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Coming Soon. Extended Bellringer Agenda Extended Bellringer Notes: Imperialism in Africa Video clip

Exit Ticket Extended Bellringer Complete top line of the chart and all questions on page 27 of packet In the blank space, identify the main beliefs of each of our four economic theorists: Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx, Adam

Smith, Thomas Malthus Mod 7 Essay Time! Complete the assigned thematic essay by Friday Turn in with a completed rubric and writing checklist Worth 50 points, 2 points off each day late

New Imperialism Objectives Students will identify why European Nations began imperializing other countries Students will identify the various forms of imperialism in

Africa Imperialism Control of one country over the political, economic, or cultural life of another country (complete takeover)

Two forms: Old Imperialism: 1500-1800 European colonization of new world New Imperialism: 1870-1914 Industrialized European nations expand into non-industrialized nations Causes of New Imperialism

1. Nationalism (pride in your country; desire to be free) Industrialized nations believed the bigger you were, the more powerful you were 2. Military motives Establish military bases to resupply ships around the world

3. Economic motives Need raw materials and new markets to sell goods in 4. Social Darwinism White Mans Burden Rudyard Kipling White imperialists have a moral duty to educate and civilize people in less

developed, barbarian nations Page 48 White Mans Burden by Rudyard Kipling Types of Imperialism Colony: direct control, impose culture/govt, transform society

Protectorate: leave local rulers in place as puppets, indirect control Sphere of Influence: Control the money and trade within and around an area, indirect control Check for Understanding With a partner: 1. Define imperialism

2. Explain the difference between new and old imperialism 3. Identify the four reasons why imperialism began Agenda Bellringer Review Questions

Notes: Imperialism in Africa Video Clip Exit Ticket Review Questions What is the difference between a colony and a protectorate? Colony: direct control, protectorate: indirect control, local leaders are puppet government

Define invisible hand Supply and Demand work together to run economy What are the four causes of Imperialism Economic incentives, Military bases, nationalism, social Darwinism

What was the result of the Sadler report? Factory Act 1833 (labor regulations) What two countries industrialized after Great Britain? Germany and United States Objectives

Students will identify how the scramble for Africa began Students will identify the various ways Europeans controlled Africans Imperialism in Africa

The Dark Continent Called Dark because it was huge and little was known about it Thousands of different tribal languages Many different religions polytheism, animism, Islam, etc What was animism? Belief all living and nonliving things have a spirit

Africa Up until this point undeveloped Only the Portuguese and Dutch had some colonies on the coast lines due to early exploration (remember Vasco de Gama? Bartholomeu Dias?) Industrialized, white, Europeans viewed Africans as barbaric and behind the times

Motivated by social Darwinism Story of King Leopold II Slimey liar King of Belgium, which was tiny Wanted to increase size of country and hopefully power (nationalism) Sent Henry Stanley, a reporter, into Africa to explore under the pretense of

helping the natives accept Christianity (missionary activity) Stanley was really sent to have native leaders sign over their rights, create plantation farms, control natives Other countries let him do this because they thought he was being nice (social Darwinism) King Leopold II

Stanley Result When the new African territory became big enough, he handed control over to the Belgian Parliament which made the area an official part of Belgium, called the Belgian Congo

Every other industrialized country tweeked out This wasnt missionary activity, this was actual an act of imperialism that tilted balance of power Now every other country is going to want a piece of Africa Scramble for Africa When industrialized countries all try to imperialize parts of Africa

Uh oh what if a world war happens? What happens if all the industrialized countries begin fighting over the African territory? How can we prevent this from happening? The question that no one asked: What do the Africans want? Berlin Conference 1884 in Germany

European countries came together and decided: 1. Any country can lay claim to territory in Africa IF: A. They notify other European nations of the takeover, and B. They demonstrate an ability to properly control the area Berlin Conference

Methods of Control Indirect vs. Direct Get rival tribes to fight one another Divide territories by linguistic differences Europeans had the maxim gun, Africans still had exploration age rifles

Imperialism Effects of Imperialism Positive: New schools, libraries, railroads built. Literacy increased. Hospitals built, sanitation improved. Telephone lines installed. Negative: Many Africans killed by weapons or disease (smallpox).

Lost land and independence. Famines were a problem. Traditional lifestyle destroyed. Boundaries created by Europeans continue to plague Africa today. Video

Exit Ticket How did the Scramble for Africa begin? King Leopold II took over Congo for Belgium What arrangement was made at the Berlin Conference? Any country can take a piece of Africa if they declare it/control it

What are some methods Europeans used to control the Africans? Tribal rivalries, advanced weapons, boundaries What were the two forms of governmental control used by Europeans? Direct and indirect (colony vs. Protectorate vs. Sphere of Influence) Explain how social Darwinism was a cause of imperialism in Africa?

Acted like they were helping unfortunates, but really wanted resources

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