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Understanding Consumer Behaviour Understanding consumers: the key questions Who is important? What are their choice criteria? How do they buy? Customers Where do

they buy? When do they buy? The Decision-making Unit 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Initiator Influencer Decider Buyer User

Gatekeeper Virgin Media Virgin Media targets its advertising at all members of the household decision-making unit, with the customer benefit of multiple online usage. The consumer decision-making process Need recognition/problem awareness

Information search Evaluation of alternatives Purchase Post-purchase evaluation of alternatives Evaluation and purchase models High involvement: the Fishbein and Ajzen model of reasoned action Personal beliefs

Attitudes Purchase intentions Normative beliefs Purchase Subjective norms Low involvement: the Ehrenberg and Goodhart repeat purchase model Awareness Trial

Repeat Purchase Choice criteria used when evaluating alternatives Technical Reliability Durability Performance Style/looks Comfort Delivery Convenience Taste Social Status Social belonging Convention

Fashion Economic Price Value for money Running costs Residual value Life-style costs Personal Self-image Risk reduction Ethics Emotions Audi Audi advertises

both the fuel efficiency and responsible credentials of its TT TDI model. Influences on consumer purchasing behaviour The buying situation Personal influences

information processing motivation Consumer beliefs and attitudes personality lifestyle lifecycle Social influences culture social class

geodemographics reference groups Determinants of the extent of problem solving Self-image Perceived risk Social factors Hedonism Differentiation and number of alternatives The consumer decision-making process and level of purchase involvement Stage

Low Involvement High Involvement Need recognition/ problem awareness Minor Major, personally important Information search Limited search Extensive search

Evaluation of alternatives and the purchase Few alternatives evaluated on few choice criteria Many alternatives evaluated on many choice criteria Post-purchase evaluation of the decision Limited evaluation

Extensive evaluation including media search Maslows hierarchy of needs Rolex Rolex watches: a symbol of achievement and its rewards Lifecycle stages Middle-aged divorced no children

Young divorced no children At home single On own young Young couple no children Middle-aged married no children

Young parents Young divorced with children Middleaged parents M-aged divorced with children On own middleaged Empty nester

married working M-aged divorced no depnt children Empty nester married retired Solitary retired Social class categorization Reference Groups

Membership groups Aspirant groups Core Reading Core reading to support this topic can be found in Chapter 4 of your recommended text

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