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Cellular Transport - rowan.k12.ky.us

Cellular Transport Cellular Transport involves the Cell Membrane!


OSMOSIS REQUIRED! Hypertonic ENDOCYTOSIS Hypotonic Carrier

Isotonic Mediated Osmoregulation Phagocytosis FACILITATED Pinocytosis

DIFFUSION EXOCYTOSIS Passive Transport = Energy not required.

1. Diffusion = molecules move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Diffusion is the driving

force behind the movement of many substances across the cell membrane. More on diffusion

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=STLAJH7_zkY Diffusion will occur IF: A.There is a concentration gradient across the cell

membrane. B.Solution or membrane is permeable. permeable NOTE! The cell membrane is semipermeable, which means only

small molecules or fat soluble molecules can pass across the membrane without help. Permeable: It can pass. Impermeable: Cannot

pass. 2 nd

Type of Passive Transport: Osmosis: Osmosis The diffusion of water across the cell

membrane. How does water know whether to move into or out of a cell?

Hypertonic solution: The solution with the higher concentration of solutes. Hypotonic solution: The solution with a lower solute concentration.

Isotonic solution: Solutions of equal concentration of solutes. Egg Cell in hypertonic vs.

hypotonic solution http://www.youtube.com/watch? feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=SSS3EtKAz Yc 3rd Type of

Passive Transport: 3. Facilitated Diffusion: Molecules are transported across the cell membrane by a carrier protein.

Ex. Glucose is carried into a red blood cell

by a carrier protein. Cell Survival Depends on the Proper Balancing of Water Uptake and Loss

Animals that live in hypoor hypertonic environments must have adaptations for osmoregulation. osmoregulation

The protist Paramecium has a contractile vacuole that pumps water out as it enter.

Paramecium vacuole pumping out water http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=pahUt0RCKYc&feature=related

The cells of plants, prokaryotes, and fungi have cells walls, which keeps the cell from bursting.

A cell is turgid (firm) when the back pressure of the cell wall on the cell opposed any further water uptake.

A cell is flaccid (limp) when its surroundings are isotonic and there is no net tendency for water to enter the cell. Active Transport

Essential in the ability of a cell to maintain internal concentrations of small molecules. It is the pumping of molecules against their

gradients. ATP supplies the energy. Sodium-Potassium Pump exchanges Na+ for K+

across the plasma membrane of an animal cell. https://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072495855/student_view0/chapter2/ animation__how_the_sodium_potassium_pump_works.html

All cells have electrical potential energy (voltage) across their plasma membranes. This is called a membrane potential. The inside of a cell is ---, and the outside is +, which causes the

membrane to favor the passive transport of cations into the cell. ACTIVE TRANSPORT 1. Endocytosis = The cell membrane surrounds and

engulfs large particles. 1. Carrier Mediated Endocytosis = involves carrier proteins on membrane 2. Phagocytosis = Cells bring in large, solid particles (cellular eating)

3. Pinocytosis = Cells take up liquid. (cellular drinking) Carrier Mediated Endocytosis Phagocytosis

(Endocytosis) Pinocytosis (Type of Endocytosis) 2. Exocytosis = Cells remove

large particles. Exocytosis The End

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