Cell Structure and Function - Webs

Cell Structure and Function - Webs

Lesson 02 Properties of Life Cell Structure and Function Essential Question - What are the properties of life? How are living things alike? Objectives

Students will be able to: Predict qualities that make things living or nonliving Explain characteristics all living things have in common Predict evidence for how to tell if something is alive How are living things alike?

Warm Up: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p hp?storyId=90425720 Click on the link above and read through the story. If you have time watch the video by clicking on the link for the video. 1.What does ASIMO have in common with us?

2.What makes ASIMO different from us? How are living things alike? Inquiry Warm-up Discussion: Living Characteristics observed:

Nonliving Characteristics observed: Explain Vocabulary 1. Organism: A living thing 2. Cell: The smallest unit of life capable of carrying on life's functions 3. Unicellular: Organisms composed of one cell only 4. Multicellular: Composed of more than

one cell How are living things alike? What Is Life? Redis Experiment Francesco Redi designed one of the first

controlled experiments. Redi showed that flies do not spontaneously arise from decaying meat. What Is Life? Pasteurs Experiment

Louis Pasteurs carefully controlled experiment demonstrated that bacteria arise only from existing bacteria.

Properties of Life Brainstorm Discuss these questions with a partner. Be prepared to share your answers with the class. What things do you have in common with a house cat? What do all living things have in common? How could we find out?

10 Properties of Life Notes Science Explorer: From Bacteria to Plants textbook, pages 6-9 Complete your tree map on the back of your inquiry lab paper. We will discuss your reading when we are

done. Properties of Life Remember OGRRE!! rganization: 1. Cellular Organization- made of cells 2. Similar Chemicals- water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids row and Develop

espond to Surroundings eproduction nergy Use Extension Activity Are Plants Living Things?

Are Plants Living Things Prediction Are Plants Living Things Data Collection In upcoming classes you will be gathering qualitative data about your plants. You will continue to connect the data you collect back to the properties of life to see

if you can see evidence of each of the properties. Conclusion - Extend If you saw a glob of green ooze moving towards you, how would you determine whether or not it was alive? How are living things alike?

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