Core Numeracy - Highland

Core Numeracy - Highland


U N RI K E N RBA COO S E R P SCOTLANDS NATIONAL IMPROVEMENT FRAMEWORK The National Improvement Framework priorities are: to improve attainment for all, particularly in literacy and numeracy

to improve the learning progress of every child, by reducing inequality in education to improve children and young peoples health and wellbeing to improve employability skills and sustained positive school leaver destinations for all young people. SCOTLANDS NATIONAL IMPROVEMENT FRAMEWORK Drawn from international research, six areas for improvement have been identified: 1. Children make progress in their learning, taking ownership of it and understanding their next steps. 2. Parents/carers are involved in their childrens learning and know how to help them. 3. High quality teaching and excellent classroom practice are delivered consistently and teachers know how to help all children make progress. 4. School leadership is strong.

5. Children, parents, teachers, headteachers, local and national government and partners all have a clear understanding of what successful learning and teaching looks like. 6. All participants in education at national, local, school and family level have the same priorities, use the same assessments at key points and share information openly. C.L.I.C. - CORE NUMERACY AT ROSEBANK C L I Counting learn to count

- Learn Its learn to remember number facts - Its Nothing New situations C 5 - 30 mins 5 mins learn to apply number facts in new 5 - 30 mins Calculations

using the three above 5 - 40 mins COUNTING Saying numbers Reading numbers Squiggleworth CORE numbers (Compare, Order, Round and Estimate) Counting skills Actual counting Counting on Counting Multiples Count Fourways Counting along

COUNTING AT ROSEBANK Pupils from P7: Squiggleworth numbers with 3 decimal places Counting in 0.5s LEARN ITS Step 15 14 13 11 12 10 9 Addition Learn Its

5+9 6+9 7+9 5+7 5+8 6+8 Multiplication Learn Its x 12 table x 11 table The 6 Fact Challenge x 8 table x 4 table x 3 table x 2 table 8 7 6 5

4+5 5+6 6+7 7+8 8+9 3+8 3+9 4+7 4+8 4+9 6+6 7+7 8+8 9+9 4+2 5+2 6+2 7+2 9+2 4+4 5+3 6+3 x 5 table x 10 table Multiples of 2 (in Counting) 4 3 2 1 2+8 3+7 4+6

1+2 2+3 3+3 4+4 5+5 1+1 2+2 Multiples of 5 (in Counting) Multiples of 10 (in Counting) LEARN ITS AT ROSEBANK Pupils from P7: 6 Fact Challenge Pupils from P2: 7+2 8+2 9+2 Pupils from P3:

7+8 8+8 8+9 LEARN ITS ASSESSMENT Beat That - Learn Its Challenges ITS NOTHING NEW The Pim Principle Pims Addition Doubling / Halving Jigsaw Numbers X10 /

10 Smile Multiplication Coin Multiplication Wheres Mully? Poms Words Fact Families ITS NOTHING NEW AT ROSEBANK Pupil from P5: Jigsaw Numbers Pupils from P6: Coin Multiplication ( using 2 multiples) Pupils from P7: multiples)

Coin Multiplication ( using 3 or more Pupils from P4: Wheres Mully? CALCULATIONS Addition Subtraction Multiplicati on Division CALCULATIONS AT ROSEBANK Pupils from P4: 2 digit number + 2 digit number

Pupils from P5: 2 digit number 2 digit number Pupils from P1: adding machines CLIC ASSESSMENT Beat That CLIC Challenges WHAT DO PUPILS SAY? Lets hear from some P7 Pupils: Aries:

I have enjoyed learning new things in Big Maths. I love practicing my learn its and moving up the steps. Im on Step 14 now (11 x table). My favourite is trying to beat my best score during the Beat That tests. Alana: Ive always liked maths but I think I have done really well in P7. I have moved up three steps for my learn Its this year. Im now on Step 15 (12 x table). Practicing my learn Its has helped me to remember my times tables more easily and now I can use them to help me with other areas of my maths. Abbie: I didnt like maths in P6 but I love it now in P7. Practicing my learn Its in class has helped me learn my times tables. I think that I am doing well in CLIC and look forward to maths lessons now. Josh: I enjoy maths. I have been making good progress with my learn its and beat that tests. My confidence has grown. Knowing my learn Its has helped me understand fractions, decimals and percentages better too.

CORE NUMERACY IN ACTION It is now time to visit your child/rens classrooms and see core numeracy in action at Rosebank.

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