DeMolay Advisory Council

DeMolay Advisory Council

DeMolay Advisory Council Who Can Be an Advisor? Any Mason in good standing Senior DeMolay The Father, Mother, Stepfather, Stepmother or legal guardian of a DeMolay Any individual permitted by the Executive Officer may

serve as an Advisor Advisor Requirements .. once they have successfully completed an Adult Worker Application which has been approved by the Executive Officer and submitted to a background check and attend DAD Training

Advisor Requirements Each year an Advisor must be re-certified to continue to serve. Each DeMolay Chapter Advisory Council needs at least three members that are Masons in good standing. All Advisors must be at least 21 years of age. The Purpose of the Advisory Council PROVIDE GUIDANCE TO THE CHAPTER

Advisors are not baby sitters. Advisors are volunteers. DeMolay Advisors are not there to provide discipline.

Advisors let the members run the Chapter An Advisory Council should meet at least once a

month The Purpose of the Advisory Council PROTECT THE CHAPTER The Advisory Council ensures the Chapter operates within the guidelines of the jurisdiction and DeMolay International.

At least one advisor needs to be present for all DeMolay activities and make certain that the Chapter follows the Youth Protection and Risk Management policies at all times. The Purpose of the Advisory Council SUPPORT THE CHAPTER

Every Advisor becomes an Advisor for their own reasons. The Advisors receive their pay and reward in the knowledge that they are helping the young men of today develop their character to become first-class citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Advisory Council Chairman

The Chairman of a DeMolay Advisory Council can be compared to the coach of a sports team. As the council is made up of many individual roles and personalities. The Chapter Advisor The Chapter Advisor is the official liaison between the Advisory Council and the members of the chapter. They are

familiar with the DeMolay program and all of the resources available and attends all Chapter and Advisory Council meetings. Financial Advisor The Financial Advisor sees that the Chapter maintains a sound financial condition. Provides advice to all committees that require funds.

Sees that all ISC reports are filed promptly and accurately. Works with Chapter Treasurer to advance his knowledge in maintaining his records and understanding basic finance. Scribe Advisor The Scribe Advisor works with the Chapter Scribe to advance his knowledge and abilities to complete the

necessary reporting forms to DeMolay International Sweetheart Advisor Supports and encourages the Chapter Sweetheart ensuring their duties and responsibilities are met. Serves as a chaperone at all events that the Sweetheart attends.

Ritual Advisor Every DeMolay has the potential to be a good ritualist. The Ritual Advisor provides guidance to the members as required, sharing techniques to memorize parts, ensuring that the floor work of the ritual is correct, providing helpful observations to improve the presentation.

Awards Advisor An Awards Advisor has the important job of coordinating and promoting awards within the Chapter. The Awards Advisors responsibility is to see that all requirements are met and that an individual has truly earned an award before it is granted or recommended. Membership Advisor

Membership is one of the most important duties of any DeMolay Chapter. Without constant replenishment of members, a Chapter will stop to operate. The Membership Advisor should become thoroughly familiar with the DeMolay Internationals Membership Planning resources and adapt its programs to his own Chapter.

New Member Orientation All too frequently, the membership activities of a Chapter will stop with a signed application. Many new members can lose interest because they feel neglected after they join as the attention paid to him by other members becomes less than when they were being persuaded to join.

Public Relations Advisor The Public Relations Advisor works with the Master Councilor and the Advisory Council to ensure that the Chapter is marketing the organization and publicizing the events of the Chapter. They assist and advise on the Chapter publications or

social media ensuring the proper privacy policies are followed. Activities Advisor Depending on the number of the Advisors available, this role may combine several duties such as: Athletics Community / Civic Service

Social Events Fund Raising Obligatory Days Activities Advisors Athletics Events Advisor Advises the Chapter Athletics committee in organizing sport events by finding suitable competition and locations.

Provides instruction by themselves or someone who is proficient in the sport such as a Senior DeMolay. Activities Advisors Community / Civic Service Advisor Helps the Chapter members in the selection, planning, and promoting of projects. Community Service activities generate good will and

favorable public relations for the Chapter and the Order. Activities Advisors Social Events Advisor The Social Advisor has the responsibility to see that the Chapter's social calendar is of interest to all age groups. Working with the Social Event Committee to arrange chaperones and general planning and budgeting.

Activities Advisors Fund Raising Advisor The Fund Raising Advisor provides ideas for the Master Councillor to decide what kind of fund raiser they want to utilize during his term. They work with the fund raising committee to plan the event and encourages everyone to participate.

Activities Advisors Obligatory Days Advisor Many Chapters appoint an Advisor to coordinate the seven Obligatory Days so they are well planned. Patriots Day Devotional Day

Parents Day My Government Day Frank S. Land Memorial Day Day of Comfort Educational Day The Sponsoring Body Each chapter must be sponsored by a local masonic body or

some other group composed exclusively of masons. The Sponsoring Body is responsible for providing the chapter with adult advisors and a place to meet. Members of the sponsoring body form the chapter's initial "advisory council". Questions???

Question #1 Generally, the Chapter Advisor is responsible for _________________________. a. attending Chapter meetings and other functions b. running Advisory Council meetings c. meeting with sponsoring body/bodies d. keeping a record of all council meetings

Question # 2 An Advisory Council should meet at least __________________________. a. quarterly b. monthly c. prior to all Chapter meetings d. twice monthly

Question # 3 The ______________________ acts as spokesman for the Advisory Council before the Chapter. a. Chapter Advisor b. Advisory Council Chairman c. Master Councilor d. Assistant Chapter Advisor

Question #4 The Advisory Council Chairman can be compared to _______________________. a. a school teacher b. the coach of a sports team c. a U.S. Senator d. a Mayor

Question # 5 The _________________ assists and advises on the Chapter publication. a. Chapter Education Officer b. Advisory Council Chairman c. Chapter Advisor d. Public Relations Advisor

Question #6 The ________________ may appoint a person as a member of an Advisory Council. a. Master Councilor b. Grand Lodge c. International Supreme Council d. Executive Officer

Question # 7 The duties of the Membership Advisor include _________________. a. lay out a definite program to seek new members b. promote ISC membership programs c. insure that initiations are held frequently d. all of the above

Question #8 A non-Senior DeMolay or non-Mason may serve on an Advisory Council if approved by the Executive Officer. True or False Question # 9 The Executive Officer shall appoint the members of the

Advisory Council. True or False Question # 10 The Chairman of the Advisory Council calls and conducts Advisory Council meetings. True or False

Question # 11 Each DeMolay Chapter must have an Advisory Council consisting of ______ or more Master Masons in good standing. a. 2 b. 3 c. 5 d. 6

The End

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