Biology of Insects

Biology of Insects

Biology of Insects Their body parts and life cycles insecticum Latin word meaning cut into

Insects are cut into three distinct parts Head Thorax Abdomen The Head

Functions Securing food Sensory perception Mouth parts Antennae Eyes

The Thorax Used for movement Wings Two sets of legs

The Abdomen Houses the organs that perform:

Respiration Digestion Circulation Reproduction More Insect Parts

Lets Review Now its YOUR turn... Label the insect on your handout Head

Mouth parts, Antennae and Eyes Thorax Wings and Legs Abdomen

Then check it with a neighbor Insect life cycles Metamorphosis: the change from one form

to another 2 types Incomplete Complete Incomplete Metamorphosis Changes gradually

Beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, crickets The stages: Egg Nymphs Molting

Adult Complete Metamorphosis Distinct stages that bear no resemblance to each other Butterflies and moths

The stages Egg

Larva Pupa Adult So the main difference is... INCOMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS

gradual, similar COMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS rapid, different Now its YOUR turn...

Label the types & stages of metamorphosis Incomplete: egg, nymph(s), adult Complete: Egg, larva(e), pupa, adult Check your answers with a neighbor Review: Insect Parts

Review: Life Cycles GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

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