Desert Food Web Project - Weebly

Desert Food Web Project - Weebly

Desert Food Web Project EQ#4 Lesson #2 Your mission To work with your table to organize 33 organisms in a desert ecosystem into a color-coded, poster-sized food web. You will label energy roles and identify all energy movement. Day One Instructions Create a poster that defines each of the energy roles. NAME OF ENERGY ROLE


Day One Instructions 1.) Decide if each organism is a(n) Producer (color it BLUE) Herbivore (color it YELLOW) Consumer Carnivore (color it RED) Omnivore (color it PURPLE) Decomposer (color it GREEN) Day Two Instructions 1.) Glue name cards onto poster. Direction of arrows ------------(CARNIVORES-8)--------------------------------------(OMNIVORES- 11)--------------------------------------------(HERBIVORES- 6)---------------------------------------(PRODUCERS- 5)------------------SUN

NAMES PERIOD Direction of arrows (DECOMPOSERS-3) Day Three Instructions 2.) Add COLOR CODED arrows to show the energy movement. Arrows from the SUN are colored orange Arrows from producers are colored blue Arrows from herbivores are colored yellow Arrows from omnivores AND carnivores are colored red

Arrows from all producers/consumers to decomposers are green Timeline Monday: Intro to Desert Food Web Project Define all energy roles onto notes Identify energy roles of all desert organisms. Color code the cards. Tuesday: Finish identifying all organisms &color coding cards. Cut out cards. Lay out poster according to energy role (glue) Wednesday: Draw arrows indicating energy movement up the food web. (Glue & markers provided) Thursday: Finish Poster

Answer Analysis Questions & Poster due. Friday: Food Web/Energy Flow QUIZ Grading Rubric= 70pts total ITEM PTS Sun is colored orange w/ 5 arrows 6 Producers are colored blue 5

Arrows from producers are colored blue 2 Herbivores are colored yellow 6 Arrows from herbivore are colored yellow 2 Omnivores are colored purple 10 Arrows from omnivores are colored red

2 Carnivores are colored red 8 Arrows from carnivores are colored red 2 Decomposers are added in green 2 Arrows from all organisms to decomposers are green

2 Spot check #1 & #2 (its a mystery!) 13 Poster is neat and organized 10 Any questions?

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