Broadband connectivity - TTA

Broadband connectivity - TTA

GSC9/JOINT_007 Broadband Connectivity in Canada Douglas Sward Phone: +1 613-990-4700 E-mail: [email protected] Slide 1 Outline What is Broadband? Overall system concept Technologies Broadband connectivity in Canada Final Remarks Slide 2

Bandwidth requirements for selected applications E-mail / Basic Web Browsing Video Conferencing E-Learning Telemedicine Data Rates 10 1 2G Access Technologies Legend MINIMUM 100 1,000 Kilobits per second 10,000

2.5 - 3G Satellite Dial Up Cable Modem/DSL Fiber IDEAL Source: ITU, April 2003 Slide 3 Broadband Access Capacity Capacity (Canadian Broadband Task Force, June 2001) 1.5 Mbit/s two-way for households 10 Mbit/s two-way for institutions 1 Gbit/s for major institutions such as hospitals

ADSL: Cable: Sympatico Forward link Return link ADSL Service (kbit/s) (kbit/s) Regular High speed 128 1,500 1,500 64 320 320 Ultra High-speed 3,000 640

Rogers Internet Forward link Return link Cable Service (kbit/s) (kbit/s) HS Lite High-Speed High-Speed Pro 128 1,500 1,500 3,000 64 192 192 384 Slide 4 Overall System Concept Slide 5

Broadband Access technologies Satellite Conventional C and Ku technology for community access, Ka-band technology for direct-to-home access Terrestrial Optical Fiber: High capacity trunking, transport, fiber to the home in urban settings Cable: Broadband piggy-backed on Cable-TV installations where they exist in rural and remote areas

ADSL: Trend towards Micro-DSLAM and DSL repeaters to reach farther and VDSL to increase capacity over shorter distance Wireless: Licence-exempt bands Local Area Network (LAN) (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) Extended LAN Rural Area Network (RAN) Multimedia Broadcasting Slide 6 Rural Broadband Access Cable modem/ microDSLAM WiFi hot-spots Slide 7

Rural Broadband Access Cable modem/ microDSLAM WiFi hot-spots 7 km 20 km 30 km 40 km Low/medium power ISM bands Higher power, lower frequency broadband access system Slide 8 Multimedia broadcasting Large data capacity: up to 20 Mbit/s per 6 MHz

channel Large coverage: typically 70 km radius Frequency agile: VHF-UHF operation Non-Line-Of-Sight: robust to multipath and to interference Low cost: consumers products (ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T) Slide 9 Why is Broadband Important? Systematic gap between the quality of life enjoyed by Canadians living in or near the urban areas of the country and those living in rural areas Broadband has the potential to bridge the economic and social gaps that separate Canadian communities Strengthening economy

Improving health care Making new learning opportunities Slide 10 Geographic Challenges Population Densities OECD Nations Relative to other countries Canada has low population density Rural/remote areas unlikely to be served by market forces, as business case nonexistent Korea Netherlands Japan United Kingdom Germany

Italy Switzerland Denmark France Ireland United States Sweden Canada Australia SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1992, Tables 25, 340 and 1359 0 200 400 600 800

1000 1200 Population per square mile Slide 11 Uneven Broadband Access Served Community (28%) Unserved Community As of(72%) Aug 2003 Total 1523 3909 5428 1000 km

Slide 12 Broadband Pilot Program A $105M pilot program to assist unserved communities with a priority given to First Nations, northern, rural and remote communities. Objectives: To provide funding to unserved communities to prepare business plans that detail the need for broadband services in their communities To implement broadband services that will address the needs of these communities in the areas of education, health and governance To create opportunities for learning by sharing best practices among communities To demonstrate and validate the benefits of broadband in unleashing the full innovative potential of communities across Canada To create new business opportunities, domestically and globally, for Canadian ICT companies

Broadband The Platform for Innovation and Inclusion Slide 13 More Info About the Program Program Guide Maps Broadband Distribution in Canada Satellite Coverage in Canada Resource Centre News and Events Resources for Communities FAQs NBTF Archives Presentations Website Slide 14

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