Casagras - Etsi

Casagras - Etsi

World Class Standards CASAGRAS CASAGRAS: Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for Global RFID- related Activities and Standardisation Provide an incisive framework of foundation studies for EU consideration and for the development of standards and regulatory foundations that can best assist the EU executive and member states in influencing and accommodating international issues and developments concerning radio frequency identification (RFID) and the emerging 'Internet of Things". 13459121314- AIM UK Ltd (AIM) - UK YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (YRP) - Japan Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (SCIC) -China AIDC UK Ltd (ECFAIDC) - UK ETRI - Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute -Korea FEIG Electronic GmbH (FEIG) - Germany ETSI - France QED/ Craig Harmon (CH) - USA Project Duration = 18 months Coordinator Amanda Brooke [email protected] 1 World Class Standards CASAGRAS Work packages: 1.

Standards and Procedures for International Standardisation in relation to RFID, including applications and conformance standards 2. Regulatory issues in respect of RFID standards 3. Global coding systems in relation to RFID standards 4. RFID in relation to Ubiquitous Computing and Networks 5. Functional, including sensory, developments in RFID and Associated Standards 6. Areas of Application, existing and future, and associated Standards 7. Socio-economic components of RFID Usage 2

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