Complete College Ohio - NACADA

Complete College Ohio - NACADA

Strategic Planning for Academic Advising A Research Universitys Path Krista Maddox, Ed.D. Assistant Dean College of Nursing Tara Stopfel Warden Assistant Vice Provost Advising & Academic Services NACADA 2017 Annual Conference The Most Difficult Conversation Lay of the Land Why do it? At your universitywhat is the: Institutional support Context for the initiative Charge Beginning Rules of Engagement Mission & vision are critical Full campus endeavor Faculty involvement and

endorsement matters! Bottom up development & top down support Willingness to invest resources Cartoon credit: Beginning Rules of Engagement Intentional, working leadership is key a lot of work! Campus-wide lead needed on central deployment for many strategies (AVP position) Simplify the plan for senior administrators (but have depth of content to back it up) Context Importance of Advising to UC Students Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) 2014 Academic Advising Campus Climate Campus Life Campus Support Services Concern for the Individual Instructional Effectiveness Recruitment and Financial Aid

Registration Effectiveness Safety and Security Service Excellence Student Centeredness 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 5.9 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 Mission & Vision are Critical Full Campus Endeavor Task Force Membership Name Dr. Krista Maddox Ethan Fletcher Danny O'Connor Rachel Motley Jason Autry Debbie Brawn Dr. Thembi Carr-Dobbs Ron Cushing Mychael Dicks Doug Kennedy Dr. Joe Luckey Mark Miller Linda Moeller

Dr. Dennis O'Neill Kevin Ploeger Dr. Carney Sotto Dr. Brodie Theis Lauren Thomas Dr. Scott Tremain Alison Wright Role and Representation Co-chair, Academic Health Center Co-chair, CECH Advisor Student Representative Student Representative UC Undergraduate Advising Association University Honors Program Student Affairs, Residence Education UC International DAAP Advisor Center for Exploratory Studies Advisor Athletics, Student Academic Support UC Blue Ash & Advising Assessment Engineering & Applied Sciences Advisor Arts & Sciences Faculty Advisor Arts & Sciences Advisor Allied Health Science Faculty/FYE Director Professional Practice & Exper. Learning Institutional Research UC Blue Ash Faculty Advisor

Lindner College of Business Advisor Academic Advisors College-Based UC Advising Community College academic advisors provide the primary advising support to students. Some college advisors also have a specialized advising role. Academic Advisors - Specialized Pathways Advising College Academic Advisors (professional and faculty) Exploratory Pre-professional Transfer/transition Dual enrollment Non-matriculated

Targeted Program Advising Specialized Academic Advisors (Pathways Advising or Targeted Programs) Athletics Honors Natl. Competitive Awards Veterans Others Related Academic/Career Support Related Academic/Career Supports Though the core of the UC Advising Community is academic advisors, it is also

inclusive of those who provide other academic or career-related support. Advising & Academic Services Professional Practice & Experiential Learning Career Development First Year Experience & Learning Communities Academic Excellence & Support Services Tutoring Coaching Supplemental Instruction Additional student service & student affairs programs

One Stop Registrar International Gen One Cincinnati Pride Residence Educ. & Development Others Governance & Vetting Presented to: UC Student Senate UC Undergraduate Academic Advising Association UC Advising Administrators Associate Deans Strategic Enrollment Management Council Faculty Senate Provost & Vice Provosts Faculty Senate Approval Unanimous! February 9, 2017 Developing an Advising Strategic Plan Intentional Working

Leadership Its A Lot of Work! UC Undergraduate Academic Advising Scan 2015-16 10/6/2015 Professional 2031 5232 3514 802 3336 1987 4092 41 1156 406 523 586 802 278 497 455 41 385 $156

$121 $108 $79 $228 $128 $140 $1,547 $165 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 5.1 13.1 8.8 2.0 8.3 5.0 10.2 0.1 2.9

5 10 6 1 12 4 9 1 3 0.0 3.0 3.0 1.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 3565 2324 324 332 $196

$191 300 300 11.9 7.7 11 7 1.0 1.0 91 482 261 n/a 247 220 248 1100 $698 $132 $243 n/a $257

$288 $256 $58 100 400 250 350 225 225 250 400 5.0 1.2 7.3 3.9 6.0 1.0 3.3 1.4 5.5 1 7 0 5.5 1

3.3 0.5 93 0.0 0.0 0.5 4.0 0.5 0.0 0.0 1.0 17.0 Advising Scan (15FS Census Minus Advisor Avg. Caseload of Primarily Advised Undergrads Elsewhere) College Advising Centers Allied Health Arts & Sciences (declared/non-EXPL) Business CCM CECH

DAAP Engineering & Applied Science Medicine Nursing Advisor Current & Staff Planned FTE Deficit by Professional Unit Advisors for (Rounded to Undergrads 0.5 FTE) Enrollment Supported by Advising Center Per Student UC Average Advisor Investment FY'16* Advisors Maximum Needed

Caseloads Based on for Best 15FS Practice Enrollment Regionals UC Blue Ash UC Clermont Specialized Advising Athletics College Credit Plus Exploratory Studies Major-Changing Students Honors Nationally Competitive Awards Pre-Professional Transfer & Non-Matriculated (est.) Total Advisors UC Undergraduate Enrollment 15FS National Median Student-Advisor Ratio Total Students Supported By Center/Prog.

500 482 1829 1373 1360 220 818 550 33,218 296 Per NACADA 2011 National Survey of Academic Advising * Based on UC average advisor cost of $63,433 in FY'16 (salary, fringe & $2100/yr. op. exp.)/student caseload Goal 1 Advising Practice Model exemplary advising practices for all UC students across the advising community Strategy 1: Technology-Facilitated Success Network Strategy 2: Advising Continuity for Students Strategy 3: Advising Syllabus Strategy 4: Faculty Mentorship Strategy 5: Peer Advisor/Mentor Training Goal 2 Specialized Advising Model exemplary advising practices for specialized student advising

needs Strategy 1: Reinforce Specialized Advising Strategy 2: Partnership and Connection Strategy 3: Integrated Orientation Goal 3 - Coordination Maximize the impact of advising resources for all students through coordination and assimilation of efforts Strategy 1: Assigned Advisors and Coordination Strategy 2: Standardized Outcomes Strategy 3: Common Advising Terminology Strategy 4: Relationship & Communication Strategy 5: Technology for Accessibility Strategy 6: Early Alert Strategy 7: Career Advising Goal 4 - Quality Invest in quality student advising through advisor recruitment, hiring, retention, training & development Strategy 1: Student-Advisor Ratios Strategy 2: Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 3: Advisor Training & Orientation Strategy 4: Leadership Development Strategy 5: Career Path Strategy 6: Advising Website & Manual

Strategy 7: Accessibility of Professional Development Goal 5 - Assessment Become an industry leader in assessment of student advising practices & outcomes Strategy 1: Data Tracking Strategy 2: Assessing Outcomes Strategy 3: Advisor Effectiveness Budget Part I Advising Strategic Plan Budget - Phase I Academic Advisors to Meet Maximum Student-Advisor Ratios Additional Advisors Needed per Enrollment w/Projections to FY'19* Average UC Advisor Salary based on FY'15 Advisor Salary Data Fringe Operating Expense Per Line (es t.) Per Advisor Average Cost Total Advisor Cost New Role - International Advisor Additional Advisors (2) for Immigration/International Advising (i ncl. fringe) FY'15 20

$42,646 $17,101 $2,000 $61,747 $1,234,941 FY'16 17 $43,499 $17,835 $2,100 $63,433 $1,078,369 $126,867 FY'17 FY'18 FY'19 19 22 24 $44,369 $45,256 $46,161

$18,413 $19,008 $19,619 $2,200 $2,300 $2,400 $64,982 $66,564 $68,180 $1,256,102 $1,441,774 $1,636,320 $129,964 * FY'19 projectio ns ba s ed on 35,764 target - 33,218 enrol l ed 15FS = 2546 growth w/avg. 374:1 ra tio ta rgets = 7 addi tio nal l i nes $133,128 $136,360 Budget Part II FY'16 Early Alert Costs for Full Implementation Early Alert Retention Softw are + Service Hours (w/o $15K multi-modul e dis c.) Technology Project Manager I @ $56,100 base + fringe Early Alert Program Costs Advisor Training & Development Training Lead/Consultant @ $49K base + fringe Online Advisor Training Video Development, Equipment & Updating

Leadership Development Grants Professional Development Support for Advisors Across UC TOTAL BUDGET FY'18 FY'19 $60,000 $79,101 $2,500 $64,200 $80,683 $2,500 $68,694 $82,297 $2,500 $73,503 $83,943 $2,500 $69,090 $50,000

$70,472 $15,000 $10,000 $50,000 $71,881 $15,000 $10,000 $50,000 $73,319 $15,000 $10,000 $50,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $59,685 $2,000 $60,879 $2,000 $62,097

$2,000 Diversity & Inclusion - Recruitment Recruitment strategy to attract underrepresented advisors Support for Central Program Coordination, Assessment, Etc. Program Coordinator in Advising & Acad. Svcs. @ $41,500 + fringe NACADA Assessment Institute for Academic Advising (team to atte nd FY'16) FY'17 $58,515 $8,000 $1,532,442 $1,760,606 $1,958,153 $2,165,041 What Got Funded? Intrusive Advising $825,500 in permanent funds allocated to 10 new full-time advisor positions ($617K) Establish a Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success Starfish Early Alert & Program Manager Program Coordinator

Office re-design ($50K, one-time) Re-allocate a dedicated position for Advisor Training Annual NACADA Assessment Institute Teams (4 people) Campus-Wide Lead for Deployment First Year Outcomes Hiring of 10 additional academic advisors to meet advisor-student ratio targets Alignment of advising positions within career ladder structure Shift to a fully assigned advisor, relationship development model Increased diversity of advising staff Creation of a new Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success Development of an online Advising Portal for students and advisors Implementation of an Early Alert system

Systematized, shared advising documentation university-wide Creation of an online advisor training program University-wide advisor training and development on career advising Advising administrator training on diversity leadership (grant awarded) Professional development support for a four-person team (annually) to attend NACADA Assessment Institute Development of a university-wide advising assessment plan is underway Implementation Rules of Engagement Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning Make it flexible and sustainable Have an implementation timeline but be willing to adjust as needed Implementation isnt a given even among those who support the plan Next Steps Report Cards Plan Available Online Strategy Mini-Networks: Applying this at Home Connect with regional colleagues, exchange contact info & establish a planning network Consider opportunity for scholarly activity on

strategic planning and strategic thinking in advising Questions Resources Aiken-Wisniewski, S. (Ed)., (2010). Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising (second edition). [Monograph No. 23]. Manhattan, KS: The National Academic Advising Association. Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. (2015) CAS professional standards for higher education (9th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. DeSousa, D. J. (2005). Promoting student success: What advisors can do (Occasional Paper No. 11). Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research. Educational Advisory Board. (2017) Integrating Academic and Career Development: Strategies to Scale Experiential Learning and Reflection Across the Curriculum. Academic Affairs Forum. Washington, DC. Educational Advisory Board. (2016) A Student-Centered Approach to Advising: Redeploying Academic Advisors to Create Accountability and Scale Intervention. Academic Affairs Forum. Washington, DC. Educational Advisory Board. (2016) Defining the Faculty Role in Student Success: Building Ownership for Student

Progression Among Individual Faculty and Distributed Academic Units. Academic Affairs Forum. Washington, DC. Gordon, V.N. (2006). Career Advising: An academic advisors guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Kuh, G.D. (2005). Advising for Student Success. In Gordon, V.N., Habley, & W.R., Grites, T.J. (Eds.) Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook. (pp. 68-84). San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass. Kuh, G. D. (2008). High-impact educational practices. Washington, D.C.: AAC&U NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. (2006). NACADA concept of academic advising. Retrieved from NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web Site:

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