Chapter 7 Section 3 -

Chapter 7 Section 3 -

Chapter 7 Section 3 By: Derek, Stefan, Serapio, and Jerry Main Ideas Canada is divided into four subregions, The Atlantic Core, Prairie Provinces, and the Pacific Provinces, and Territories Each subregion possesses unique natural resources, landforms, economic activities, and

cultural life. Key Terms Atlantic Provinces- The provinces in Eastern Canada Such as Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland Quebec- One of Canadas Core Provinces Ontario- One of Canadas Core Provinces

Key Terms Prairie Provinces- The provinces West of Ontario and Quebec- Such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. British Columbia- Canadas westernmost Province, located within the Rocky Mountain range Nunavut- One of Canadas territories and home to many of Canadas inuit

Question Time! What accounts for the variety of lifestyles within a countrys subregion? Each subregion possess unique natural resources, landforms, economic activities, and cultural life. The Atlantic Provinces

The Atlantic Provinces consist of, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Noca Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. The Atlantic Provinces are home to just 8 percent of Canadas population. Most people in The Atlantic Provinces live in Coastal cities such as, Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John, and New Brunswick The Atlantic Provinces have very rugged terrain, and

severe weather. Question Time! Which are the Atlantic Provinces? Prince Edward Island, new Brunswicks, nova scotia, newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, and Ontario What factors have kept the population small in this subregion?

Due to rugged terrains and severe weather Prairie Provinces The Prairie Provinces is located to the West of Ontario and Quebec The Prairie Provinces consist of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The Prairie Provinces is part of the Nations agricultural yield.

The Prairie Provinces give of a significant amount of Canada's mineral output and it has the Nations largest know deposits of coal and oil deposits Question Time! What cultures are associated with Quebec and Ontario? French and English Near what natural landforms are the larger

cities in these provinces located? Saint Lawrence river and the great lakes Question Time! Which are the Prairie Provinces? Minitoba, Saskatchewan, alberta For what resources are these provinces most known? Agriculture, minerals, natural gas, coal, and oil.

Which province in this subregion is home to the Metis? Saskatchewan The Pacific Province and Territories These are Canadas Western and Northern lands- British Columbia along with the Three territories- Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

British Columbia British Columbia is Canadas Westernmost province. Almost all of it lies in the Rocky Mountain region British Columbia is densely forested, and nearly one-third is frozen tundra. British Columbia has two main locations,

Victoria and Vancouver. Question Time! Which province and territories are included in the pacific subregion? British Columbia ,Yukon territory, northwest territories, and Nunavut. Which part of the Northwest Territories became Nunavut?

The eastern half How do the Inuit make their living in Nunavut? Mining, fishing, and some logging

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