Corporate Template

Corporate Template

Workday 2020 Finance Preview Foundation Data Model Overview Budgets Procurement Expenses including Travel Grant Reports Workday Confidential A Preview Session is

An Introduction to Workday key concepts A demonstration of the system configurations of business processes that have been built so far A visualization of the system for the end users An opportunity for you to see the features of the system and share that information with your colleagues 2 A Preview Session is not Time for redesign Formal testing Validating customer data Training of SMEs or any other Customer staff 3

PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts vs Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM) PEOPLESOFT (Current) Department Fund Account Project (Capital or Grant) Workday Confidential WORKDAY (Future) Cost Center Fund Account (higher summarized level for budgeting) Project (Capital or Grant) Program (NACUBO categories used

in external reporting & will always default in) Revenue or Spend Category (details) Ease of Use Features Inherited & Related Worktags Driver Worktags Revenue & Spend Categories 5 WORKTAGS Cost Center

Division Project Drivers Related & Optional Gift Grant Fund Program Expense Items

Location Activity Spend Category Revenue Category 6 Budget Overview Budget concepts and procedure will remain the same Budgets checked against pool Online transfers in Workday with approval routing Budget planning will remain in Adaptive Same schedule and procedure new chart of accounts

Budget reports Variance report subtotal by pool, drill down functionality Example - R002 Budget Variance shows parent and child level data Workday MSU Confirmation Procurement Overview PEOPLESOFT (Current) WORKDAY (Future) No overview of Supplier Spend One-stop Dashboard Limited reports

Access to detail reporting No support links Link directly to Policies and Procedure and job aids Category/Account Code Spend categories hierarchy Manually input, search and select less errors, simple words Follow your breadcrumbs Keyword search Procure to Pay Workflow Supplier Grant Manager

Requisitioner Informatio n Technolog y Print Cost Center Manager Project Manager Chemical s

Cost Center Manager does not approve gifts Gift Manager NEW There can be multiple Special Approvers Spend Category Buyer Procurement

Directors Reqs $34,400 PO Created/Issued Vice President of Finance (Contract Authority) Reqs $500,000 Create Receipt Vice President of Finance (Contract Authority) & University President Reqs $1,000,000

Invoice Payment NEW Requesters Dashboard Demonstration 11 Expense Reporting Overview PEOPLESOFT (Current) WORKDAY (Future) Complete manual authorization form &

obtain signatures (TR-1) Approvals are online Collect & scan paper receipts Spend Authorization encumbers funds when submitted Prepare expense report spreadsheet (attach receipts) Manage receipts as they are acquired quickly and easily: Snap a photo Upload online or via mobile device Obtain manual signatures for Expense

Report Online spend authorization links to the Expense Report Manually search for per diem meal and mileage rates, must provide screenshot as attachment Meals per diem for domestic city & mileage rates auto-populate Workday Confidential New Expense Report Features

Per Diem cash advance options on Spend Authorizations Business purpose field allows for reporting Auto approval routing for International Travel Payment election options Prepare reports on behalf of non-workers and employees Corporate travel card data auto-populates in system Workday Confidential Mobile Application View 14 Grant Report Example

Grant Dashboard overview information for grants Grant Summary Report Workday Confidential Questions? Email - [email protected] Website - Workday Confidential

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