Differentiated Instruction and the 21st Century Learner

Differentiated Instruction and the 21st Century Learner

Differentiated Instruction st and the 21 Century Learner IDEAS Conference Kingston, Ontario February 23-24th, 2012 Engaging 21st Century Learners Marc Paradis and Megan Valois What is 21st Century Learning?

What does 21st Century Learning mean? 21st Century Learning is about more than just using technology. It is about engaging learners! 21st Century Learning Skills include: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence Agility and Adaptability Initiative and Entrepreneurialism Effective Oral and Written Communication Accessing and Analyzing Information Curiosity and Imagination http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjJg9NfTXos 21st Century Technologies ...

Advantages of 21st Century Learning in your classroom Authentic learning! Students evaluate, make decisions and are responsible for their own learning. Students master knowledge by constructing it and experiencing it, first-hand. Students have the opportunity to be co-operative, collaborative or

independent. Start where they are! An integral part of Differentiated Instruction is on-going assessment. Pre-assessing students understanding, can help teachers to develop their lessons accordingly. Start where they are! Likewise, formative assessment after a lesson allows teachers to see if the

students have grasped the concept. Pre-Assessment Activities Activities such as the traffic light activity, or a Smart Response, allow teachers and students to see where they are starting from and guide teaching and learning. Likewise, it also shows both students and teachers how far they have come, once the

instructional unit is complete. Smart Response in Action! What is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiated Instruction is... based on the premise that, since students differ significantly in their interests,

learning styles, abilities, and prior experiences, then teaching strategies, materials, and pace should vary accordingly. easily adapted to use technology and encourage the development of 21st century learning skills. There are many amazing DI strategies out there; today, we will be focusing mostly on the strategies that use technology. Differentiated Instruction for the 21st Century Learner

using Blooms Taxonomy What can be differentiated? A blend of instructional methods, usually considered the 3 Ps: Presentation (Content) Process Product Each of these three can be

approached by looking at student readiness, interest and learning profile. How can we differentiate by Presentation? Presentation is how we teach/present information and what students learn. Presentation is not only how WE teach but how students teach each other and themselves!

We can differentiate presentation for a 21st Century Learner by using SmartBoard interactive lessons, YouTube videos, websites/online research, podcasts, collaborative learning tasks, online newspapers or magazines, e-books. Lets see some examples! Lets share some examples of technology weve used in presentation!

YouTube Videos (WWI) Podcast (CBC) Canadian War Museum Scavenger Hunt How we can differentiate by Process? Process is the learning process, namely the activities they do to learn and how we gauge student learning. Examples of sense making activities

that are easily differentiated are: Expert groups, learning centres, online discussion forum questions and collaborative tasks (Google Docs), SmartResponse, BlackBoard Blogs, online exit cards (Google Doc survey), Edmodo (online exit card, formative assessment quiz - multiple choice/true false, discussion forum), CollaborizeClassroom. Lets see some examples! Demonstration

of: Google Docs How to use Different Applications (Docs, Presentations, Forms) BlackBoard Blogs Edmodo Collaboratize Classroom How can we differentiate by

Product? Product is what the students produces as a final representation of learning. (ie: unit task or project). Choice Boards allow students to choose from a lists of tasks, to represent their understanding. This option allows students to choose a task that interests them and provides technology options. Some examples of 21st Century Learning

products include: Prezi presentations, movies/films/videos, podcasts, websites, Animoto, Glogster, online games, Visual.ly, Storyboard, FlipBook. Lets see some examples! Actual student created final tasks, using technology! Prezi MovieMaker (Cue for Treason Trailer; Remembrance Day History Video)

Google Sites PowerPoints Glogster Websites: http://mathmalfunctions.wordpress.com/ YouTube videos: http://bit.ly/zEkIaT http://bit.ly/yLGBti Learning Stations Process Station

- Well get you trying out: - Google Docs, SmartResponse, BlackBoard Blogs, Edmodo and CollaborizeClassroom! Product Station Well get you trying out: Prezi, MovieMaker, podcasts, Google Sites, Animoto, Glogster, Visual.ly, Storyboard,

FlipBook. Consolidation Smart Response Formative Assessment/Feedback! How confident did you feel about implementing some differentiated instruction

strategies geared towards 21st Century Learners before today? How confident do you feel now?

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