Contemplative Practices Interviews - Virginia Tech

Contemplative Practices Interviews - Virginia Tech

Contemplative Practices Interviews Department of Computer Science Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA April 30, 2015 Overview Project Team: Kevin Brunner and Evan Spillane Course: CS 4624 Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access Client: Professor Douglas Lindner, [email protected], 540-818-2541, Virginia Tech Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contemplative Practices Refer to practices that include some sort of insight, reflection, admiration, or deeper thinking Helps people gain calmer emotions, clearer minds, better decision making, sharper focus, and an improved quality of life Popular forms include mediation, yoga, martial arts, Taiji, Reiki, etc Past Projects 2013 VT Contemplative practice conference interviews

2014 Composite video and website based on 2013 conference interviews Our project Description and deliverables Interview various students around campus about their contemplative practice and its impact on their lives

Create a composite video summarizing various views for YouTube Expected impact and goals Raise the visibility of contemplative practices on campus Support for developing proposals for contemplative practices Learning Process Previously, we had little to no filming, video editing, or interviewing experience

Met with Professor David Cline of the history department to learn the basics on the art of interviewing InnovationSpace for technical content Advanced Video training course iMovie course Learned to use video, audio, and lighting equipment

Learned to edit footage Once these tasks were completed, we could finally begin the video itself Results Throughout the interview process, we found students had experience in many different disciplines Generally, students feel more relaxed and stress-free after practicing Endless benefits for their quality of life

Students highly recommended that other students try out a contemplative practice Performance in the classroom increased directly with practicing Problems Faced/Lessons Learned Finding interviewees Convincing random students that it was worth their time to help with our project for free

Coordinating our schedules with interviewees schedules Equipment availability Originally learning to use the equipment Originally learning to edit the footage Problems Faced/Lessons Learned Asking the right questions that provide us with the information the client is looking for in the final video

Making the interviewees feel comfortable enough to open up on camera Creating a memorable storyboard Editing the video so that it actually captures the attention of viewers, rather than boring them with an interview Acknowledgments Faculty Douglas Lindner, Matthew Komelski, Jordan Hill, Young Ju,

David Cline, Edward Fox, everybody at InnovationSpace Allowed us to film classes Put us in contact with students interested in being interviewed Taught us valuable skills We would also like to acknowledge and thank each of our interviewees for their time, but will not list their names out of privacy concerns. Questions?

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