Delaware State Housing Authority Homeownership Loan Programs ...

Delaware State Housing Authority Homeownership Loan Programs ...

Delaware State Housing Authority Homeownership Loan Programs Lender Training DSHA is committed to following all aspects of the Fair Housing Act in our efforts to promote responsible homeownership and provide competitive and safe financing for same. Agenda Recent Program Enhancements Eligible Loan Products Eligible Properties Credit Overlays Down payment & Closing Cost Assistance Products Income, Sales price/Purchase Price Limits DSHA Forms

Loan Flow Pre-Closing Compliance File Delivery Pipeline Tracking Closed Loan Delivery DSHA Contact List 3 Recent Program Enhancements DSHA Program Changes Effective May 1, 2018 DSHA Launches its Preferred Plus product Suite

Preferred Plus 2% 5% down payment assistance. Calculated on total loan amount, not sales price. This program will eliminate the requirements to comply with TRID and RESPA thereby eliminating upfront and closing disclosures specifically for DSHA The assistance amount and cost of recording will be required to be included on the primary mortgage closing disclosure This will be in the form of a Soft Second Mortgage requiring a note and mortgage be completed at loan closing. The second mortgage is a deferred re-payment for 30 years at 0% interest. There is no subordination allowed on DAP. Must be paid in the event of re-finance, sale of property, or property is no longer owner occupied. Homeownership Loan Rates Effective 12/17/2018 and subject to change daily Program Options GNMA

FNMA Base Loan Rate 4.625% 5.125% Preferred Plus 2% 5.500% 5.750% Preferred Plus 3% 5.625% 5.875%

Preferred Plus 4% 5.750% 6.000% Preferred Plus 5% 6.000% 6.250% FNMA >80% LTV with No MI N/A 5.750% Additional changes

DSHA is lowering the required FICO scores to 620 for FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional HFA Preferred (reduced MI) mortgages. The rate lock time will be reduced from 75 to 60 days. One time only rate/product switch allowed. When switching loan products, borrows are subject to worst case scenario in pricing. This is based on the original lock date or product switch date. Borrowers with FICO scores at 659 or below, will be required to attend HUD approved Housing Counseling. DSHA will also be increasing Lender Compensation to 2.25%. Lenders will still be able to charge the optional .50% origination fee which could further increase compensation to 2.75%. Homeownership Counseling HUD approved homeownership classes are required for all borrowers with a FICO score of 659

or lower, regardless of loan product used. A list of HUD approved Housing Counseling Agencies is available on the main DSHA website: Eligible Loan Products FHA 203(b); 203(b)(2); 234(c); 223(e); 203(ks) and other acceptable FHA products. VA Originated and guaranteed in accordance with VA guidelines under 1810 and 181A. USDA Rural Housing Service Loans Originated and guaranteed in accordance with USDA guidelines. Fannie Mae Conventional: HFA Preferred product(s) only o MI and No MI options available

8 Current Products Offered Welcome Home Loans Mortgages For First-Time Homebuyers Home Again Loans Mortgages for Repeat Homebuyers 9 DSHA Definitions Welcome Home Product- First-Time Homebuyer Definition: A person who has not had an ownership interest in his/her principal residence at any time during the last three years prior to the closing date. Mobile homes not permanently affixed to the ground are not considered real estate; the owner would be eligible for first-time homebuyer programs. Qualified Veterans as defined in 38 USC Section 101, are exempt from the First-Time Home Buyer requirement.

Must provide a copy of their DD 214 Form demonstrating military discharge or release under conditions other than dishonorable. Home Again Product For Homebuyers who do not meet the First-Time Homebuyer definition. 10 FHA, VA, USDA Eligible Properties Owner Occupied Residential Properties Single Family Units and Town Houses Agency Approved Condominiums for FHA, VA or USDA only Please refer to Section 4.4 of the Sellers Guide for specific guidelines Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) 1-4 Unit Properties (meeting DSHA purchase price limits and Agency guidelines for the loan product being originated) Double Wide Manufactured Homes; FHA Only. All borrowers must have a minimum 660 FICO score. Properties Not Allowed: Rental homes

Co-ops Investment properties Recreational, vacation, or second homes Credit Overlays Minimum FICO score of 620* Must have a DU finding of Approved/Eligible for DTI %. DSHA does not accept non-owner occupied coborrowers. We do accept co-signors. *No manually underwriting is permitted for USDA, VA or Conventional loans. Manual underwriting is permitted on FHA loans in cases where the loan receives an Approved/Eligible DU finding but requires a manual downgrade due to additional information not considered in the DU decision that affects the overall insurability or eligibility of the loan. In these instances, the loans will be subject to a minimum FICO score of 660 and a maximum DTI of 43% DSHA and Lakeview Correspondent Website: Accessing Product Matrices & Documents

Go to to: access the Lender Resource Center. The client site provides information about Correspondent Lending programs, product matrices, how to apply, and contact information. You will also find the link to Lakeview Loan Servicing credit overlays. At the Lakeview Loan Servicing site, click on the Login Here at the upper right hand corner of the website. Enter your email address and password and click the Logon button. This will take you to the Announcements screen. This screen will display all of the announcements we have posted. The navigation tool bar is located on the left hand side of the page. Use this to navigate through the site for loan status, reporting, product matrices, seller guide reference material, and much more.

To get to Delaware State Housing Authoritys (DSHA) product matrices, simply click on Product Matrix Documents-HFA and then select either: DSHA Fannie Mae HFA Preferred Program or DSHA Government Loan Program as applicable. If you have difficulty logging in, or have any other questions regarding the website, please contact Client Services at [email protected] or 1.855.253.8439 for assistance. Lender Resource Center

Calendar DSHA Contact List & Useful Links Homeownership Programs Homeownership Program Documents Access the library of DSHA Homeownership program documents. Homeownership Program Mitas User Resources The Mitas User Resource page provides step by step User Guides for making the most of Mitas. (This is a secured area. Interested users must submit a request for a user name and password to view content.) Homeownership Program Training Presentations View the most recent DSHA training presentations Lender Announcement Archive View DSHA announcements. Program Brochures View or print DSHA Program Brochures. Marketing Support

FNMA HFA Preferred Credit Overlays HFA Preferred with MI Maximum LTV 95% - CLTV 105% o 1-4 Unit Properties Maximum LTV 97% - CLTV 105% o 1 Unit Properties Only Minimum 620 FICO Score HFA Preferred with No MI Maximum LTV 95% - CLTV 105% o

Minimum 680 FICO Score Maximum LTV 97% - CLTV 105% o Minimum 700 FICO Score 1 Unit Properties Only Condos & Rural Properties not eligible All Loans must be underwritten through Fannie Mae DU with an Approved Eligible finding. FNMA HFA Preferred Eligible Properties Eligible Properties - Owner Occupied Residential Properties Single Family Units and Town Houses Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) Ineligible Properties Condominiums on loans with No MI

Multiple Unit Properties Vacation/Second Homes Co-ops Investment/Rental Units Manufactured Homes Compliance Income Calculation Income calculated is the gross pay and any additional income, including all mortgagors and anyone 18 and older that will be living in the property. All forms of income will be used including: Overtime, Bonus, SSI, Disability Income, Pension, Retirement, Child Support/Alimony, Seasonal/PartTime jobs, Self-Employment, Interest and Dividend Income, Rental Income, Gambling and Lottery Winnings, Public Assistance, etc. Additional income such as bonuses, commissions, shift differential and overtime, is averaged over a 24month and YTD period. 17 Compliance Income Calculation

EXAMPLE For W-2 employees: take YTD income and divide by pay period ending date. EXAMPLE: borrower has $30,500 YTD income on a paystub with period ending date 8/15. Divide the YTD pay by 7.5 and the DSHA compliance monthly income is $4066.67. For Self Employed borrowers: provide a YTD Profit & Loss statement, with profit, loss & net profit/loss. Document must be signed, dated and notarized. DSHA will use that income for compliance calculation. We do not use tax returns to calculate income. Homeownership Program without DE Tax Credit (MCC) Income Limits County Household Income Limit

New Castle, Kent & Sussex $97,900 Income limits are subject to change. Income Limits: Mortgagors current total household income must not exceed the Program limits. 19 Homeownership Loans without DE Tax Credit (MCC) Loan Limits County Kent, New Castle & Sussex Loan Limit $417,000

Loan limits are subject to change. Income Limits: Mortgagors loan amount must not exceed the program limits. 20 What is a Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit and What are the Benefits? o A Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit is a federal income tax credit designed to assist people to better afford individual ownership of housing. o The Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit provides an annual tax credit up to $2,000 to qualifying homebuyers for the original term of their mortgage, as long as they live in the property and have

a mortgage. The annual credit is calculated by taking the annual mortgage interest paid multiplied by the Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit rate of 35% which has been established by DSHA. o The tax credit is applied to the federal income tax liability of the Delaware First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit certificate holder. There must be a tax liability to claim the credit. To claim credit, tax payers must file IRS Form 8396. Borrowers must meet First Time Homebuyers definitions, and meet household income/sales price maximum limits to qualify. o Homeownership Loans Using DE Tax Credit (MCC) Income Limits County

Area New Castle Targeted Kent & Sussex Targeted 1 2 Person Households 3+ Person Households $83,200 $95,680 $99,840 $116,480

$74,900 $86,135 $89,880 $104,860 Income limits in effect as of 5/15/17 and are subject to change. Income Limits: MCC Mortgagors household income must not exceed the program limits. 22 Homeownership Loans using DE Tax Credit (MCC) Purchase Price Limits Property Location by County

Purchase Price Limit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit New Castle County $349,411 $447,283 $540,690 $671,938 Kent County

$248,098 $317,655 $383,962 $477,135 Sussex County $291,176 $372,752 $450,552 $559,933 Purchase price limits in effect as of 5/15/17 and are subject to change. Income Limits: Mortgagors purchase price must not exceed the program limits. 23

DE Tax Credit ( MCC ) Create as second file in Mitas. One time fee of $350, if using DSHA as purchase loan. Must meet income & purchase price limits Available only to Welcome Home ( First Time Home Buyer ) only. Available as stand alone MCC, not using DSHA purchase loan. Must meet income & purchase price limits. Does not need minimum score or Home Buyer class certificate. One time additional fee of 1% on loan amount. DSHA Forms All DSHA program specific forms are available on DSHAs Lender Resource website at under the Homeownership Program Documents tab.

DSHA training presentations, important links & contacts, Mitas user tips, as well as a calendar of holidays and scheduled closings are also available on the Lenders Resource Website. 25 Loan Flow 1. Lender pre-qualifies homebuyer per DSHA and Agency guidelines. 1. Lender registers loan(s) through DSHAs Mitas Online Reservation System at 2. Lender uploads loan file to Mitas under Compliance Review tab at least 72 hours before closing. Income Homebuyer Status o Qualified Veteran (if applicable) Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost 3. Check Mitas often for status change. If Pending Conditions, upload requested documents to Mitas under Pending Conditions tab.

4. Once Committed (approved), Lender closes loan and delivers closed purchase file to Lakeview for funding. If using down payment assistance funds, Lender uploads into Mitas, the Wire Request Worksheet by 2 pm. the day before closing . DSHA will wire funds to closing. 5. Lender may upload wire request for funds as soon as status is changed to Committed 26 Loan Flow (continued) Registrations are valid for 60 days. Closed loans must be funded by the Master Servicer, Lakeview Loan Servicing within the reservation period. DSHA will transmit registrations to Lakeview Loan Servicing. A one-time 15 or 30-day rate extension may be purchased prior to the expiration of the initial reservation period. The extension fee will be assessed at the time the extension is granted. Loans that are not purchased prior to the expiration of the reservation or extension period will be deemed expired and are subject to additional extension fees once loan is purchased by Lakeview Loan Servicing.

Master Servicer will net any extension or other fees due at loan purchase. Please review the Program Notice located on DSHAs website for complete product details. 27 Pre-Closing Compliance File Delivery The Compliance Package for each loan must be uploaded to DSHA at least 3 business days before closing. Note: Incomplete loan files are not placed in the queue for compliance review until all outstanding conditions have been satisfied. Therefore, it is of no benefit to submit an incomplete package ahead of time. Please use the Transmittal of Loan Documentation for Compliance, located on the Correspondent Lending Website. Verify the loan file is approved internally with all DU findings supported and documented. Upload loan file into the Mitas portal under Document Imaging tab, Compliance Review.

Upload Pending Conditions into Pending Conditions tab, not Compliance Review tab. 28 Pre-Closing Compliance File Delivery continued Do not submit Wire Request worksheet via email , rather upload into Mitas portal via wire request tab .

Try to avoid 9 a.m. closings, as that is not enough time for funds to be wired to closing agent bank account. All loans must be DU Approved Eligible or for GUS as Approved Eligible, or for LP Accept for FHA & VA only. Follow Loan Transmittal Checklist exactly. Do not submit additional non requested docs, i.e.: State Tax returns, bank statements, W-2s, etc., Always use forms such as: Preferred Plus Note, Mortgagors Affidavit, etc., from the document list on Lender Resource Center so as to have the most recent versions. Submit most recent 3 year Federal Tax Returns, transcripts, or official IRS no record found letter. Remember to complete the full 3 year address history on the Notice of Potential Mortgage Subsidy Recapture Tax rvsd 5-15-17 Tracking Your Loan Pipeline in MITAS Lenders should use MITAS to see status of files delivered to DSHA for Compliance Review for any Compliance Review conditions and DSHA staff assigned to file.

Lenders should cancel reservations of any "dead loans prior to reservation expiration to avoid non-cancellation penalty fees. Closed Loan Delivery Closed loans must be delivered and purchased by Lakeview within the 60 day reservation period (75 or 90 days based on whether a 15 or 30 day extension was purchased). 31 DSHA Origination Contacts 302-577-5001 Lender Resource Website: Dawn Momot Housing Finance Manager Lender Support [email protected] Pamela Spencer Compliance review Housing Mortgage Loan Officer 1

[email protected] Tomacena McCallop Compliance review Housing Mortgage Loan Officer 1 [email protected] DSHA Post Closing Contacts Telephone: 302-577-5001 Fax: 302-577-5021 Brian Rossello Housing Finance Manager Post Closing [email protected] Enid Beltran Mortgage Loan Officer II Post Closing [email protected] Carol Orzechowski Administrative Assistant II Document Control [email protected] 33

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