Chief Commanders Message

Chief Commanders Message

Focus on the Horizon Chief Commanders Message Spring 2017 C/C Louie Ojeda, SN and P/C Dot Ojeda, P Grip and Grin! Wish we could do it in person! Where are we? A reality check is in order The business plan that has served us well for 103 years is no longer relevant.

We still educate but????? Ok, so what else can we do? Do we need to change our name? 82 squadrons gained membership in 2016. What did they all have in common? 1. Almost all used a variation of a name change. 2. Almost all added non boating activities like: Socials, dinners, Bingo clubs, canoe trips, kayaking, bird watching, card clubs, fishing

clubs etc. But wait, I said something about a name variation.what is it?? The largest growth in recreational boating is in paddle craft or human powered vessels and not surprisingly the largest increase in fatalities is in this same group. Paddle craft have one thing in common, they do not have motors. Our present name has Power and Squadrons. No one with a Kayak or Canoe would ever identify with us.

Adding Sail to our name helped but only 6% of the boating population are sailors. Americas Boating Club No this is not intended as a name change but as an additional description of who we can be and what we can do. Examples: United States Power Squadrons Americas Boating Club Ponce Sail and Power Squadron Americas Boating Club In case you are wondering, we own the name until

2022 at which time we can renew it. It is intended as a better description of what we can do to appeal to paddlers, canoe enthusiasts and kayakers. No longer are we just Power or Sail. Even though we have tried appealing to paddlers for a long time, as soon as people hear the name they make the wrong assumption. Relax, go fishing Financial condition of USPS In 2016 USPS ended the fiscal year $57,000 in the black!

Expenses were reduced by $247,000 mostly by the actions of headquarters, members, committees and your Board of Directors. USPS is financially stable. As a corporation, we have nearly 5 million in assets and zero debt! Talk about USPS going down the tube is unfounded! What about grants? Grants explained 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Practical on the Water Media Library DML Engaging Hispanics, basic Engaging Hispanics, online Boat Simulator Boat Simulator Year Round safe Boating

Second Media Library grant 220,000 175,000 50,000 130,000 190,000 188,000 200,000 175,000 So, what do they cost us? Answer.nothing and they contribute to our

overhead cost reduction. Educational department Boating Primer news Developed as a free handout to new boaters by a dealer or marina and to bridge the gap from no experience to our ABC3 course. It includes rules of the road, equipment and basic boat handling. The centerfold is a membership application. POTW, Practical on the Water Training Is free to dues paying members. It is done

with the persons own boat with his or her gas. Digital Media Library ( Use the links that follow and use them to help create awareness of one of our greatest tools. Two new promotional videos Introducing UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS Stream - Download UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS Special Offer Stream - Download - Target Audience - Largest fastest growing US demographic,

baby boomers, most likely people to join USPS Purpose - Arouse awareness, interest, and desire in adopting the safe-boating lifestyle by joining USPS Squadron Use - Public meetings, website embedding, emails to prospective members, social media sharing Website/Marketing News Building on our work with R+M regarding our new branding and imaging campaign, we are embarking on a significant project to build a new marketing-oriented website for the general public. This is a critical component of our new

promotional approach. Similarly, we are starting with a new set of On The Water Training pages to highlight our unique offerings, which will spearhead the new public site. Summary 1. Relax and have fun 2. Nobody joined USPS to make money 3. We all joined for the Education 4. Few people joined to wear a uniform 5. Everybody is tired of the many rules and regulations 6. The Ops manual is way too long and complex

7. Council meetings are redundant. Conference can do it all 8. Governing Board meetings will be shorter in the future 9. Its OK to add Americas Boating Club as an adjective. 10. Lets cater to the adventurers in kayaks, canoes and paddleboards 11. Lets Grip and Grin! 12. Lets be sociable again and invite non members to our socials Thank you for your hospitality to my reps. Dallas Governing Board September 10th-17th 2017

5410 LBJ Freeway Dallas TX 75240 Room Rate $135.00 Self Parking $6.00 Yall come join us for FUN!

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