Cardiovascular System - MAFIA CITY CHEATS AND HACK

Cardiovascular System - MAFIA CITY CHEATS AND HACK

The Cardiovascular System Ms. Marcos Questions you can answer after learning about the Cardiovascular System: Why could you faint if you stand at attention for a long time? Why can you feel nauseous if you are in a sudden stressful situation? What makes the Boom-boom sound of a heart beat? How is the heart disconnected during open heart surgery? Why does your heart rate increase with exercise? What is a pacemaker and what does it do? What is hypertension? What is hypotension? Big Questions about the Cardiovascular System: Why do we need a cardiovascular system? What does blood do? How does blood move around the body? Answer these questions on

your own, then share your answers with a partner. about n i a l x p oby e M add d d n n a a m i m

T r syste a Watch l er! u c w s s a n v a o r i u the card rmation to yo fo more in

Vein Pulmonary vein Lung (pulmonary) capillaries Pulmonary artery e h t l Labe ssels! e v d o o l b

Body capillaries Artery What types of blood vessels are there? Arteries: Carry blood AWAY from the heart A few, strong vessels Veins: Carry blood TO the heart More, weak vessels Capillaries: Exchange gases and nutrients in the blood with tissues Many, very small vessels Body capillaries Vein Pulmonary artery

Lung capillaries Pulmonary vein Right Atrium Right Ventricle Vein Pulmonary artery Artery o t y r t w No is one! h t l e lab

Lung capillaries Pulmonary vein Left Atrium Left Ventricle Artery Body capillaries A closer look What are arterioles? Small arteries (one artery leads to more arterioles) What are venules? Small veins (small venules lead to one vein) How large and flexible are: Arteries and arterioles? Veins and venules? Capillaries?

e h t e e h t e S n o am ide! r g dia xt sl ne Blood vessels arteries veins

artery venules arterioles arterioles capillaries venules veins Valve ls wal on (prevents back flow n Thi diffusio

w ow All cle s mu gh T (o Thin nly m blo low us od pr cle ins essu i de r e ) k s hig ood) c i

Th (holdure bl s es r p Artery Vein Capillaries Explain the differences Which one carries blood away from the heart? Which one has thicker muscle? Why does it need to be thicker? Which one carries blood to the heart? Which one has a valve?

Why does it need a valve? Why are capillaries so small? They need to DIFFUSE things IN and OUT ng IN i o g tuff ssues: s D A B dy ti o b from tes, CO 2 Was

ing o g ff D stu tissues: O O G dy o b o OUT t rients, O 2 Nut Are they always filled with blood? Are they always filled with blood? Small muscles stop blood

flow Only the parts that NEED blood right away have it (Many body parts take turns getting blood) Why would you want to cut off blood flow to : Injury! t in H capillaries in a certain area? Changing blood flow an example Send blood to the brain and muscles ya b d ase

h c ing e b T! re S A a R F BEA away I f you t e g o ed t e n

You Send blood away from the digestive system Result: You might feel nauseous because of less blood going to your stomach How does blood get back to the heart after going through the capillaries? Blood returns to the heart ooww dd flfl oonn lloooo eecctiti ss bb ddiirr lleett nnee llvvee nn oo

VVaa llyy ii oonn on s she u p in e l s c e ve u M th How veins work an example th e r o e h t keep

y: Activit e hand and . n own Raise o hand d ute. min Wait 1 our palms! k at y o o l w No Were your hands different colors? Why? When guards stand still for a long time, the blood moves down to their feet and cant get back up. It can cause them to faint.

n ow k u o y ha t w g n i s s! u e s v i l h a t

v n Explai ut veins and abo The Heart: A few definitions Myocardium Heart muscle Latin roots: Myo = Muscle Cardium = Heart Peri = Around Pericardium Tissue surrounding the heart Pericardial sac Tissue sac with liquid around the heart Pulmonary artery

Aorta Pulmonary artery Vena cava Right Atrium Pulmonary veins e h t l e b a L e h t f o s

t r pa ! t r hea Pulmonary veins Semilunar valve Semilunar valve AV valve Vena cava Left Atrium AV valve Right ventricle

Left ventricle Watch it happen! Check out these animations: The heart parts QUIZ The heart from the outside The heart both inside and outside The valves The valves from the inside What makes the sound of your heart beat? What would happen if You had a hole in your septum (the dividing muscle between the right and left ventricles)? You had a hole between your atria? You had a connection between your aorta and your pulmonary arteries?

How do you control heart contraction? Systole is When the heart muscle contracts Diastole is When the heart muscle relaxes Nodal tissue Is very special it has both nerve and muscle tissue SA node (sino-artrial node) Gets the signal from the brain and makes the atria contract Sends the signal to the AV node AV node (atrio-ventricular node) Makes the ventricles contract all together Pacemaker (SA node) Specialized muscle fibers

AV node Right atrium Right ventricle 1 ECG 2 3 4 What does blood pressure mean? What is your pulse? Does it measure blood flow in arteries or veins? Your pulse is a wave of blood moving through your arteries

What is blood pressure? Which vessels have the highest pressure? Arteries have the highest pressure, then capillaries, then veins Muscles need to push the blood back to the heart through your veins How do you measure blood pressure? Watch the Blood Pressure Animation! What is normal blood pressure? Usually around 120 / 80 mmHg Why is blood pressure written as two numbers? The first number means When the ventricles contract and push blood through arteries The second number means Systolic Systolic When the ventricles relax and the blood keeps moving

through (at lower pressure) Diastolic Diastolic Which is systolic and which is diastolic pressure? Blood pressure problems Hypotension is when blood pressure is too low Hypertension is when blood pressure is too high Put the following terms in order: Right Atrium Left Atrium Pulmonary Veins Venules Arteries

Veins Arterioles Right Ventricle Body Capillaries Superior/Inferior Lung Capillaries Vena Cava Pulmonary Arteries Aorta Semilunar valve Left Ventricle Semilunar valve

AV valve AV valve Check your answers with these animations: How the blood circulates Music Video

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