Death & Dying

Death & Dying

Prostate Cancer Research Institute Sept 2018 Recap Presented by the Prostate Awareness Foundation John Bohan MS The Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) offers information, support, and education about the treatment options available to those with prostate issues and concerns. Ken Malik Founder John Bohan President Participants: Verne Varona Diet & Nutrition Dr Gerald Andriole MD - Overview

Dr Evan Yu MD Genetic Hormonal Treatment Dr Mack Roach MD Radiation Dr Mohit Khera MD Testosterone, Stem Cells Dr Eugene Kwan MD Imaging, Immune Boosting Dr Stephan Auerbach MD Sexual Function Dr Jeffrey Turner MD Immune Therapy Dr Richard Lam MD Active Surveillance + Genetic Testing Genetic testing Verne Varona - Author, Speaker, Researcher Diet nutrition self Healing Notes by Alice Chan Verne Varona Diet nutrition self Healing Notes by Alice Chan New concept of the Four Food Groups:

Grains Legumes (beans) Vegetables Fruits In other words: Whole-food plant-based (WFPB) Varona spent a lot of time talking about whole grains Not just any grains WHOLE grains Brown rice Oatmeal Amaranth Quinoa Whole grains help stabilize blood sugar. Whole grains bond to estrogen, taking it out of the bloodstream. Whole grains contain Vitamins E and B in abundance. Whole grains expand in the intestine, causing increased regularity in bowel stimulating peristaltic movement. Verne Varona

Diet nutrition self Healing Notes by Alice Chan The actual whole grain is more beneficial than the product(ie Bread) Balanced nutrition and a warning: Be wary. Even though a food may have a healing component you need, look at what else it has in it: sugar? Inflammatorys? (nightshades) Varona says no, no, no to meat and dairy and yes, yes, yes to eating a variety of colors in vegetables. The more colorful the better. Bean (or legume) products: Tofu, Tempeh Verne Varona Diet nutrition self Healing Notes by Alice Chan If you really want some animal protein in your diet, the issues are:

Volume, Frequency, Small volume, low-fat. Best if not a regular part of diet; special occasions only Wild fish is preferable if you want to eat fish Recommended fats, best in low volume: Olive oil Nuts and seeds Getting sufficient minerals: eat two cups of greens daily. (This also reduces stress and reduces sugar.) Verne Varona Diet nutrition self Healing Notes by Alice Chan Self-healing lifestyle: Vitamin H a sense of humor. Laughing puts you in the present

moment Manage stress Love and friendship Emotional expression Physical exercise: generates stronger lymph flow, which has to do with immunity Faith: causes brain to secrete beta-endorphins Overview Dr Gerald Andriole MD 1978: MD, Urologist in St. Louis, MO with over 40 years of experience. His Care Dash rating is 1.0 out of 5 by one patient. Dr. Andriole is affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis, as well as Barnes Jewish West County Hospital in Creve Coeur. The procedures that Dr. Andriole most frequently performs are Prostate Biopsy and Rectum Ultrasound.

PSA above 1.5 Should be investigated 1000 MRIs for accuracy Random biopsy going down with dinosaurs Radiation with hormonal blockade better than surgery Competence more important than treatment type (1000+ treatments) No difference found between permanent and temporary seeds Overview Dr Gerald Andriole MD Viruses can cause inflammation get vaccinated Hematocrit - Hematocrit measures the number of red blood cells in the blood by volume. (Normal hematocrit levels in adult males can range from 42-54 percent. In adult women, normal hematocrit levels can range

from 38-46 percent. Individuals with low hematocrit levels have a condition known as anemia (low red blood cell count). Anemia can result from different types of cancer, as well as related cancer treatments.) Genetic + Hormonal Treatment Dr Evan Yu MD Professor, Department of Medical Oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine Member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center If PSA going up with hormonal treatment bad sign Hes passionate about searching for the next wave of cancer treatmentstargeted agents with greater cancer specificity and fewer side effects. Genetic testing Statins before castration CBD as cancer symptom relief

Genetic + Hormonal Treatment Cont. Dr Evan Yu MD We bring together experienced, nationally known urologic oncologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists who specialize in prostate and genitourinary cancers. You may choose to visit one of our specialists for a specific type of treatment or take a team approach. Our doctors are experts in the full spectrum of complex treatments prostate cancer may require. Based on the unique characteristics of your tumor, your team may recommend active surveillance, watchful waiting, radical prostatectomy, proton therapy or other radiation treatment, hormone treatment, immunotherapy or chemotherapy, all available at SCCA. Dr Evan Yu MD Pharmacueticals for advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

Side Effects for Pharmacueticals for advanced Prostate Cancer Many men consider their Quality of Life when making Pharmacuetical treatment path decisions. For example here are some of the common side effects of TAXOTERE the most common pharmacuetical for advanced Prostate Cancer: Infections Neutropenia - Leukemia Anemia Febrile - Fever Hypersensitivity Thrombocytopenia decrease in

blood platelets Neuropathy Dysgeusia decrease in sense of taste Mucositis - painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract Dyspnea - Difficult breathing Constipation Anorexia Nail disorders Fluid retention Asthenia - weakness Pain Nausea Diarrhea

Vomiting Alopecia Hair loss Stem Cells + Pills & Potions Dr Mack Roach MD Professor Departments of Radiation Oncology & Urology University of California, San Francisco Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center A radiologist is a physician who specializes in the use of medical imaging to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries in patients while minimizing treatment related complications. RT delivers the risk of cancer recurrence compared to no RT Brachy therapy very effective Higher doses = PSA control Flash Radiation* - reduces toxicity The older you are the longer to recover from ADT Cyber Knife is effective but we dont have a 20 year study

You can do more radiation after radiation *sub-millisecond pulses of high dose radiation Radiation Oncology Dr Mohit Khera MD Baylor College of MedicineHouston, TX, US Director, Laboratory for Andrology Research Medical Director, Houston Hospital for Specialized Surgery No evidence found that testosterone causes PC Testosterone & Viagra work together Recovery from RP faster with partner

Shock to penis for ED evidence lacking Stem cell treatment shows promise Diet, exercise, stress relief more beneficial than pharmaceuticals Use it or loose it 3 erections /wk or more. Imaging (PT/CT) Dr Eugene Kwon MD Mayo Clinic Urology

Cancer cells are not clonal they are heterogenal Use of vaccines and antibodies to activate T cells Hormones to boost your immunity Immunotherapy to induce tumor regression 60 different forms of PC cells C-Choline PET is best A special emphasis is placed on developing highly state-of-the-art immunotherapies to be tested in clinical phase I or II trials to treat patients with prostate, kidney or bladder cancer. I wouldnt give Provenge to a dog. Adding radical retropubic prostatectomy to surgical castration for pathological node positive prostate cancer is associated with improved cancer specific and overall survival. The only conference he comes to is the PCRI because it is patient focused. (Standing ovation) Sexual Function

Dr Stephen Auerbach MD New Port Beach, CA Urologist Urge incontinence Gotta Go! Stress incontinence Drip, drip, drip Kegels to treat (Physical therapist might need to show you how) Pads, collection caps, condom cap Male sling (Boston Scientific)

Artificial urinary sphincter very sucessful Squeezer clip Penile Rehab blood to penis (3 times / wk) Least invasive technique is preferred Immunotherapy Therapy Dr Dino Prato MD (Not part of PCRI but an Authority on subject) Believe it or not, the natural immune system is perfectly capable of seeking and destroying cancerous cells on its own. The condition we call 'cancer' is an instance when the immune system fails to operate in its normal fashion cancer is a disease of mutation and that no two cancers are identical. This is the development of drug resistance, and it is quite common for late-stage cancer patients. Furthermore, it is possible for your cancer to develop resistance to multiple drugs

even to the point where it becomes entirely untreatable. Immunotherapy Therapy Dr Dino Prato MD First, when patients are given chemotherapy they are typically not given the correct drug because the chemotherapy has not been genetically tested to be maximally effective for their specific cancer genetics. Secondarily, the incorrect drug is given at maximum therapeutic dose. When the wrong drug is given at maximum dose, it accelerates the cancers resistance precision integrative medicine - The cancers real-time genetic information leads to the selection of agents that may have the greatest impact on your individualized cancer data, potentially leading to more effective treatments. Immunotherapy Therapy

FoundationOne CDx (Vender at PCRI) The test is designed to provide physicians with clinically actionable information both to consider appropriate therapies for patients and understand results with evidence of resistance based on the individual genomic profile of each patients cancer. Active Surveillance Richard Lam MD internist and oncologist Active Surveillance Criteria: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Low Volume No module in DRE PSA<10 Gleason 3x3, 3x4 # cores > 25% Lesion image > 10mm Diagnostic Follow up: 1. 2. 3. 4. PSA every 3 mos DRE every 6 mos Color doppler MRI 6-18 mos Targeted biopsy based on Color Doppler and MRI 2-3 yrs

the ultimate food Samuel Gerard (Info from PCRI participant) A person from the Iceland Active Surveillance group recommended this product. He claimed he had a PSA of 33 and his tumor was now encapsulated since using the product. the ultimate food for humans does not come in the form of animal products, in any formthey come in the form of plant superfoods, preferably organic, &/or raw, &/or sprouted, &/or freeze-dried, & non-GMO, & gluten-free, because they have their nutrients & enzymes intact, as they do in nature. However, since free radicals are the primary cause of aging & diseases, it's also important to include super-anti-oxidants derived from plants, in proper quantities. A serving of The Ultimate Meal costs only about $1.75 - 2.75

the ultimate food THE ULTIMATE QUINOA (BOLIVIA & USA) THE ULTIMATE PEA (USA) THE ULTIMATE AMARANTH (PERU &USA) THE ULTIMATE MILLET (USA) THE ULTIMATE LENTIL (USA) These are the 5 ultimate complex-carbohydrates on Earth. They are superb sources of complete protein, lysine, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. We developed them in the early 90s, exclusively for The Ultimate Meal. They are the first & only properly sprouted ingredients to offer ALL of the following, using no heat from beginning to end:

ORGANIC: Grown & processed without pesticides or chemicals. PROPERLY SPROUTED: Greatly improves the amino-acid profile & substantially increases enzymatic activity, thus the assimilation of nutrients. COLD-PASTEURIZED: (not irradiated): Prevents high bacteria counts. FRESH FREEZE-DRIED: The only definitive method to retain enzymes & nutrients. COLD-MILLED: To retain the enzymes & increase assimilation of nutrients. the ultimate food 1. ORGANIC RICE PROTEIN CONCENTRATE: (USA)


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