Cosc 5/4735 -

Cosc 5/4735 -

Cosc 5/4735 Unity 3D Getting Started Guide for Android. Unity What is Unity? Its a 2D and 3D graphics development environment.

Designed to create games, but is used for more Multiplatform support Includes VR support as well. Write once, deploy to many. Get Unity

On the unity site, use the Get Unity link Select Personal Or Professional if you want to pay for it Download the installer. Install it, When asked in the install, install Android (ios, tizen, etc are options too)

You will need to create an account with unity. When you start up it will require you to login. For the purposes of this lecture, The version installed was 5.3.4f1

Use File-> new Project 3D (or 2D depends on need) Or sample project if you installed it. Add some assets Characters, crossPlatformInput, cameras, environment, etc. You can now use the Create-> 3D object, light source,

etc to add objects to your scene. Hold the right mouse down to move the view of the scene. Click on an object to transform it. Create -> 3D object -> terrain To adds a large terrain object. Im to demo this in class from a New project to install on a android device.

Make a spinning cube Create-> 3DObject ->cube Move the cube as needed in the space. In Assets Create -> C# script

Name it something like spin Double click the script Add to Update() method transform.Rotate (new Vector3 (15, 30, 45) * Time.deltaTime); We are going to attach the script to the cube

Click on the Cube in Hierarchy On the right, Add Component -> Scripts -> spin Add controls and moving. Add a character to walk around our environment. Project -> Assets->Characters-> FirstPersonCharacter>Prefabs->FPSController

Now we need to add mobile controls Project -> Assets -> CrossPlatformInput -> Prefabs -> DualTouchControls -> Jump Gives move, jump, and look around control. Or add MobileSingleStrikControl: JumpButton and MobileJoyStick

Testing You can use the play button to test the environment in idle. Mouse and keyboard controls Once you are ready, Build and Run Select Android

It will ask where the android sdk is the first time Then it should install on a physical device. The first time around, it will likely take 2 to 3 minutes. Tip of the Iceberg This is only the tip of what you can do. Well see more with CardBoard and Unity

Unity may have been what some of you wanted cosc 1010 to be. IE, but I just want to write games. Importing Assets You can create a lot of assets in something like

blender and then import them into unity. Other 3D editors are much better Example with a Maze from blender. Import the asset. In this case, we want the walls to stop us from moving through them so click Generate Colliders and apply.

References Unity web site: Unity Game Development in 24 hours, Tristem & Geig, SAMS, Jan 2016 Previous years presentation by By Caleb Carlson, Brandon Neff, and Nathan Spaulding

AN EXAMPLE Rocket Golf!!! Creating A Project

Creating Shapes The Camera Display the content of the entire project to the user. When a new scene is

created, a GameObject is created and the camera is then paired with that object. Camera Script to track the ball public GameObject player;

private Vector3 offset; // Use this for initialization void Start () { offset = transform.position - player.transform.position; } // Update is called once per frame void LateUpdate () {

transform.position = player.transform.position + offset; } Fixing Camera Location Physics To get an object to animate you need to add a Rigidbody to

you object. This is the basic 3D Physics component to get your object to act to collisions and gravity. Scripts Scripts allow you to modify how objects interact with each other beyond the basic collision.

Two Types Of Contact: Collision vs Trigger Triggers are used when you want to objects to overlap and collect each other Collisions are meant for when objects are going to collide and have physics forces act on each shape

To the project! How did we make that awesome car??? We didnt Assets Store

Adding textures, trees, and more has never been easier! Exporting the project! Building in Android Back to the project!

It even works on IOS devices Back to the project! References http:// (Great tutorial for game basics) (Unity Manual) (Asset Store) Play the game that inspired it all.


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