Colors and Emotion - Amazon Web Services

Colors and Emotion - Amazon Web Services

Colors and Emotion How can color effect the way we feel? Color Psychology How could a color effect the way I feel? Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) can often have feelings of warmth and comfort, but

also anger and hostility. Cool colors (blue, green, and purple) usually have feelings of calm, but also sadness or coldness. RED How does red make you feel? Red is the most powerful color in the spectrum!

Red is known to be a color of strength and desire, and sometimes anger. Red also makes things POP out! This is why the majority of advertisements use red. Red can even raise blood pressure! Pink

Pink, the combination of red and white, has the opposite effect. Pink is very calm and usually represents unconditional love. Pink helps to lesson irritation and aggression.

Orange Orange has a lot of positive emotional effects! Orange opens up your emotions, increases self-worth, forgiveness, and makes you happier if youre sad!

Yellow Yellow stimulates the brain and can make you more alert and energetic! The right kind of yellow can lift your spirits, make you think clearer and help you organize.

Yellow However, the wrong yellow can create a feeling of fear and anxiety. I could never do homework in my room because of this Green

Green creates feelings of comfort, laziness, relaxation, calmness. Green relates to nature and makes you balanced and soothes your emotions. Green Dark green has the

opposite effect though! Dark or grayish greens remind us of decay and death. Ever notice how cartoon characters turn green when theyre sick? Blue Blue has the opposite

feelings of red. It can lower blood pressure and has a cooling, soothing, and calming effect. Blue can inspire creativity and clarity! However, dark blue can make you feel very sad.

Purple Purple helps to balance the mind and get rid of fear. Purple can inspire imagination, bring peace, and helps you to think. Brown

Brown is warm and the color of earth and hominess. Brown can feel stable and secure. Brown can also feel closed off and can give the feeling of retreating from the world.

Gray Gray is very neutral. It suppresses a lot of emotions and gives a feeling of dampness, depression, and lack of energy. Black Black can be comforting

and protective, but it can also be mysterious. Black is often associated with silence and death. It is the absence of light, something which can create fear. Black can also seem stable and serious.

White Where black is the absence of color, white is the reflection of all color! White can feel clean, pure, simple and sophisticated. However, it can also feel cold and unfriendly.

Colors and Emotions How can you use this information on color psychology to create feelings in your own work? What are some colors that you will use?

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