Committee Presentation - Ohio State University

Committee Presentation - Ohio State University

Take Charge of Your Diabetes During the Holidays The holidays can present special challenges for those with diabetes . . . Busy schedules Extra stress

Family gatherings Eating out Foods rich in carbohydrates, fats, and sodium Foods high in calories Why worry about diabetes management during

the holidays? The holiday season goes from Halloween to New Years = 2 months With busier schedules, there is less time for exercise Researchers have found that weight gained during the holidays usually doesnt come off later in the year

Increased weight leads to increased difficulty managing your diabetes You have the power to manage your diabetes and Enjoy the holiday season! Cut stress and stay active Stress effects your diabetes

The fight or flight effect Continued high stress can lead to difficulty managing your glucose Staying active can help you manage your diabetes Plan activity into your day Train for and participate in a local holiday run/walk event Incorporate activity into time with friends and family Go for a walk after eating a holiday meal Clear the table after a meal

this will get you active and prevent mindless munching Stay on track - plan ahead Your schedule Think about your holiday gatherings, travel, and events Try to maintain balance medication, healthy foods, physical activity Your meals

Stick to your healthy meal plan Plan menus in advance so you are not putting meals together at the last minute Take diabetes-friendly foods to gatherings Try these holiday meal tips Slow down Focus on friends and family Enjoy the foods you are eating Remember to keep your carbohydrates consistent

Try to have the same amount of carbohydrate you normally would Dont skip meals or snacks earlier in the day to save carbs for later. This will make your blood glucose more difficult to control. Keep desserts in check Share Take desserts you have modified to be healthier Politely decline when you know you have reached your limit Watch your portions

2 stacked dominoes = 1 oz of cheese Deck of cards = 3 oz. of meat Baseball = medium potato or fruit, 1 cup cold cereal Compact disk = pancake Computer mouse = cup pasta Diameter of a yo-yo = small cookie Holiday foods can be high in sugar, fat and calories Extra calories can sneak in during the holidays . . . And they dont always come in LARGE portions Chocolate cake, iced 650 calories per 2x2 inch slice Pecan pie 500 calories per 1/8 pie Egg nog 342 calories per 8 oz. Pumpkin pie 290 calories per 1/8 pie

Holiday cookies 150 calories per 2 cookies Making your holiday favorites healthier Reduce the sugar: Use less Replace with non-nutritive sweetener Reduce the fat: Ingredient substitution Portion control

Reduce the sodium: Use less Ingredient substitution Increase fiber: Add fruits, vegetables, and whole grains Dining with Diabetes Holiday Meal Make-Over On the Menu Roasted Turkey Breast

Apple Stuffing Skinny Gravy Sweet Potato Puffs Green Beans, Cranberries, and Nuts Double Layer Pumpkin Pie Lets Talk Turkey Turkey is a healthy, low-fat meat, if you choose the right part Selection (3.5 oz) Fat (g) Turkey skin 39 Roast beef 15 Turkey wing with skin 12.3 Turkey leg with skin 11.5 Roasted ham 9 Turkey breast with skin 7.3 Turkey leg without skin 7.1

Turkey breast without skin 0.7 Source: USDA database Make healthy modifications Holiday Apple Stuffing: Use a lower-sodium broth and stuffing mix Add fruits and vegetables to increase flavor, color, and fiber content

Add whole grains like brown rice, barley, and wheat berries Compare Cup stuffing Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Home-made 190 22 6 643 1.0 Box mix 170 21 8 520 0.5 Apple Stuffing 78 16 0.7 155 1.0 Fitness Connection: You would need to walk . . . 60 minutes to work off the home-made stuffing 50 minutes to work off the box-mix stuffing 24 minutes to work off the apple stuffing Fiber

Skinny gravy Use fat free broth or de-fatted drippings as a base Skim the fat of meat drippings from the meat Use cornstarch in place of a higher fat roux made from flour and fat Compare

Cup Gravy Calories Home-made 82.5 5 Commercial 40 3 2.5 Skinny Gravy 9 2 Carbs Fat Sodium 6 340 420 0 112 Fitness Connection: You would need to clean . . . 24 minutes to work off the home-made gravy 12 minutes to work off the commercial 2 minutes to work off the skinny gravy

Sweet Potato Options Use orange juice or apple juice Add spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or ginger Omit sugar and butter

Use half the amount of marshmallows or use raisins instead Mash and bake to make sweet potato puffs Compare Cup Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Regular 253 46 7.4 240 2 Sweet Potato 130 23 3 20 2 Puffs Fiber

Fitness Connection: You would need to bike . . . 40 minutes to work off the regular sweet potato casserole 20 minutes to work off the sweet potato puffs Green Beans with a Twist Use fat free half & half in place of cream soup Add colorful fruits, like cranberries, or veggies, like carrots or corn, to add color and give a fiber boost

Top with minced onion and parmesan cheese instead of fried onion rings Add nuts and seasoning Compare Cup Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Regular 125 12.5 7 495 2 Green Beans 79 8.4 5 0 2.2 Cranberries, and Nuts Fitness Connection:

You would need to jog . . . 20 minutes to work off the regular green bean casserole 12 minutes to work off the green beans, cranberries, and nuts Fiber Tips to Make a Delicious, Better for You Pie Omit the bottom crust for fruit pies Use ground ginger snaps in place of traditional pie crust

Use a ready-made pie crust it is thinner than homemade versions, thus typically contains fewer calories, less fat, and fewer carbohydrates Use egg whites in place of whole eggs Use evaporated skim milk

Cut into 10 servings Top with fat-free whipped cream Crust comparisons 1/8th Crust Calories Gingersnap 60 1 Graham 109 5.5 Ready-made 120 8 Homemade 160 11 Fat

Try our Double Layer Pumpkin Pie Use less sugar Add sugar-free pudding mix to add volume without calories Spice it up add cinnamon, ginger, cloves, or try a prepared pumpkin pie spice

Compare 1/10th Calories Carbs Fat Homemade Pie 168 24 7 Commercial Pie 169 21.7 8.4 Double Layer 96 13 5 Pumpkin Pie Fitness Connection: You would need to rake leaves . . . 35 minutes to work off the home made or commercial pie 19 minutes to work off the double layer pumpkin pie Cookie Considerations

Make them smaller Make fewer varieties Serve cookies with fresh fruit Cutting fat doesnt really save on calories if it is replaced with sugar and flour these add carbs!

Compare Calories Carbs Fat Traditional Holiday Dinner 983.5 109.5 40.7 Modified Holiday Dinner 501 62.4 14.4 You Saved: 482.5 Calories 47.1g Carbohydrates 26.3g Fat Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a

holiday and celebrate just living! ~ Amanda Bradley Credits Developed by the Ohio State University Extension Diabetes Education Team Christine Kendle, OSU Extension Tuscarawas County Shari Gallup, OSU Extension Licking County Amy Habig, OSU Extension Adams, Brown, and Highland Counties Kate Shumaker, OSU Extension Holmes County 2013 Resources: American Diabetes Association, Brinkman P, Syracuse C. Modifying a Recipe to be Healthier. Ohio State University Extension Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

Henneman A. Tiny Tastes can add up to Big Calories During the Holidays. University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension. Mayo Clinic,

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