Extraction Deep Learning Classifier Method Pair Enumerator Testing Clone Pairs Non-Clone Pairs

6 Hypothesis Code clones are more likely to share certain kinds of tokens than other tokens Tokens likely to be shared Keywords, method names, Tokens less likely to be shared

Variable names, literals, 7 Feature Extraction A method pair metho methodB dA token_fre q_listA [token_freq_catA1, , token_freq_cat A8] Category

Name Reserved words Example Category Name Type identifiers Operators <+=, 2>

Method identifiers Markers <;, 2> Qualified Example

8 Feature Extraction A method pair metho methodB dA token_fre token_fre q_listA q_listB [token_freq_catA1, , token_freq_cat

[token_freq_catA8] , , B1 token_freq_catB8] [sim_score1 , . . . , sim_score8] 9 Training Input Clones

<[sim_score1 , . . . , sim_score8], 1> Non-clones <[sim_score1 , . . . , sim_score8], 0> Training Process DeepLearning4j* Output A well-trained classifier (.mdl) 10

* Deeplearning4j, http://deeplearning4j.org/, accessed: 2017-09-04 Testing Input A codebase Output 2 nodes in DNN Predict the likelihood of clones and non-clones Challenges Time cost O(n2)

Solution Two filters 11 Evaluation Benchmark: BigCloneBench* 10 source code folders Clone Type: T1, T2, VST3, ST3, MT3 and WT3/4 Data Set Construction Training Data (Folder #4) T1, T2, VST3 and ST3 clones

Randomly choose a subset of false clone pairs Testing data (Other 9 folders) All source files * Jeffrey Svajlenko, Judith F. Islam, Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy and Mohammad Mamun Mia, "Towards a Big Data Curated Benchmark of Inter-Project Code Clones", In Proceedings of the Early Research Achievements track of the 30th International Conference on Software 12 Evaluation Recall

( 1 3 ) 1 3 = ( 1 3 ) Precision = 385 F-score 2 1 3 1 3=

+ 1 3 13 Evaluation Inter-comparison Results (%) (%) (%) CCLearn Sourcerer Deckar NiCad

er CC d T1 100 100 100 96 T2 98 97 85 82 VST3

98 92 98 78 ST3 89 67 77 78 CCLearn Sourcerer Deckar NiCad er CC

d 93 98 68 71 CCLearn Sourcerer Deckar NiCad er CC d 93 88 76

77 14 Conclusion Novel Approach Use deep learning to characterize and detect clones Comprehensive Empirical Study Compare CCLearner with existing tools Evaluate the importance of different features

E.g., reserved words, type identifiers, and method identifiers 15 Thank you ! Questions? http://people.cs.vt.edu/~liuqing/ https://github.com/liuqingli/CCLearner https://goo.gl/k6rjDn Backup Backup

Backup Backup Backup Backup Backup Backup

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