Division manager training

Division manager training

DIVISION MANAGER TRAINING AYSO Region 630 Rancho Santa Margarita March 23, 2010 Agenda Timeline the AYSO Calendar Coach Volunteer Tracking Team Formation Guidelines Coach Communication Coach Administration In-Season Expectations

Timeline March/April Player Registrationand COACH Volunteer signups May Confirm Coach Interest / Board Approval of Coaches (+ Assistants) June Final Coach Approvals/Team Formation July Team Formation / Coach Meeting / Education

August Education / Distribution September Season Starts September November Be There Coach Volunteer Tracking Have a Process there are a LOT of coaches Spreadsheet (Robs Template) MUST Haves: AYSO Volunteer ID for CURRENT YEAR (should have done this at Registration) Age-Appropriate Certification (Advanced is NOT a catch all)

COACH Safe-HavenRef is DIFFERENT Desiretheyve got to WANT to do itbe honest, let them know what theyre in for Team Formation General Teams built in pairs NO Bye Weeks NO Double-Header Weeks

Balance Competition Guidelines (players on field at same time, ie 4v4) AYSO MantraEVERYONE PLAYSat least of the game, and for all U10 and younger, of each game Team Formation Youngers U5/6 Age Group Play 4v4 Ideal team size 5 Build Teams with 4 as a base (expand) U7/8 Age Group

Play 7v7 Ideal team size 9 Build Teams with 8 as a base General Concept Teams originally built in July Adds are commonand you want to leave room Team Formation Olders U9/10 Play 9v9 Ideal Size is 11

U12/14 Play 11v11 Carry 14/15 U16/19 Play 11v11 Carry MORE playersno-shows are common Coach Communication Do itMORE IS MORE

Key Points in Time: Confirmation of Interest Confirmation of Approval Confirmation of NEED (if youre lucky) Certification Status they may THINK theyre good. Need to ensure they go to class and you KNOW when they are going if youre counting on them! Team Formation Volunteer Information Collection Uniform Pickup Ongoingas the season progresses Coach Administration Volunteer Requirements

Registration (helping during formal events) Team Parent (snack, end of season party) Assistant Coach (optional, but really good to have, especially beyond U6) Referee(s) Starts at U7MUST be certified! Fields (painting, setup/break down) Uniforms & Color Selection Many approacheslottery is good GOALthey need to CONTACT parents fastand collect volunteer names immediately Use volunteer collection as the order for uniform color seletion (REALLY big for the youngers) Coach Administration

Make it EASY Coach Packets Uniform Kits (will be shipped to your house) Coaches Equipment Bag (or Coupon) Roster & MEDICAL RELEASE forms (print via eAYSO and make THREE copies of each include in packet) expense through the Region In-Season Expectations Stay connected to the coaches Get to the fields a few times during the season Be a presenceanswer questions WEAR the Board Shirt! Think about the Coach of the Yeareach division gets onethis is a NICE way to recognize

Solid communicator Positive feedback from Parents Above and Beyond Stay connected to the parents/kids What are THEY telling you?

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