Bus Shelters and Amenities - MAPC

Bus Shelters and Amenities - MAPC

Bus Shelters and Amenities September 18, 2019 MAPC Agenda Public Engagement Learnings Program Goals Timeline Municipal Partnerships 2 Public Engagement to Date Summer 2018 Collected feedback from customers through the Better Bus Project on which amenities they

considered to be most important Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Summer 2019 Spring 2019 Held a Attended and Presented to the Municipal Staff collected rider Fiscal and Open House to feedback at Management gather feedback Better Bus Control Board from municipal Project on the project staff members on Community

work to date the future of bus Meetings in Began amenities in their Dudley Square, conversations communities Lynn, Chelsea, with Quincy, South municipalities Boston, Cambridge, and Downtown Boston on how different amenities would improve their bus experience Began procurement process (qualification stage only) Reached out to cities and towns with MBTA bus

service about the upcoming program 3 What have we learned? Bus Shelters and Amenities are important for customers and communities Studies, customers, and municipal staff have consistently told us that more and better shelters, seating, lighting, and real-time travel information would make the bus more appealing, comfortable, and feel safer Question: How would the following amenities impact your experience of waiting for the bus? More Appealing Feel Safer More Comfortable Source: MBTA Better Bus Project Community Meetings. (2019). 4 Program Goals Provide better bus amenities for the 400,000 riders that use the service daily

Implement a human-centered network of amenities that meets customer and community needs Deliver a consistent customer experience across the municipalities in which the MBTA operates bus service Enforce ironclad and clear maintenance responsibilities to ensure the system is kept to a high standard 5 Timeline First Phases of Procurement Request for Letters of Interest released on July 17 Request for Qualifications released on August 1 Industry Conference held on August 15 Present Project Update to MBTAs Fiscal and Management Control Board on September 23 Statements of Qualification due on September 26 Request for Responses (RFR) will be released this fall 6 Municipal Partnership Timeline Partnerships with municipalities are vital to the success of the Bus Shelters and Amenities Program. Outreach and communication is at the core of our efforts.

Fall 2018 Held Municipal Staff Open House to gather feedback from municipal staff members on the future of bus amenities in their communities July August Sent a project Shared introduction information to municipal on bus stops staff members to municipal notifying them staff to begin about the conversations upcoming

about shelter partnership location opportunity priorities September Beginning conversation with municipal partners on program needs and terms Fall 2019 Enter into partnership agreements If you havent heard from us, please be in touch! Marah Holland [email protected] Elizabeth Winters Ronaldson [email protected] 7

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