Department of Health and Human Services Health Hazards ...

Department of Health and Human Services Health Hazards ...

Department of Health and Human Services Health Hazards Control Unit Jeff Dellinger Industrial Hygiene Consultant September 13, 2005

Asbestos Regulations Asbestos has been used in over 3000 building products Certain asbestos products can still be purchased today Asbestos is a known carcinogen that can cause cancer and death

Asbestos Regulations Only a NC Accredited Asbestos Inspector can conduct asbestos sampling If a product contains GREATER then 1% asbestos by laboratory analysis then it comes under several asbestos regulations

Asbestos Regulations NC Asbestos Hazard Management Program Rules (10A NCAC 41C .0600) National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (40 CFR, Part 61, Subpart M)

Asbestos Regulations Prior to any Renovation or Demolition activity an asbestos survey is required If the asbestos will NOT be disturbed then leave in place and properly manage the asbestos

Asbestos Regulations If the renovation or demolition activity will disturb the asbestos use NC accredited individuals to properly remove the asbestos Removal Permits, Notification Applications and Applicable Fees are Required

Asbestos Regulations Lead-Based Paint Residential Lead-Based Paint was banned

in 1978 Industrial lead paint is still used today We must protect all children less than 6 years of age from lead exposure Lead-Based Paint The authority of HHCU is limited to Target

Housing and Child Occupied Facilities Target Housing is housing built before 1978 Child Occupied Facilities can be a Day Care, Head Start, Smart Start and etc. Lead-Based Paint Only a NC Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor

can conduct sampling Lead-Based Paint is defined as containing 1.0 milligrams per square centimeter or more than 0.5 percent by weight OSHA considers any detectable level of lead applicable to the 1926.62 standard

Lead-Based Paint NC Lead-Based Paint Hazard Management Program (10A NCAC 41C .0800) EPAs Lead-Based Paint Subpart D and L (40 CFR Part 745) Lead-Based Paint

If conducting a Lead Abatement activity use only NC Certified Individuals Abatement Permits and Applicable Fees are required If conducting a renovation that will disturb lead paint use Lead-Safe trained individuals

Lead-Based Paint Indoor Air Quality - Mold There are NO current rules or regulations to address mold in buildings

If you See or Smell mold you have mold Address the physical problem that started the mold growth in the first place Indoor Air Quality - Mold Be proactive by visually inspecting all of your buildings for signs of mold at least once a year

- Maintenance is the Key Fix all water leaks immediately Fix deteriorated building components as soon as possible Indoor Air Quality - Mold Be quick to address problem areas for

individuals who have been diagnosed with allergies, immune compromised due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy,HIV/Aids and etc. Indoor Air Quality - Mold In Conclusion For questions regarding Asbestos, LeadBased Paint or Indoor Air Quality - Mold call me at (919) 707-5972 Main Number (919) 707-5950 Additional references for all three subjects

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