Definition of Funds and Fund Information

Definition of Funds and Fund Information

General Government Budget Overview Budget Process Calendar Phase 1 Planning & Goal Setting: City Commission sets goals and objectives for City Input is gathered from citizens Preliminary revenue and expenditure projections

Budget Process Calendar Phase 2 Developing and Reviewing: Identify issues Budget requests are prepared and submitted City Manager reviews budget submittals Taxable value numbers received from Property

Appraiser Budget Process Calendar Phase 3 Presenting & Adopting: Proposed Financial and Operating Plan presented to City Commission City Commission adopts millage rate and budget TRIM regulations are fulfilled

Definition of Funds and Fund Information What is a Fund and why is it used? Separate fiscal and accounting entity, segregated for purposes of performing specific activities or restrictions Governments must comply with significant legal restrictions on the use of public resources Use of separate funds allows public officials to monitor and demonstrate compliance with these restrictions Over 90 funds

6 General Fund 7 General Fund Chief operating fund Used to account for all financial resources except those required to be accounted for in another fund General revenues included in this fund are property taxes, licenses/permits, charges for services, fines, utility taxes, GRU transfer, sales

tax and state revenue sharing Expenditures included in this fund include all departments providing government services 8 General Fund Revenue FY16 Budget $108.6 million Utility Transfer; 32.44% Other Taxes; 5.52% Other; 4.08% Charges for Services; 8.77% Fire Assessment; 4.97%

Property Taxes; 23.19% Utility Taxes; 9.45% Intergovernmental; 11.58% General Fund Revenues Four revenue sources make up over 75% of General Fund revenue

General Fund transfer Property tax Utility Tax Intergovernmental revenue 10 Utility Transfer Proxy for what GRU would pay if they were private utility Property tax Franchise fee

Return on investment to stockholders Single largest General Fund revenue source $35.2M Approximately 1/3 of total budget Property Tax Second largest General Fund revenue source at 23% of budget or $25.2M Gainesville faces unique challenges to ad valorem revenue generation High percentage of government and public education owned property creates tax base with the lowest percentage of taxable property in state

Property Taxes Millage Rate Tax rate set by the taxing authority each year Rate per $1,000 of taxable value FY16 rate is 4.5079 Millage Rates Trend in Millage Rates 6.00 5.00 4.94

4.94 4.94 4.85 4.25 4.25 4.4 4.49 4.25 4.58

4.51 4.51 4.25 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Property Taxes

Taxable Value Determined by the Property Appraiser Various exemptions Up to $50,000 - Homestead Exemption $25,000 Senior Low Income Homestead Exemption $500 - Widows/Widowers, Disability and Blind Persons $5,000 - Veteran Disability Portability Ability of homeowners to transfer their Save Our Homes benefit up to $500,000 to a new

homestead Taxable Property Value Trend in Taxable Property Value (in billions) 5.89 6.00 5.80 5.63 5.67 5.79 5.65

5.61 5.60 5.41 5.40 5.20 5.17 5.18 FY13 FY14

4.97 5.00 4.80 4.60 4.34 4.40 4.20 4.00 3.80 3.60 3.81

3.56 3.40 3.20 3.00 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08

FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY15 FY16 Overlapping Millage Rates School Board; 8.3420 ; 35.25%

City of Gainesville; 4.5079 ; 19.05% Library District; 1.4538 ; 6.14% Alachua County; 8.9545 ; 37.83% Suwanee Co Water Mgmt; 0.4104 ; 1.73% 17 Utility Tax Revenues are generated through taxes levied on electric, water, and natural gas utility customers who reside within Citys corporate limits Traditionally a function of three variables:

number of customers, consumption per customer, and price 18 Utility Tax Utility Tax Revenue Budget (millions) 12 10.74 10 8 9.24 11.16

10.77 10.78 10.41 9.42 10.26 10.02 7.83 6

4 2 0 07 Y F 08 Y F 09 Y F 10

Y F 11 Y F 12 Y F 13 Y F 14

Y F 15 Y F 16 Y F Bu et g d

Intergovernmental Revenues Account for 12% or $12.6M of revenue budget Half Cent Sales Tax and State Revenue Sharing is $10.2M Dramatically effected by recession FY09-FY13 are approximately $6.10M or 12.4% less than FY04-FY08 FY18 is when we return to same level as our peak in FY06 Recovery is beginning and projections include

about 3% growth each year based on a combination of population growth and CPI growth Fire Assessment Implemented in FY11 and must be approved every year through separate resolution $78 per factored fire protection unit $5.4 million in revenue each year Starting in FY16, the City will pay the fire assessment on behalf of religious and charitable organizations ~ $120,000 General Fund Expenditures General Fund Expenditures

General Government service delivery intensive organization Almost 60% of expenditures are personal services In FY16 added new programs and pilot programs into budget including: New service level for RTS operations Development Services Center project Bike Share Program Sweetwater Wetlands Park General Fund Expenditure Budget FY2016 General Fund Uses by Function $109.6M Physical Environment; 0.17%

Transportation; 11.00% Public Safety; 51.44% Economic Environment; 0.43% Human Services; 0.13% Cultural & Recreation; 6.79% Transfers/Cont.; 14.88% General Government; 15.15% Special Revenue Funds 25

Special Revenue Funds Accounts for proceeds of specific revenue sources that are legally restricted or committed to expenditures for specific purposes Grant proceeds Tax Increment Funds City Commission directed special projects 26 FY 16 Special Revenue Funds

Budget FY16 Expenditure Budget $11.9M CDBG & HOME Funds; 14.19% Cultural Affairs Fund; 4.38% Police Billable OT; 6.62% TIFs; 52.94% Misc Funds; 5.69% CRA; 14.31% Trust Funds; 1.87% 27 Debt Service Funds

28 Debt Service Funds Used to account for the accumulation of resources for and the payment of principal and interest Meets current and future debt service requirements on long-term debt FY16 Adopted Budget includes $14.2M in debt service payments 29

Capital Project Funds 30 Capital Projects Funds Accounts for financial resources for the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities and capital projects 31 FY 16 Capital Projects Funds Budget FY16 Expenditure Budget by Use

$6.65M Cultural & Recreation; 8.45% Transportation; 58.31% Transfers to other Funds; 15.08% General Government; 7.31% Public Safety; 10.86% 32 Proprietary Funds

33 Enterprise Funds Accounts used to report activities where a fee is charged to external users where that fee is intended to primarily cover the cost of providing that service Ironwood Solid Waste

RTS Building Inspection Stormwater 34 Internal Service Funds Accounts used for activities that provide goods or services to other funds or departments of that government on a cost-reimbursement basis Fleet Management & Replacement General & Health Insurance

35 FY16 Proprietary Funds Budget FY16 Expense Budget by Fund $93.7M Internal Service Funds; 45.40% Stormwater Management Utility; 8.20% Ironwood; 1.65% Florida Building Code Enf.; 3.12%

Solid Waste; 10.15% RTS; 31.47% 36 Fiduciary Funds 37 Fiduciary Funds Used to report assets held in trustee or agency capacity for other and therefore cannot be used to support the governments own

programs Pension Trust Funds Retiree Health Insurance Trust Fund FY16 Adopted Budget is $61.85M 38 FY16 Total Revenue Budget FY16 All Funds Revenue Sources by Category $328.8M Taxes; 15.0%

Transfers in; 18.0% Internal Service Fees; 3.9% Permits, Fees, Assessments; 3.6% Intergovernmental; 6.6% Charges for Services; 13.2% Fiduciary Fund Revenues; 29.5% Miscellaneous Revenues; 9.8% Fines and Forfeitures; 0.5% 39

FY16 Total Expenses Budget FY2016 All Funds Expenses by Category $297.8M Public Safety; 27.94% Physical Environment; 4.95% Transportation; 15.14% General Government Srvcs; 23.93% Economic Environment; 2.68% Cultural & Recreation; 3.38% Transfers out; 7.39% Human Services; 0.32%

Internal Services; 14.26% Miscellaneous; 0.02% 40 How can I learn more about the Citys budget & financial Budget & situation? Financial documents online

Financial & Operating Plans CAFRs Quarterly Financial Statements Capital Improvement Plans Open GNV How can I learn more about the budget and provide input? Attend or watch budget workshops in July Participate in Telephone Town Hall meetings

Keep on the lookout for opportunities for citizen input at City Events Participate in online surveys Questions

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