Company Name - Startup Mania

Company Name - Startup Mania

Idea Name 1 FOUNDERS DETAILS IDEA OVERVIEW 2 Explain your idea(Product/Service). A one-line description

The Problem 3 Clearly define the problem What problem does your product solve? Why there is a necessity/ need for your product/ service? The Solution 4 How are you solving the problem?

Identify the solution to the specific pain point (problem) you identified in the previous slide. Whether the solution is a new one or improved from existing one. How are those needs are currently addressed now? Customer Segment

5 Who is facing the problem that you are solving? Who is your target customer / Sector? Who will buy your product/ service ? Value Proposition 6

What type of product/service is yours? Software/Hardware/Social/Management system How is your product/service different from existing one in the market, if any? Is your product nice to have or must to have ?

Why should customers choose you? What is your value proposition? What benefit do you give to your customer? Channels (Marketing) 7 How will you reach your customers in a cost- effective manner?

What marketing will you do to get customers? 02/12/20 Flowchart/ Product workflow 8 Can you draw a simple flowchart showing how your product/business will work . Your flowchart should explain How to

implement your idea Revenue Model 9 How do you plan to make money ? If your are working on a social idea, how do you plan to create an impact? COMPETITORS

10 Is any company already working out your idea? List any 3 competitor companies with a similar idea/ product 02/12/20

What help you expect from Us ? 11 Mention what specific help you need to take the next step for your Idea. Guidance for executing the idea Appointment with an expert in the chosen field Funding assistance for Proof of Concept/ Prototype Help on how to market the Product / Service

Technical support to build the product Mentoring

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