Dietetics Resume Workshop - UBC Dietetics Major

Dietetics Resume Workshop - UBC Dietetics Major

Dietetics Resume Workshop Angela Pau Center for Student Involvement and Careers Agenda 1. Resume Essentials Targeting Organization Accomplishment Statements 2. Writing a Cover Letter 3. Formatting Fun Activity!

Partner up with someone in the room and introduce yourself Talk for one minute about an accomplishment you are proud of At the end of one minute, switch! Targeting, targeting, targeting 1. What skills are they looking for in this

program? 2. What types of experiences (paid, unpaid, volunteer, academic, extracurricular) have you had? 3. What skills did you develop or demonstrate through these experiences? 4. How might these skills be transferred or applied to this program? They want You have Decision Making

___________________ ___________________ Professionalism Interpersonal Communication Collaboration/teamwork Fine motor skills Manage Time Conflict Resolution ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ AMA (2010) + University of Toronto Report on Grad Competencies (2011) + SSHRC VERONICA MAYS 555 W 5th Street Delta, BC V5K 5R5 (604) 555-5555 [email protected] Summary (optional) PROFILE SUMMARY

Knowledge and applied skills in food science, food service delivery and health education Experience in developing and implementing cooking programs for children Supervisory and leadership skills gained through managing teams of up to 20 Laboratory skills and food safety systems knowledge developed through completion of both a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health, and HACCP training EDUCATION AND TRAINING Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health Expected Graduation: May 2011

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Related Coursework: Food Law Regulations and Quality Assurance, Microbiology, Consumer Aspects of Food, Wine Science HACCP for Food Plants Food Processors of Canada 2010 Food Safe 1 Sanitation Program for Food Handlers Vancouver Coastal Health 2009 Use Relevant Headings

Education Work Experience Volunteer Experience Extracurricular Activities

Community Involvement Awards & Scholarships What do you write . ? Based on this experience what do we know about this persons skills? How did this improve the resume?

Added clarity to tasks and goals of job Transferred skills from seemingly not-sorelevant examples Action Verbs Communication Skills Addressed, arbitrated, arranged, authored, collaborated, convinced, corresponded, developed, directed, drafted, edited, enlisted, formulated, influenced, interpreted, lectured, mediated,

moderated, negotiated, persuaded, promoted, publicized, reconciled, recruited, represented, referred, spoke, translated, wrote Leadership Skills Administered, assigned, attained, chaired, coordinated, delegated, developed, directed, evaluated, improved, oversaw, prioritized, produced, recommended, reviewed, supervised Team Skills Assessed, assisted, clarified, coached, facilitated, familiarized, guided, motivated

How to Write Accomplishment Statements Action Verb Sentences start with an action verb Highlights a key transferable skill Creates a strong, consistent language on your application Task Results

What you did Outcome Choose a task relevant to what you might do in your future role What happened? Measurable success (e.g. Achievements,

size of project, # of people at your event, recognition) Accomplishment statements vs. job descriptions Tutored students in math. Coached students in math and increased their average by 5%. Coached students in math and increased their confidence in completing their assignments on their own. Final thoughts

Take time to write Bridge the gap between your experience and the reader COVER LETTERS Resume or Cover Letter Resume

Describes all of your RELEVANT experiences Describes all of your RELEVANT skills Point form and accomplishment focused Cover Letter Conveys who you are Answers why you should be accepted in to the program Selects a few choice

relevant stories to tell in depth Fewer examples, more detail Program Guidelines for Application Your reasons for applying to dietetics. Any specific professional goals you may have. Personal attributes, skills, work/volunteer experience, and any qualifications or highlights that speak to your suitability for dietetics. Any information that you feel the review committee should be aware of in assessing your application that may not otherwise be apparent

from reviewing your application package. Cover Letter strategies Answer two main questions 1. Why would you be a good dietitian? 2. Tell me about a time when Team skills Communication skills Leadership skills Remember, this is a mini-interview Things to avoid

Starting the story at the beginning Skipping over the details Putting in as many experiences as possible Try instead Be personal

Focus on a few relevant and excellent examples Tell the committee stories about your experiences, and then link those stories back to the program Why would this experience make you a better dietitian? Why would this experience make you successful in the program?

Final Thoughts Cover letters are a great place to Tell stories Be relevant Be descriptive and specific Choose less examples than your resume Provide more detail than your resume Formatting

Fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, Tahoma, Helvetica, or others. Size: 12 pt. Spacing and 1 margins *** Consistency in bold/italics *** Consistency in order of job title/employer Additional Resources Resume Advising Peer Coach Sign up through Careers Online Resume Tutorials and Online Samples

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