City of Derby, CT

City of Derby, CT

City of Derby, CT S&P Global Rating Presentation 7/23/19 How Did We Get Here? BOAT adopted budget utilizing revenue figures that double counted State funds 2X (FY16-17,

FY17-18 and FY18-19) Revenue for Formula Grants were over estimated (FY16-17 and FY17-18 and FY18-19) Due to issues with cut-off dates for expenditures- BOE A/P reversed by auditor to previous year (17-18) resulting in restating FB Medical costs exceed budget by $1M (FY17-18)

Eight Point Recovery Plan 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Debt Restructuring Sale of Assets Mil Rate Increase Adjust Long Term Costs Tax Sale Structured Organizational Changes Grand List Growth Fund Balance Replenishment as % of Revenue

1) Debt Restructuring Restructuring/refinancing all non-sewer debt for FY19-20 and FY20-21 FY19-20 Operating Budget includes amount in taxes, funds go directly to Fund Balance Replenishment FY19-20 = $1.8M FY20-21 = $1..5M

2) Sale of Assets City selling assets/properties that are city owned and not part of city use IE- VARCA Property- $450,000 Commerce Park - $350,000 Vacant Residential Properties (add to Tax Rolls and zone restricted)

3) Mil Rate Increase BOAT (Board of Apportionment and Taxation) approved a 2.5 mil increase for FY19-20 Increase equals a 6.35% No Mil increase over the last three fiscal years CPI increased 6.5% in same period Recognition of budget issue relative to revenue overstatement

4) Adjust Long Term Costs Current Defined Benefit Pension Plan at 86% funding level Annual Contribution of $740K adjusted in FY18-19 and FY19-20 to $200K Delta directed to Fund Balance Replenishment $540K in FY 18-19 , $540K in 19-20 Current performance- plan will still remain in low 80% funding level

2% adjustment for each $540K $60K additional contribution for 10yr 5) Tax Sale Legislative body approved administration to proceed with next steps in conducting Tax Sale City reserves the right to select eligible taxes All payment plans would be honored Some delinquent taxes will remain on the

books Estimated value - $1M (would go directly to Fund Balance Replenishment if executed) 6) Structured Organizational Changes Complete review, assignment and execution of auditors findings and recommendations Additional staff budgeted for segregation of duties and timely reconciliation

Additional oversight of BOE operating budget and grants Double Entry Accounting (BOE and City) Adjusting roles and responsibilities 7) Grand List Growth Working to shift tax burden from home owners to commercial base by growing commercial base IE- Main Street Development

Fuel Cell Sale of VARCA Route 34 Main Street Widening Project Zone Text Changes (N and S Side of Main St) Additional 14 acres owned by the City, left to sell and develop Fund Balance Replenishment BOAT has a policy on Fund Balance levels

BOAT to modify and update Fund Balance Replenishment Policy New Policy- 10-15% of Expenditures Incremental steps to replenishment Identified Fund Balance Replenishment steps result in approx $5.9M going directly to FB over next 12 months Summary of Fund Balance Replenishment

Debt Restructuring FY19-20= $1.8M FY20-21 = $1.5M Sale of Assets= $450M Adjust Long Term Costs = $1.1M Tax Sale (est) = $1.0M TOTAL = $5.85M (est) (w/o Grand List Growth) TOTAL = $4.85M (est) (w/o Tax Sale) NOTE: Neg FB of $2.5M (as of 6/18, est. to be $3.5M as of 6/19)

Main Street Development Estimates Estimated unit value= $90k

Estimated number of units= 379 Estimated Value= $34M @ 70% value= $23.8M Estimated NEW tax revenue= $997K Continued Focus On Success

Pay As You Go Capital Plan Funding Long Term Liabilities Tax Collections Remain Above 98% Growing Commercial Tax Base

Conservative Budgeting Working Relationship with BOE (Alliance) Replenish Fund Balance

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