Biochemical Sciences at Mona

Biochemical Sciences at Mona

BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES AT MONA Biochemistry Section Dr. Kerith Golden DEPARTMENT OF BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES Biochemistry Anatomy Physiology

Pharmacology Physical Therapy Dentistry Degrees offered: BSc, MPhil, PhD OUR NEW HOME Biochemistry Section 2010 2014

, ACADEMIC STAFF Dr M Ali , PhD, Aligrash Muslim University Prof. Helen Asemota, BSc Benin, MSc Bello, PhD Benin Dr. Paul Brown, BSc, PhD UWI Dr. Sherline Brown BSc, MPhil, PhD UWI Dr. Kerith Golden BSc CUNY, MPhil, PhD UWI

Dr. Lisa Lindo, BSc, PhD UWI Prof Wayne McLaughlin, BSc Wat, PhD UWI *Dr Andrew Pearson, BSc, PhD Leeds Prof. Dalip Ragoobirsingh, BSc, PhD UWI 2Dr. Marcia Roye, BSc, PhD UWI (Biotechnology Centre)

Mrs. Carole Lindsay BSc MPhil UWI (Assistant Lecturer) Mrs. Kisha McLeod-Martin, BSc, MPhil UWI (Assistant Lecturer) Dr. Shirley Budall BSc, MPhil,PhD UWI . RESEARCH Research Highlights Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Plant Biochemistry Environmental Microbiology & Biochemistry Industrial Microbiology Photosynthesis

Research Facilities Research and Teaching Facilities include: Thermal cycler for PCR, DNA sequencing equipment, DNA and protein electrophoresis systems, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, computer servers and network, personal computers. RESEARCH Biochemistry of Jamaican vomiting sickness disease 1950's & 60's. Ingestion of the arillus of unripe ackee linked to Jamaican vomiting sickness. Structure of hypoglycin A was elucidated. Effects of hypoglycin A on metabolism . Assay methodology for hypoglycin developed. Mode of action of hypoglycin A on the pyruvate carboxylase and Acyl CoA dehydrogenase. Researchers -Von Holt, E. V. Ellington, C. H. Hassal , E. A. Kean, E. Morrison. RESEARCH Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental Biochemistry Microbiology & Molecular Biology

1970s. Genetics of bacteria and viruses 1980s. Nitrogen fixation 1990s. Xanthan gum. Molecular biology of whiteflies and geminiviruses. Molecular biology, biotechnology and biochemistry of yams, dasheens and cocoyams. Agro-industrial wastes 2000s. Post-harvest Technology. Delaying the ripening process in banana. COURSES BEING OFFERED IN BIOCHEMISTRY Level I: BIOC1020 (3credits); BIOC1021 (2credits) MICR1010 (3 credits); MICR 1011 (2 credits) Passes in both units of chemistry and biology/zoology at cape(or equivalent)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level II: BC 21C (4 credits) , BC21D (8 credits), BC21M (4 credits) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level III: BC35A, BC34B, BC34C, BC34D, BC34M, BC31M, BC35C, BC35D, BC35F, BC39P, BC36A, MICR3215, (4 credits each) BIOCHEMISTRY MAJORS

Biochemistry (BC35A,BC34B, BC34C,BC39P or BC34D) Biotechnology (BC35C, BC35D, BC31M or BT38B, BC35F or MICR3215) Molecular Biology (BC34C, BC34D, BC35C or BC34M, BC35D or BL38A) Microbiology (MICR3213, MICR3214, MICR3215, MICR3216) A BIOCHEMISTRY

Medicine MAJOR Postgraduate Studies Job opportunities Medical Reps -Sherwin Williams D&G Wray & Nephew -Scientific Research Council

Govt. Forensic Lab Govt. Chemist -Bureau of Standards Grace Kennedy

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