C# Control Statements

C# Control Statements

CSCI/CMPE 4341 Topic: Programming in Python Chapter 3: Control Structures (Part 1) Exercises Xiang Lian The University of Texas Pan American Edinburg, TX 78539 [email protected] 1 Objectives In this chapter, you will do some exercises about: Python programming basic control structures in Python

2 Multiple Choices The ____ statement instructs the computer to display information on the screen. A. input B. output C. print D. cout A ____ is a Python data type that contains a sequence of characters

A. char B. string C. integer array D. decimal The _____ is the modulus operator. A. mod B. \\ C. / D. %

_____ are used to document a program and improve its readability A. keywords B. symbols C. comments D. functions Each if structure consists of the word ___, the condition to be tested, a _____ and a body. A. for ; B. if ; C. for : D. if : The ____ function converts non-integer values to integer values. A. type()

B. print() C. int() D. convert() 3 Multiple Choices (cont'd) A Python statement can be spread over multiple lines using the _________. A. \n B. \ C. \\ D. // Arithmetic expressions enclosed in ___ are evaluated first.

A. parenthesis B. curly braces C. square brackets D. None of the above An object's ____ describes the information stored in the object. A. address B. type C. function D. id 4 Multiple Choices (cont'd) The if/elif/else structure is a ____ structure. A. single selection multiple selection B. double selection

C. repetition D. The augmented assignment symbol *= performs _____. A. addition B. comparison C. multiplication D. exponentiation A procedure for solving a problem is called a(n) _____. A. algorithm B. programming language C. expression None of the above D. The keyword ____ represents an empty statement. A. empty B. ; pass D. blank

Which of the following is NOT control structure? A. sequence B. selection C. goto D. repetition 5 True/False Statements The Python function get_input requests input from the user. A valid Python arithmetic expression with no parentheses is evaluated left to right. The following are invalid variable names 3g, 87, and 2h The operator != has the same meaning as <> In Python, the programmer must declare the object type before using the object in the program

If parentheses are nested, the expression in the innermost pair is evaluated first 6 True/False Statements (cont'd) Python treats the variable names, a1 and A1, as the same variable The backslash character is called an escape sequence Pseudocode is a simple programming language The if selection structure performs an indicated action when the condition is true. The if/else selection structure is a single-selection structure. The function float converts its argument to a floatingpoint value. The symbol = tests for equality.

7 What are the Precedence of Operators in Expressions? 15*3%12+45/(9%2)**2 Product = x*y**z 8 Debug Errors int x=0 x=y X=15*3%12+45/(8%2)*2 print("x=%d" x)

9 Debug Errors (cont'd) If gender = 1; print("Woman") Else cout<< "Man"; 10 Debug Errors (cont'd) Counter = 0 While counter > 10 print("counter = %d", %counter)

11 Programming Write a Python program using nested while loop to output the following pattern to screen: * ** *** **** ***** 12

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